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    • Yes, the Famous Furniture Fable was stupid as hell.   It was about the way you described it.   Snapper came in, and there was all this high-end early 1980s furniture all over the apartment.   He was like, "Wow, Babe!  You must've gotten some really terrific buys! I've got the smartest, most incredible wife in the whole world!  I'm tripping, man!"  He'd take Chris into his arms, and the camera would focus on her stricken face, as she wondered whether or not to admit she'd raided Ethan Allen.    The thing with the nurse was also extremely hokey.   I can't even remember the nurse's name.  Might've been "Jane".  Snapper would breeze through the hospital with a chart and say, "Nurse Jane, please check on Mrs. Cummings in 402," and then he'd go breezing away.   The nurse would step up dramatically to the nurse's station and say, "My, my, my, I can see myself having an affair with Dr. Foster.  This affair --- I will make it happen.  Mark my words.  It will happen.  It will indeed."  Cue the ominous music.   Just hokey as hell.   
    • I don't think there's any chance of him resigning or being impeached. The only chance of stopping him was if Republicans had any moral responsibility. They didn't. And the NYT bringing this up a year later and going out of their to make the woman look bad just shows how complicit that paper is.
    • And those parts in Part 2 so far (which I saw on Twitter)...looks juicy. We even get almost violence it seems which we haven't gotten since Porsha dragged Kenya I believe.   How did Karen look when she threw that potshot at Robyn I heard about?     I have 35 minutes before it starts
    • That’s a dwindling list, right? Of the BTS legends still alive from before 1980, there’s who, Kay Alden? The Dobsons? I’m sure they are some unsung BTS folks still with us who could provide insights on the creative process.   We luckily have quite a few legendary actors (Helen Gallagher, Elizabeth Hubbard, Eileen Fulton, Don Hastings, Leslie Charleson, Lucci, Slezak, Wyndham, Flannery, the Hayeses, et al). Yeah, it’s sad that soaps so quickly lost any cultural relevance in the past 20 years and did such a poor job of preserving its history. But the genre’s DNA is all over TV, so that could be a great way of positioning the project. It would be so cool to see what someone of Burns’s ilk could dig up from early soaps, and I’m sure there are some academics who could talk about the radio days.
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