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General Hospital: Night Shift

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    • This could be either Ted Blake or Blake Hamilton.  Some dates just reflect an article read's date. Characters may have been around longer than the dates I have.....       AS THE WORLD TURNS ADDITIONAL CHARACTER INFORMATION Irv Becker   David B. McConaghy        00     Landlord Katie Kevin Holland       Michael McKenzie          01                Lakeview Manager                                 Robert Gomes                 01  Joel             Anslem   Richardson      07     Lakeview Bar Manager Jean Claude           Troy Britton Johnson         07      Lawyer   Gigi Lewis     Kelly Deadmon      07               CM     Lab Techn Lloyd the lab tech            Clay Adams     07     OTH, AMC, DDD Stan            David Aaron Baker        1998      Attorney  
    • I actually enjoyed Melissa pretending to run Envy because it usually meant Kim D would be showing up on her broomstick to announce that she was selling surplus Envy stock at an 80% discount, lol.   @DynamiteKiddo had a great point about the Jersey HWs exhibiting the bad side of their characters with the good. Danielle is no exception. I feel bad for the constant rejection/banishment from her friendship groups. However, the reason she gets rejected is because she is a loon who demands that her friends be utterly devoted to her 24/7. She must be exhausting to deal with.
    • France 2020: Tom Leeb / "The Best in Me" Language: French & English       Germany 2020: Ben Dolic / "Violent Thing" Language: English       United Kingdom 2020: James Newman / "My Last Breath" Language: English      
    • From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾               
    • Four Corners had a 2 hr debut Tues @ 9 and came in 65th with a 6.0/9 share The competition was ABC Home Improvement 14.7/21 10th place Spin City 10.7/16 22nd NYPD Blue 11.7/20 16th   NBC Frasier 12.6/18 12th Just Shot Me 11.2/17 19th Dateline NBC 12.0/20 14th   The following week it moved to its regular 10pm slot and landed in 84th place with a 4.8/8 ABC was 15th with NYPD Blue 11.4/20 and NBC was 14th with Dateline 12.0/21   At that point CBS yanked it.
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