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      General Hospital September 2021 Discussion Thread

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      Days of Our Lives: September 2021 Discussion Thread

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      Days of Our Lives: September 2021 Discussion Thread

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    • Cheap21

      That exit on Big Brother was its most eexplosive one in its history
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    • ChitHappens

      @ToupsHow soon before The Wonder Years thread is moved to the ABC forum?  
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    • OzFrog

      Despite the overwhelming reaction thus far from certain quarters to recent events on GH, I’m still finding myself watching the scenes just for the interactions and seeing how it unfolds. It is somehow still maintaining my interest, and that is saying something.
      Perhaps it’s my neurodiversity at play here, but I guess I’m looking at things from a different angle to everyone else. And that’s something I actively embrace.
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    • Ryan Chamberlain

      Found out my favorite singer is doing a podcast interview next week and I am thrilled! Been waiting for them to get him on there.
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    • DramatistDreamer  »  Soapsuds

      I wish I could bookmark your post in the ATWT thread. Thanks again.
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