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    • This again is fantastic material, i wonder if on screen when Lorie slammed the door on leslie hand if it came off like she wanted to or if it really was an accident? It probably was an accident but i say that because she wasn't too fond of leslie in that time period.   Interesting chris brooks was brought up during the Kay/jill/phillip lawsuit i wonder if she was going by the chancellor house during the time the fosters had it? I would assume so and how many times has chris tried modelling it never seem to work out if you think about it lol   I thought gwen Sherman was gone by 1974? If im correct i wonder. What she showed back up in 76 for? 
    • You could revive EON in fifty years too, there's so many primetime shows like it.   I still think OLTL is the most contemporary in spirit, but AMC and GL are evergreen in the same way to me.
    • Of all the soaps I think GL and EON could be the most easily revived today, but that may be bias on my part. I agree with your ideas.   @chrisml thanks for posting that for us. I agree with many of their points. Not about Mallet. That dullard was shoved all over the screen in JFP's tenure. If he was not getting airtime by this point it's likely because they knew Mark was leaving. 
    • Boy, do I feel so much pride in my blackness right now!  I just wish all these wonderful protests lead to real POSITIVE action from the government.  Alas, we know this administration is incapable of doing just that.
    • Finally watched--too short but mostly sweet.  You were skimming, so it's forgiven, but I need to point out it wasn't Dutton she mentioned.  She was confused by the question but was obviously talking about when The City ended (maybe there was some talk about her character going to AMC which I hoped for?)  She said the producer of The City was producing Port Charles and had asked her to join her, and her husband at the time was going out West anyway to work on a tv series so it made sense to go.  Jean D Burke was the EP of The City and immediately went to AMC, of course, and JHC was a producer and then an EP at Port Charles and later replaced Burke at AMC--and I can't seem to find any cross over production crew between The City and PC, but...  That's my guess?  SHe did get married in 1997 to Donn Thompson and it seems like he did work behind the scenes in TV from what I can find.  Although Roc did start on TV  just over a year after Debbi left AMC the first time so I could be completely wrong.  It is too bad it wasn't a bit better researched--Debbi herself seemed slightly confused (fair enough) about what show she was Angie when...  But I would have loved to have heard some mention/question about the character going to Loving/The City and how she was approached to do that (I still find it crazy that they didn't have Angie return to AMC for a few episodes first).  We have already heard about her issues with AMC and the promise of Generations for why she made the hop that time.


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