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    • LOL totally almost all of them gave off gay vibes. This is the most I've been able to watch of Marland's ATWT and you weren't seeing things that weren't there, lol   I didn't like the spa stuff either. Ideas on paper often sound better than played out simply because soaps just don't take the time to layer characters and storylines. It was very DAYS, which is why I wasn't shocked at all when Hogan joined DAYS later on, lol   Yep. A less than exciting episode is still way better than the last decade of ATWT   Excellent post Carl!    I liked Emma and Cal too. I get whiplash sometimes with how many couplings so many characters went through during Marland's time. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. Many of them didn't seem to have chemistry.   I also feel like they did a 'swap in/swap out' with certain characters. Exit Ellie enter Connor, for example. I know most soaps do that but I often wondered why they didn't just recast a certain character but I guess soaps weren't always so recast heavy back then, even though they did recast obviously.   I could see Casey and Frannie. Darn it, now I want that! lol
    • Not stupid at all! It was my dream too, especially because I was a kid when the show was first broadcast in my country and I didn't understand everything and I missed many episodes. Having 750+ first episodes is like filling some sort of hole   It makes me only wanting more of them! Don't know why, but the fact that I would see the vast majority of B&B episodes is very satisfying.
    • Lily.and Damian were interesting because both of them were strong willed.  It was when I truly saw the benefits of Liky being raised by Lucinda because she didnt act like a weepy victim that she did when she was with Holden.   I liked her Lily in 1993 to 1997 before being stuck to Holden for the rest of the show's run. 
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