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    • Faves from last week!
    • MO works best when they play up her Abbot/Newman angst. These constant 9 month fail pairings they love to put her in never work out and always end with her love interest getting the axe (Chance is definitely about to fall into those footsteps, he reminds me of the last failure of a Scott recast).   Phyllis looks pathetic roaming around a hotel she's been fired from competing with Abby of all people over a guy who could be her son.
    • Zverev pledges $10k for each AO win and his entire check should he win the tourney.  Sounds like a man who knows damn well he won't be winning and needs to improve his brand after the recent tantrums.  
    • The internal polls must be horrible. Just last week I got my first text from Bernie's campaign as did a number of my friends who are way less politically active and others who really don't like him. That tells me they are buying bigger and bigger lists of data with less vetting. 
    • Add SugarPimp to the list of folks who need to retire.  She's now #366 in the world.  Maria's body will continue to let her down without Meldonium.  She needs to call it quits.     And I saw the early exit coming during her warm up tourney.  She has no control over that forehand. And if a ball landed in, its because she couldn't put anything behind it. Not a fan but I did enjoy watching her play.  
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