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    • Shannon without Vicki/Tamra... that will be interesting.  Though I thought she and Brown Wind were funny together.. so Shannon isn't without anyone to film with  Shannon vs Emily has always been intriguing to me because they're both quite a like.
    • I am so sick of Rolf. I was happy to see him at the beginning but now I want him off the show and not mentioned anymore. OMG....lol....and you forget to add....he was needy one night and I was there for him...
    • For me, 1997 was the last year that the show still resembled GL.. and the best chance of fully regaining the light at full wattage ... The Annie Dutton trial was epic, Annie's downfall was satisfying, Annie/Alan becoming the powerful duo was great.. even early Cassie was promising.  And Abby's attack than her shooting her attacker when he had a Not Guilty plea was also very strong.. and Vannessa/Matt reuniting.. though I would have liked it if Vanessa had resumed working at Spaulding while battling Annie/Alan.  
    • Was Days preempted on Thursday too? They had 1.42 all week minus Wednesday preemption.
    • Wally Kurth was so so. It was nothing to write home about. Matthew Ashford seemed like he didn't care. He probably thought like us why bother she's already taping again.   The week was so rushed when they could've hit all the beats the weeks before instead of the Ben nonsense.
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