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    • Claudia Morgan Pepper Young's Family    Peggy Young (short lived 1964 radio revival)   Esther Ralston  Pepper Young's Family Mrs Young 1964 revival   Vivian Smolen Big Sister Ruth Wayne 1964 radio revival   Paul McGrath Big Sister Dr John Wayne 1964 revival    
    • AFAIC, the show was dead without him. The Max/Kyle relationship was the core of the show.   I don't know when this Kim Fields interview happened, but the Source has it dated in December.    
    • I’m hoping to see less Sally/Summer scenes and more Sally/Jack scene. 
    • He was actually a good one? I think soap writing lost its way in the early 2000s. 
    • November 1976  Women Given Break In 'Executive Suite By John N. Goudas NEW YORK (KFS) - "Executive Suite," 'CBS' glossy prime-time soap opera, hasn't really caught on with the viewers as yet, but it is building. It's the type of show that might sneak Into the hit status if it gets the chance to stay on the air. The women's movement should be pleased that "Executive Suite" has more parts for actresses than any other TV series of recent memory, and one of the most beautiful and talented members of the fine cast is Sharon Acker, who plays the harried Helen Walling, wife and mother. Ms. Acker's lovely face should immediately conjure up one of TV's prestigious series from the recent past, "The Senator," in which she co-starred (again as a wife) with Hal Holbrook. She describes her association with the short-lived but still-remember "Senator" as a happy and unhappy time. Happy because it was her first starring part in a TV series and unhappy because she was let go in an attempt to refurbish the series which won awards but didn't rack up the high ratings. "I wasn't informed that they were considering minimizing my part, It just began to happen and finally I approached the powers behind the show about it, and they left me no choice but to leave before I was reduced to a voice over the phone," the actress said. The whole thing is academic now since that was some years back, but you could still catch a fleeting flash of pain in Ms. Acker's eyes when she recalls the affair. Of course, there's no chance of that happening to Sharon In "Executive Suite" since she figures Importantly In the plot lines.. However, there are so many plot lines running simultaneously in the series, based on the popular 1954 movie, that Sharon and the rest of the company have to make their moments on screen count. Just before the series was scheduled to go into production, Sharon got together with her TV family, husband (Mitchell Ryan), son (Leigh McCloskey), and daughter (Wendy Phillips) and the quartet of conscientious and caring actors worked to create the feeling of being a family. The obvious immersion and real joy she displays when she talks about acting keeps the subject fascinating even to the most inexperienced layman. Even though Sharon Acker could pass for 30 years old, she's the mother of four teen-age daughters in private life.
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