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    • The actual Washington Post story sub-linked above is very revealing about the BTS issues on season 1 of the revival, though at times too sympathetic to Roseanne for my tastes. At least one of her children told her the same thing Tom Arnold theorized: "You did this on purpose."  
    • Brady: Oh Leo SWALLOWED it *pause* hook, line, and sinker.   Really, Ron?   Unfortunately that line is more witty/amusing than the rest of this terrible show so I can't really complain.
    • I go hot and cold on Araki's films, I think some are great or at least very influential and some are a mess, but he is LGBT and he has a different POV. And yes, he's right about those shows. They're run by gay men but play silly games with the str8 leading characters to objectify them for the gay gaze, while the actual gay characters are minstrels for the same gay showrunners to mock or just wallpaper.
    • Yes and no. Hunter Tylo's return is the saving grace on a VERY lacking show which hasn't delivered since Thanksgiving 2017 IMO. It warms my heart that Brad Bell in a  recent interview left a tiny remark that he is happy to have La Tylo back in the fold. He better should be (not that there ever was a reason why shouldn't be at least low recurring in 2014-2018 in the first place...) 'cause as you said: the chemistry with KKL is devine. And on a show in its third decade with LOADS of recast actors it cannot be denied how great it is to have two ladies going at it like it is still the summer of 1991.   I'm actually looking forward to Brooke/Ridge/Taylor as it (1) doesn't involve Hope (LOL), (2) should be juicy and (3) Hunter Tylo and Thorsten Kaye seem to work pretty well together. With the absence of Steffy this triangle could also be different than it was in the past. If not: I hope it still does not involved Hope, so I'm a happy camper.
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