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    • Thanks.   The music cue at 20 or so minutes into the 1989 episode is just gorgeous. Who was the music director at this time? Did they win any Emmys?    The story of the brotherly feud and the arrival of unstable Austin Buchanan would have been compelling if they hadn't made him a complete psycho, and a rapist on top of that.    Max did such a number on Megan with pushing her to be with him when he clearly loved Gabrielle more. At least it helped viewers warm to Megan, I guess, but what a pig.    Shelley Burch was such a treasure as Delilah. I wish they'd done more with her in this stint.
    • Karen should not have to choose.  She and Monique are friends.  Karen took Candiace under her wing and tried to nurture her.  I can easily see Candiace turning on Karen for not wanting to sever ties with Monique.  She did the same to Monique.  Monique befriended Ashley and Candiace turned on her.  Karen should have no challenges here.  
    • Just gutwrenching. If only this was an actual end to our "forever wars" then we could try to claim a lesson has been learned, but it's not. Too much money to be made and in Trump's case, too many debts being collected.    So the Canadian elections are today. From most projects it looks like the Liberals will have a minority government. Here's a good article on how nothing seems to be happening, to the point of ignoring real problems in Canada.   https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/21/canada-election-political-challenges-052249
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