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    • That cracked me up and Linda's reaction was priceless.    This brought back so many memories, I was in high school following all of the shows at the time. I had a few promos for The City on our long gone desktop and can still hear Darnell Williams announcing, "Morgan Fairchild is coming to The City, premiering November 13th."   I thought for sure this would be a three minute segment, imagine 20 whole minutes devoted to the soaps.
    • You've made a lot of good points about the story and its strengths over the years, and how many elements were already there long before Malone addressed them. I don't want to put too much blame on Malone, because better writers and producers could have made better product with what he set up. I mostly just chose this as one jumping off point, but I can see where many would rather just focus on JFP, who gutted so much of the canvas. 
    • An allegedly real casting notice is going around for "David Lynch's new film" requiring a brunette actress and (surprise) "tasteful nudity". The company or source is allegedly usually legit and is not related to fandom in any way. If it is actually more Twin Peaks, not an all-new film project per se, it's likely neither they nor we would know given the intense secrecy surrounding production of S3. Time will tell.
    • I hope he can be stopped, but if he does well enough in Nevada and South Carolina it may be too late. I get the idea of other candidates not seeing Biden as strong enough, but he's still stronger than several who won't drop out and just keep taking up space. That's the selfishness so inherent in politics now. We saw this most recently with Andrew Yang, who lapped up anti-media crusades for money and attention, only to cash in at CNN, which is run by the truly disgusting Zucker, one of the faces of just how toxic the media in this country is. I imagine Buttigieg is waiting for his cashout too, but he's waited too long. He and Amy will just keep helping Bernie.    I wish people saw through this grifting. You have AOC going on The View for camera time, under the guise of teaching  about socialism - that's like teaching a Maury audience a Pinter play. She's not going there for anything but her own career-building. That phoniness is what helps Republicans. It's the same as Bernie and his family being led into right wing spin by having to talk about all the expensive homes he owns. Trump will eat him alive in November because people will see him as a complete hypocrite and liar. And he is.   
    • I think much of the '90s DID story is a masterpiece and an inevitable conclusion, and I don't agree Viki's character never recovered. But I also can't necessarily wholly argue with a lot of these very valid points.
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