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    • AMC: Brooke's arrival..and Erica before she became Erica   AW:  Had Jacqueline Courtney not been fired..the equal focus of Rachel and Alice would have continued well beyond this point.   GL:  I like the dual purpose of Rita being a double obstacle with Pam/Tim and Ed/Holly....and the debut of Ben Mcfarren.  Leslie was given huge focus by the Dobson's...had Lynn Adam's not quit..who knows how long Leslie would have been focused on.   Y & R- it seems like Chris was the peacemaker of the Brook sisters.  It's odd lorie felt inferior of Leslie..given how full of life she is
    • Steffy will face opioid addiction? Lol... sounds like such a right-wing storyline 🙄
    • I appreciate what he's doing but he needs to stop with the interruptions. His interruptions are annoying as hell. At one point, Passanante was talking about the interference she was getting and he interrupted her. I didn't watch the OLTL interview but I loved how Sharon Gabet starting laughing when he referenced her and Mark Arnold as being a major couple on The Edge of Night. That was horribly embarrassing.
    • Yes I have enjoyed watching those too, and other scenes showing the genuine friendship between Kay and Liz (despite Kay’s animosity towards Liz’s daughter).
    • It was hard to tell what she said since Alan interrupted her during the chat.

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