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    • as far as i remember Taylor said that except an oncologist she also specialized as psychiatrist too. And thatwas supposed to answer fans questions  that probably fans have been asking themselves  in 1990/1991I think this was brought up when she had to help Felicia - Jake story.  
    • I think it is episode #804 which aired June 6, 1990   Taylor was not Caroline‘s Original oncologist... ...not to mention that she miraculously became a psychiatrist two (?) months later.
    • First off Congrats to Jaida  - some stunning looks throughout the season and a funny likeable queen.   Ru's serial killer masks were just plain weird.   Going in it was b/w Jaida and Gigi. Crystal was great but too quirky and not as polished  up against those two.   OK Face lipsync Gigi was clear winner , even using her eyelashes as Michelle stated. Crystal's makeup was messy and made it hard to make out her expressions and those yellow teeth !! Jaida did a fine job.   Home made video. Crystal was madness with the bird theme but she should have moved to a full reveal in some bird costume than just the puppets all the way through. Gigi's was incredible with the costumes. filming and tribute to the original clip. Jaida just pushed the sofa to one side of the room and the Ciara song was pretty ordinary.   Final lipsync Again Crystal's look was cluttered and distracted from the lipsync .The song didn't suit her . Gigi slayed it with the costume change  Jaida to me was up to her usual standard but nothing we hadn;t seen before.   So I was a little surprised to have Ru announce Jaida as the winner.   Methinks that Gigi didn't represent  what Ru (and the producers) want the show to represent.   The narrative constantly pushed is that the show is some sort of touchstone that changes lives and provides inspiration for the vulnerable and marginalized. Gigi was a confident, talented , priveleged queen with supportive mom. Not the struggle that Ru wants to present.

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