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    • Bret from Edmonton, Alberta 🇨🇦                 
    • Read some of  it but - that is one messy person.  Sounds very "poor me" and entitled.  They can't wait for all soaps to be cancelled - so where you gonna work honey?  Primetime clearly isn't banging down your door.  
    • So Beverly Callard is leaving for the millionth time? I wish they'd kill Liz off or at least have Steve leave with her...
    • I agree re: Roger.  He's still advancing deep into draws and is still competitive.  I was talking with a friend who follows even more closely than I do and he thought the same thing - I think Tsitsipas, Thiem, Zverev are likely the heirs.  Medvedev is like watchiing paint dry for me.  Kyrgios I think is going to be the player that never reaches potential...I don't know what it is with him...I don't care for him but he has more potential but is such a hothead.  When you get into a fight with the chair umpire over wanting a white towel that you shoulda brought yourself is.....alottttttt.
    • AmySilence just uploaded episode 508....aaand the miracle BEGINS!!! 🤩🤩
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