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    • The text message killer was meant to be Johnny, IIRC.   Another one that got changed was the original Valentin Cassadine story, which got replaced with James Franco as Franco. Matt Borlenghi was to play him. He was suppose to have a female relative of some sort come with him who had this past with Lucky during the year Lucky was presumed "dead". Someone else might remember more of the details better.
    • I could be wrong, but didn't Nina's missing child come up as she was leaving in 2001? I could've sworn her exit was sudden and they had to pretty much scrap what was planned for Nina which is a shame. 
    • CBS All Access has the first 25 episodes of B&B in a separate collection. I never understood the purpose of having it there. Either continue adding episodes, or make it a place for classics where you can have special series. "FIrst 25 episodes," "Best Weddings," Best Catfights" etc. Of course that's more than Y&R has gotten from them. I do wonder why only B&B has that and why it's those episodes.
    • I watched. I just wish I caught it in real time. I hope that this becomes something we see happening with all the other cancelled soaps. I'd love to see a reunion for GL and AW if possible.
    • That's a shame to live such a long an active life and THIS is what takes him. May he rest in peace! I've only seen a handful of episodes of Edge of Night, but have always wanted to see more. 
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