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    • Christine also just happened to be in that production of Camelot.
    • Carl's plan was to kill only Mac. He was very particular that he didn't want any harm to come to Rachel. But the plan didn't really have any safeguards to protect Rachel or anyone else, and it dragged out over weeks. Nancy bought the jar in Egypt as a present for Mac. Carl filled it with toxic "tomb dust". One of the maids at the Cory mansion opened it and died. No one suspected the jar had anything to do with it so the jar floated around to different people and places for a few weeks before Grant breathed the dust in. And no one suspected the jar in Grant's illness either, so Nancy just incidentally recognized it and took it back to give to Mac again. By the time Mac got the jar, since it had already been opened twice, its poison had been diluted, so he wasn't as badly affected. Also I believe Dr Chris Chapin was able to use what he had learned from Grant's illness to cure Mac.  
    • May 31, 1980   Tune in Tomorrow   Two 'RH' Brights Go Poof By JON-MICHAEL REED NEW YORK -There's good news and bad news from the set of 'Ryan's Hope' this week. The bad news is that two of the show's most potent performers have dropped by the wayside, so to speak, Richard Muenz and Sarah Felder as  Joe and Siobhan Novak. Last week Joe disappeared, the apparent victim of a gangland slaying, although his body wasn't found, and in the weeks to come, Siobhan will leave the Ryan hearth to get her head together after losing the man she loved but who turned out to be the heir apparent of a "Godfather" type. Both performer’s contracts were not renewed. Richard had mildly bellyached for several months about his character turning into a mild-mannered milquetoast. Reports also filtered off the set that he felt stifled by the strong-willed, domineering Miss Felder who also raised ire among several of her other co-workers. Despite the troubles, both Muenz and Felder were dynamic presences whose absence will surely dismay "RH" audiences. Muenz, incidentally, immediately began rehearsals for the Broadway revival of the musical, "Camelot." He will play Lancelot to Richard Burton's King Arthur.   The good news back on the soap is that the producers and writers are "gung-ho"  over newcomer Trent Jones who portrays a singer, Ken George Jones, who's slated to attract Jill Coleridge's eye. The show is also hoping to sign Christine Ebersole to a contract as Lilly, the bimbo who has appeared several times as a potential romantic interest for Dr. Roger Coleridge. Christine just happens to be the real-life wife of Peter Bergman, who plays Cliff Werner on "All My Children."      
    • It's so crazy to realize that episodes that aired in 2001 are now just as far away from ATWT's cancellation than today in 2019. I can't believe ATWT has been off the air for almost 9 years now. Time really flies the older you get.
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