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    • *in my Gizelle voice*   Word on the street is Denise is the "target" this season.    https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/11/21/denise-richards-aaron-phypers-causing-drama-rhobh-season-10/   I see Kyle and Rinna already out there putting out stories in an attempt to conjure up ratings for this dullard ass upcoming season.  And if Denise is the target, I don't blame her as her bandwagon ass was so quick to jump on the train to take down Camille and LVP. Karma is a b*tch.   Furthermore, Camille reveals that LVP tried to convince her not to go back this recent season of RHOBH.    https://toofab.com/2019/11/22/camille-grammer-targeted-rhobh-season-10-vanderpump-discouraged/   Camille is gonna learn to listen to LVP one of these days. I have a feeling that Camille is gonna be made a fool out of again by Bravo and Evolution. 
    • Reunion look! Mariah stands out like the star that she is.   Oh and I dont know why Heavenly is next to Andy when she has no storyline this season. Contessa or Jackie would make more sense
    • First place I thought of when I heard the news!  Hey hooked mama!
    • She chatted about it on the real estate reality show she was (is?) on. It airs on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. Nonetheless, when she joined the firm, the other realtors saw her as an outsider who was just married to a Hollywood actor. They seemed to warm up to her after they learned more of her backstory about growing up homeless. If I recall, she wanted everyone to volunteer at a help the homeless event, and that's how she shared her family's plight.
    • Thanks.    I wonder why he's doing various accents.   I still wish they'd cast Moira as Donna from the start.
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