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    • King left AW a few months before the show went off the air.  When I was in college in NYC I met Joe LeSeur who lived in the East Village. He was at that time an embittered gay man who drank a lot but he gave me several hot off the presses scripts he wrote. He wrote the same day each week.  I had several scripts at the time that hadn't yet aired. I'd record them on my VCR! and follow the dialog.  The scripts were seriously altered. Joe's dialog was not played as written.  A few years later I took a soap writing course taught by Barbara Seiger who had been a script writer during the Tom King / Soderberg years along with Joe. She taught the first class around an excerpt of a breakdown Tom King had written which was the day Rachel was convicted while on trial. Barbara trashed Tom and said the breakdowns were full of errors and un researched ideas. In the breakdown she handed out, there's a hand written note for her to look up what kind of crime Rachel should be convicted of and how many years she would get. I still have the breakdown in the attic I think (along with Joe's scripts).  Barbara said that NBC and P&G regularly dictated story turns to Tom and Robert. I don't believe they did the same with Harding. Tom was well liked by the execs because he was more compliant even if not a brilliant writer.  When I look back on Tom's 1980 he maintained a lot of Harding stories but improved on some things.  To me the last truly watchable period that also had lasting impact was the brief Soderberg/Purser years 82-83. Their creations and stories resonated till the end.  The casting was first rate, the show looked gorgeous.  But NBC had to install nobodies Culliton and Tomlin from Texas because why? Because they had also installed Long at GL.  I think all of these writers probably got their start during the 81 writers' strike and the execs always swung between new/untested blood and veterans and tried and true hacks.
    • Patty Smyth and John McEnroe were on Today yesterday because she released a new album.  At the end of their interview they briefly talked Tennis and John said he was picking Joker.  
    • King returned as headwriter in August 1995 and held various positions on the writing team until AW went off the air in 1999.  Lemay was a story consultant in 1995-96, however I'm not sure how much input he had on the storylines givenwhat we saw on screen was mediocre at best.  King's best writing during his return was probably Ryan's death, but even that was tied to the Justine storyline.  King's worst writing as headwriter in 95-96 was the entire Cass is really Maggie's father storyline.   That storyline really rewrote the history of the show and was an insult to long time viewers of AW.
    • I've had a thorough look. The episodes are:   6 hour file - 12 episodes   2000 - 22 March 1995 2003 - 27 March 1995 2005 - 29 March 1995 2008 - 3 April 1995 2009 - 4 April 1995 2010 - 5 April 1995 2011 - 6 April 1995 2012 - 7 April 1995 2013 - 10 April 1995 2014 - 11 April 1995 2015 - 12 April 1995 2016 - 13 April 1995   File with three episodes   2048 - 30 May 1995 2049 - 31 May 1995 2059 - 14 June 1995   The other two episodes I referred to in a post above are:   3033 - 27 April 1999 3799 - 17 May 2002   Those 1995 finds are amazing re everyone finding out Taylor is alive (so thank you BoldRestless for the find!!!) , and the 1999 one with Amber giving up her dead baby is gut wrenching!     I want full everything that hasn't been put on YouTube by CBS!!! Wouldn't it be a dream come true to have access to it all, and you can watch whatever period you love, over and over!?
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