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    • It works. Thanks for sharing.
    • I have recently found a huge stash of soap magazines from the 1960s and '70s, and I want to see if I can scan articles from them onto my hard drive and then upload the vintage material to SON threads.   I am making a test in this post, using a vintage Y&R photograph which was already saved to my laptop.   (No disrespect to @PaulRaven who just posted this same image a few pages back, but this version does not have the watermark in front of the actors, so I though no one would mind if I reposted a cleaner copy.)   I hope this works.
    • One of my top characters for sure. I also loved @Cat review. I wish more people would watch. That scene in the gay bar in season 1 with Blanca is what sold me on this show, and I hope they continue to explore the different dynamics.    Apparently one of the actors whose character always hop houses choreograph the dance scenes. I think it works given the time period of the show. Anything more, might take away from the authenticity.    Also, that "brunch" scene was a hilarious ad-lib. 
    • HELL NO!! Jason Thompson is a much better actor, and is a MUCH better Billy.   I hope Billy Miller stays on GH or maybe go to DAYS as a Phillip Kiriakis re-cast or Rex Brady re-cast.  The only way I want Billy Miller back on Y&R is IF he were to take over the role of Dylan McAvoy or Chance Chancellor instead of Billy Abbott.        I do like the idea of Chris McKenna as Drew.
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