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    • Erica ages in reverse like Benjamin Button.
    • I wish I knew how to find this article, but around the time Shemar Moore left Y&R the show lost I wanna day 2 million viewers. I could be wrong, but it was at least a million viewers. A CBS Daytime internal report about it ended up being leaked to one of the soap mags. They were trying to figure out what happened and determined his exit is what caused the ratings drop. As a result they planned to bring in an influx of new black characters. This is what led to Victoria Rowell’s return among other new characters like Keith Hamilton Cobb’s Damon Porter.    Likewise when Victoria Rowell left in 2007 I believe they lost around 600,000 viewers and the ratings collapse is what led to LML getting fired. Nothing leaked or was admitted, but we know they knew her exit hurt them by the influx of black actresses they brought in to replace her, which never worked because those characters never got the screentime she had so they weren’t able to be developed enough to build proper fanbases. Mishael Morgan was the first one brought on who was actually developed which is what I credit with her success.    I’ll also say that despite her many issues, I will never fully hate LML because she wrote a nuanced black family with agency. There was no Winters Wednesday. These characters had screentime comparable to the other characters and were written to be just as important. She is the last writer to do that. It’s been over 10 years since she left. That is embarrassing....
    • It's the same way we bought Marlena being pregnant at 60.  And how she hasn't aged in years lol.  They are just daytime queens and we have to allow it lol.
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