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    • This might be a results may vary trope (since so many of the performers were genuinely talented), but how about how the town token would inevitably end up singing at funerals? Didn't Timothy D. Stickney say he deliberately sang badly in an OLTL episode to avoid that fate?
    • Did Daniel Cosgrove's Scott and Cornelius Smith Jr's Frankie have any scenes together?  I'm watching old episodes from 1987 and I had forgotten that Scott and Frankie were BFFs and actually lived in the Hubbard home when they were younger.
    • The title of this thread was promising until I saw that they're all episodes with Laura Wright. Boring.
    • Oh come on ABC.  You have several bottle events that could fill a week.  The PC fire.  Metro Court.  Laura waking up from the coma/remarriage to Luke.  Luke and Laura’s return.  The panic room.  Monica/Rick/Lesley/Alan.  The left handed boy.  Anna kidnapped by Grant Putnam.  The week of Lily’s death.  Stone and Robin.  BJ’s heart.  Even a week of mob shootouts would be better than Sonny/Carly (I mean they could even overlap- Jason was shot while Sony and Carly had sex for the first time).   That’s just off the top of my head, easy to pick 5 episodes from each of those stories (since they like a themed week).  Give me some real classics!
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