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    • If he was going to replace Pence he needed to do it months ago.   Honestly I would prefer President Haley to President Pence.
    • What that Carole Myers tweet tells me is what I've already figured out in Iowa: voters lost interest in this primary race and are not coming out as they ought to.  The U.S. has always had a problem with turnout but this presidential primary season seems especially bad for the numbers.  I have my thoughts on why I think that is (and it would be observational speculation on my part, tbh). Suffice it to say, that I knew enthusiasm had dulled when the Culinary Union refused to endorse any of the current candidates.   At this point, I don't think Biden can take the black vote for granted. I don't think any of the candidates can take the black vote for granted. In addition to Bernie, the fact that Bloomberg seems to be suddenly picking up so many endorsements among various prominent figures across different political persuasions should be a cause for concern, imo. I hope I'm wrong but so much lacks promise about this election season so far. I really hope I'm wrong.
    • Which was never true, at least episodic salaries. She got in the £100k range per episode (which was huge back then and still is today of course), but at the same time nowhere near producing a pilot. With that said, since Melrose pulling out 32-34 episodes per season that was still 3-4 million per season to Heather alone.
    • Sonny's high-pitched confrontation voice is awful. Will nervous-smirking at Maggie was ten times more bearable, IMO.
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