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    • "Who Killed Cane?  WHO CARES?"     But seriously.  I agree.  Y&R refuses to allow their non-Caucasian characters to remain prosperous for very long.  Remember when LML had Neil decide suddenly that he'd rather own some stupid jazz club than work at Newman?  Because, God forbid a brother wants to climb the corporate ladder!
    • From what I saw of comments at TMZ, they seem to think she can do better
    • I guess no more big glitzy events for Chrishell. I guess Justin will go by himself to the AMA this weekend. 
    • Frankly, if Lisa Rinna isn't interested in returning again, and if TPTB aren't interested in giving that particular character the care and thought she deserves, I wouldn't even bother.
    • When Michael Zaslow (or his widow) asked OLTL not to kill off David Renaldi, I understood why.  David, like Zaslow, was afflicted with ALS, a very real disease; and his family wanted to send a hopeful message to those watching who might have been afflicted with the disease as well.   Similarly, I understand why Bradley Bell has kept Sally Spectra alive on B&B, even though Darlene Conley passed away in '07, because Sally (and Darlene) was so larger-than-life that he found penning her death to be too unpleasant.  Of course, I wasn't convinced that that was reason enough to keep Sally alive but off-screen indefinitely.  GL fans didn't want to lose Bert Bauer, but they knew it was better to let her rest in peace (after Charita Bauer had died) than to have her away from Springfield, visiting various family members forever.  But, whatever.   So, it's not as if I'm averse to keeping alive Stefano just because the man who portrayed him for the better part of four decades is dead.  Times have changed, however, and budgets for all soaps are nowhere near what they used to be.  Even if he were to remain alive and offscreen for the rest of DAYS' run, Stefano DiMera is/was a character whose power and influence requires/required a level of storytelling and production that isn't feasible in these cash-conscious, belt-tightening times.   To put it another way: DAYS stays trying to provide 1990's entertainment on a 1950's soap budget, and that's downright embarrassing.
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