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    • Your 100% correct when those crossover would happen it was interesting and definitely gave the viewers a shock to look forward to. I also like how katherine was the one everyone interacted with individually 
    • Did anyone notice the camera focused on a sign at Crimson Lights saying it would be closed and opening back up soon? Are they really going to be dismantling and ruining that great set? 
    • Happy to hear that. It will be good for Constance to be doing some work after she lost her husband. She's 87 this year - I'm sure it keeps her young!
    • Nene is skating on very thin ice and as you've all rightly said, she's set herself up for this with her atrocious behaviour and it's all her own fault.    Kenya is an awful bitch and I concur with @Antoyne I enjoyed watching Marc walk all over her and her fake marriage implode before our eyes. Those two truly dislike each other. But I cannot fault Marc - Kenya is so obnoxious, nasty, and petulant that I'd be running for the hills from her.       RHONY looks *GREAT* and I cannot wait. Yes, it echos the last few seasons - but have those not been absolute highlights and the best seasons ever? I think so.    Luann locking eyes with Ramona and sipping that drink was intense. I think this goes to show that Luann does not consider herself an alcoholic (which I happen to agree with).    I love Sonja. She is a sloppy, hilarious, and harmless gal who wouldn't hurt a fly. The slurring Dorinda scenes look epic.      I am sorry to see Jackie go only because she bothered Lydiot and Gina so much. However, so long as my Queen Janet is there, I am happy. The return of Melbourne is LONG overdue and I cannot wait to see them return. It will be the highlight of the RH season this year.
    • Ryan Phillipe is featured on episode 3 of Apple TV's Visible: Out on Television where he talks his role as OLTL's gay teen, Billy Douglas
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