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    • I'm starting to watch these post-covid episodes and for the DAYS budget, I'm sort of impressed - I noticed that they're trying to play with shadows a lot more and camera angles and not pushing dolls on actors. It's sad that we have such a low standard but there it is.
    • Looks like Eure began as Mike in June 1974, with the character reappearing after a six-month absence. Guthrie began as David in May 1975, with the character reappearing after a two-year absence.
    • In a few more years, DAYS SORASed Hope and Melissa, which effectively ended Doug & Julie's (and Mickey & Maggie's) reign as romantic leads. Hope & Bo helped fuel a ratings renaissance, so you can't really say it was a bad decision for the show -- but it was certainly a blow to a legion of Doug & Julie fans. 
    • I've always been amazed that farmers haven't been leading the charge on climate change. After the flooding that so many plains states suffered I wonder if that will change.
    • For what it's worth. I guess if Lindsey loses his seat, he can join Jeff Sessions as one of the ones who was discarded by the GOP after they had no use for them.   One of the few times I have laughed at Trump.    
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