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    • In a few more years, DAYS SORASed Hope and Melissa, which effectively ended Doug & Julie's (and Mickey & Maggie's) reign as romantic leads. Hope & Bo helped fuel a ratings renaissance, so you can't really say it was a bad decision for the show -- but it was certainly a blow to a legion of Doug & Julie fans. 
    • I've always been amazed that farmers haven't been leading the charge on climate change. After the flooding that so many plains states suffered I wonder if that will change.
    • For what it's worth. I guess if Lindsey loses his seat, he can join Jeff Sessions as one of the ones who was discarded by the GOP after they had no use for them.   One of the few times I have laughed at Trump.    
    • I've been saying for months that Alan should pass the "mic" to a moderator who is more knowledgeable about certain shows. It doesn't have to be permanent but in some senses, it would improve the quality of the discussions. In those instances, Alan could be the producer.
    • Compared to the new astronomical COVID-19 infection rate numbers? I think more people/voters will be focused on this. The infection rates are at a new high, which is alarming and all but completely impossible to ignore. Also, there is more awareness of the destructive effects of climate change than even a few years ago. Just yesterday, I saw an interview with a farmer who openly discussed the effects of climate change on his farm. A couple years ago, most farmers would never publicly utter the words "climate change" but they are now because their farms are being ravaged and Trump's subsidies have mostly gone to farmers connected with agribusiness, i.e. wealthy farmers. Odds are that the focus is on the new COVID-19 numbers and the current surge. We all know that the media can only really focus on one thing, especially these days.   Do you remember where that voter lives?  I suspect that the number of people who feel the same way are legion.
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