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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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    • I’m not surprised to see Survivor on there. It is apparent from the online community that a massive chunk of the fan base is gay. I don’t know why this is, but it’s interesting to see the data confirm what I’ve observed for many years. I’m thinking it’s big in Canada too because half the online fan base seems to be Canadian. 
    • She is hilarious.    
    • She the People is giving me life! Bernie, as usual, looks incredibly uncomfortable and is getting groans and boos. The moderators keep telling him he’s dodging their questions. A total mess. In addition, I think Biden pushed back his announcement to avoid going to this event and coming out the gate with gaffes. 
    • They'd be so smart to do it now. Dru is the ONLY story that could cause the ratings to go up, not more of this bringing back Adam.   That episode was very moving. I forget the actor's name but the priest was excellent. He'd be a shoe in for a guest actor Emmy.   Shemar Moore and Gina Tognoni had a 1 minute long scene and immediate chemistry. I prefer Michelle as Phyllis but I do wish they could keep her on in some capacity.
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