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    • I stopped watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY, but I was a little surprised that Morrison returned to the Ryan Murphy fold. Did either man feel he owed the other, or something?    
    • Why not? They look similar enough. Collins can be fiery. She'd be likeable and could do fierce. And she's the right age. She's too old for Noelle. But when you have ages all over the place, does it really matter anymore?    I'm at the point I'd rather have recasts than new characters.
    • Dena Higley is scraping the bottom of the barrel     When was she given a real chance? Maybe DAYS and of course her own soap, which struggled and I feel like "boring" comes to mind. She needs a strong Co-HW. Kay Alden clearly didn't seem to have much influence, IMO. And even Kay had her flaws. Sally and Josh are kinda similar in all honesty but at least I felt she got some characterizations right (Cane, Ice Queen Victoria which finally suited awful Heinle). You had Nikki and the piano, Victor being humanized ... I'd take her back anyday over Josh Griffith or Dena Higley. But yeah, that ship has likely sailed.   Wonder who likes sidelining Lauren/Tracey? Sally and Josh both started out promising her and they use her but then it's dropped. That seems to be where the interference starts and it goes downhill from there (not that I've ever been a fan of solo Josh writing any soap)   I just don't think anyone can really succeed at the job. Just too many cooks in the kitchen.
    • I'd rather see what happened in the time jump play out than what we have now.   The jump itself obviously isn't "the problem". But there was no point, IMO. It's the same focus and stories, now we just play fill in the blanks.    Are some episodes greatly entertaining? Yes. But meh overall.   To each their own 🤷‍♂️ He's never phoned it in though. I don't like the whispery thing either, but bad he is not.
    • lol, come on, you know it doesn't matter, married with a kid doesn't mean someone is "straight" lol   It hasn't happened yet? (Seriously wondering)   I know ABC dragged him out to host the Disney Parks Thanksgiving Special or whatever it was. With Baby Spice. Like, where did they dig them up? Did Ryan Smugcrest and Kelly "I'm really actually a snotty bitch" Ripa turn them down?
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