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    • re Court Benson Add Our Gal Sunday 1946
    • I've often wondered how he would be and I can't come up with an answer. With B&B he can be very repetitive and he revolves the show around such a small amount of characters, but it's a half hour so people tend to overlook that. I wonder how he would handle a larger show. I do think he often has good ideas and he would make the show feel more like Y&R. I think because he'd be forced to have more than one main story it could work. The problem with B&B is typically that they have one good story stretched to oblivion while everybody else languishes. He'd probably have a good year before it goes to hell.
    • It's hard to tell! He's so worn out, honestly. I don't think he has any ideas left. And for some reason, it doesn't seem like he's willing to listen to any advice coming from his writing team (who I think are just happy to be employed).
    • Thanks!   Yeah, I was never a fan of Gus's so I guess I never saw the point in his parents' storyline in the first place.   I'd love for that SSM interview to resurface someday! Fingers crossed.
    • The mind literally boggles! Lol. Actually, I just started a topic in DTS asking this very question of others.    IA getting soaps onto these streaming services and taking streaming into consideration as ratings (I've never understood why not -- it is just as viable an indicator of viewing interests) would help boost their viability a lot. And I believe Days online also has an audience that stretches from young to old and cuts across a lot of racial, gender and income categories too. If that is not fertile ground for advertisers, I don't know what is.
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