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    • And yes, just what the world needs further destabilization due to a pandemic. Leave to the genius in charge to have cut the CDC.
    • Most of these ideas aren't really about getting anything for free. Hillary is the one who brought the idea of universal healthcare to the forefront 25 years (or so ago) and few people see her as a socialist.  I think her idea of lowering the age of medicare was better, btw. I also think fixing up Obama care is way more realistic.   In any case, healthcare wouldn't be free. The people who use it are taxed for it and that is largely the middle class. The exception might be the very poor. Still, let's not forget that taxpayers are already paying for these folks when they go to the emergency room. I know where of I speak, since I was one of them as a kid.  I ended up in the emergency room twice and spent a week in the hospital for something that could have been treat much sooner as an outpatient, if my mother could have afforded insurance or a doctor's appointment.   The same can be said for nearly any of these programs. "Free college" would not be free any more than public k-12 is free. Universal pre-K, which I think should be more of a priority than college would not be "free".   Anyway, Bernie is talking himself right into a world of trouble with this Cuba nonsense right before SC, so I'm not writing off Uncle Joe just yet. There is still hope.
    • well that was with Ashley Benson as Abby & given that Brock stopped filming months ago they probably saw no need. I didnt remember til he spoke of it on Freddie & Alyssa's podcast
    • As the Coronavirus tanks the Dow and world markets, how ironic would it be if Trump and the GOP's disdain of science did them in? (CDC is largely gutted already. Comforting, no?)   https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/market-plunge-over-coronavirus-fears-underscores-political-risk-to-trump/2020/02/24/331aa162-572a-11ea-9000-f3cffee23036_story.html#comments-wrapper
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