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    • Some might welcome the spot for another talk show, but I figure most central time zone affiliates would slot an hour newscast there.   Or they could bring back AMC and OLTL as 30-minute soaps. I know, I know...but look, the buzz surrounding such a return would surely bring in higher ratings than anything they've had in that timeslot in a long, long while.   I actually just did some quick reading up, and it seems the show really wasn't cancelled so much as it was reformatted to focus on pandemic news. Still, I wonder how long that lasts as it was only created in response to the pandemic. They've already widened the scope to include non-pandemic news. There's no brand being built with this at alllllll.
    • @RavenWhitney I do believe she quit and she won’t be the only one. These actors have now been released from their contracts twice and we know they’re taking pay its to re-sign. I can see why it would be worth it for someone like Kristin who seems wealthy and doesn’t HAVE to do DAYS. 
    • Oh God, relax Peter!
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