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    • I'm wondering if the Dobson's auditioned/applied to be head-writers for both OLTL and Somerset.. and these outlines/projections were their audition for the job?
    • I think Goutman was just an egotistical [!@#$%^&*]. I mean putting out a casting call when you are still talking contract with the OG, who spent 20 years in the role is just  DB move by CG and probably why CG balked at Noelle Beck's suggestion that Martha return to finish ATWT but CG refused
    • I just finished listening and that was so funny that Lucy Deakins got the part over her for two roles!  Byrne also auditioned for The Boy Who Could Fly from what I heard in the podcast.   Interesting how she said that Marland originally wanted Holden and Emily to be the "it" couple before seeing Martha and Jon interact in story.  She confirmed what I always suspected with Marland that he placed characters/actors in positions and made decisions based on how they interacted with one another.  You can literally see this happening with the case of Frannie and Casey and Lyla scenes. I'd love to hear podcasts with other former actors from the show to get their take on whether they believed their characters were going in one direction and then started to turn in another direction when it came to a pairing.   That stuff about Shannon briefly being considered for Lily's mother is kind of wild but from what I remember, Shannon was pretty thick with Dusty and Lily and had some brief intrigue with Lucinda but ended being a red herring in the mystery of who was responsible for the mysterious phone calls to Lucinda.   I am now more curious than ever as to what specifically happened that made Bryne feel as if the situation at ATWT was so untenable that she gave them the deuces once and for all. It really sounds bad.
    • She was someone's mother, friend, confidant, grandmother... Loss is loss. Grow up.
    • Yikes....Sascha and his serving yips....awful double faulting..
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