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    • Y&R need to look at some Terry Lester tapes to get an idea of how Kyle should be written. Spoilt bad boy with a (well hidden) soft side. Billy and Lily should have gone to Jabot - more conflict/interaction and one less set needed.
    • +1 I need to see what they do with him when Theo announces hes sueing all of them, 
    • FRANK LOVEJOY   RADIO   THE ADVENTURES OF JUNGLE JIM     Jungle Jim AS THE TWIG IS BENT       Bill Peters AUNT JENNY    Unknown Role THE BLUE BEETLE    Dan Garrett    BRAVE TOMORROW        Brad Forbes BRIGHT HORIZON        Larry Halliday HERE COMES McBRIDE    Rex McBride JOYCE JORDAN, GIRL INTERNE     Vic Mannion THE LIFE OF MARY SOTHERN     _____  Chaney LINDA'S FIRST LOVE     Danny Grogan MISTER AND MRS. NORTH    Lieutenant Bill Wiegand MODERN ROMANCES    Unknown Role   "Goodbye Darling" MURDER AND MISTER MALONE    John J. Malone NIGHT BEAT     Randy Stone ROMANCE     Unknown Role STELLA DALLAS    Charlie Martin THIS DAY IS OURS      Paul the Social Worker THIS IS YOUR FBI          Sam Foster                                         Narrator TODAY'S CHILDREN     Christopher Barnes  VALIANT LADY       Dr. Christopher Ellerbee VIC AND SADE      Unknown Role WE LOVE AND LEARN     Bill Peters    THE WHISTLER     Unknown Role WOMAN IN LOVE     Frank Feeney WORDS AT WAR     Unknown Role YOUNG WIDDER BROWN     Roger Power YOUR FAMILY AND MINE     Unknown Role   TELEVISION   and... MAN AGAINST CRIME      Mike Barrett     1956 THE ADVENTURES OF McGRAW     ___  McGraw    1957-58         AND... Frank's Wife......                 JOAN BANKS   RADIO   AS THE TWIG IS BENT        Andrea Reynolds Peters AUNT JENNY               Unknown Role BRINGING UP FATHER        Nora BUCK PRIVATE AND HIS GIRL     "SNOOTY DEBUTANTE" BY KATHLEEN NORRIS      Unknown Role THE FALCON    Nancy HER HONOR, NANCY JAMES    Ellen Clark, secretary HOME OF THE BRAVE       Lois Farmer   A HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY        Joan JOHN'S OTHER WIFE        Roberta Lansing MARY FOSTER, EDITOR'S DAUGHTER       Mary Foster THE McCOY          Judy MY FRIEND IRMA     Jane Stacy  NIGHT BEAT      Unknown Role     THE O'NEILLS     Peggy O'Neill Kayden PORTIA FACES LIFE  Arline Manning ROMANCE     Unknown Role THIS DAY IS OURS    Eleanor McDonald    THIS SMALL TOWN    Carrie Willard TODAY'S CHILDREN      Carlotta Lagorro Amour VALIANT LADY         Joan Hargrave Scott WE LOVE AND LEARN      Andrea Reynolds Peters YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE    Phyllis Dineen YOUNG WIDDER BROWN      Camilla   RADIO PILOT/PROPOSAL GONE WITH THE WIND      Melanie Hamilton Wilkes     1940   TELEVISION    AND.... PRIVATE SECRETARY   Sylvia Platt         1953-55 NATIONAL VELVET     Helen Hadley       1961-62   SOAP-RELATED MOVIE RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE     Mrs. Humphries     1961 (uncredited)                               IONA MORRIS   KNOTS LANDING           Reporter    1986 AS THE WORLD TURNS     Fiona Griffin    1989-93 GENERAL HOSPITAL       Unknown Role    Unknown Year SPYDER GAMES         Naomi Peters    2001 PASSIONS         Kenisha Collins                       picture pending   DANIEL AHEARN    ANOTHER WORLD     Coach Naylor       1984 AS THE WORLD TURNS      Trooper    1987 ALL MY CHILDREN      Kurt Bodine     ? 1990 or 1991 LOVING     Josh that dated Bonnie     1994 AS THE WORLD TURNS      Stan Mitchum     2005                       MICHAEL AYR   ANOTHER WORLD    Eddie            1980 GUIDING LIGHT        Jeff           1983 ANOTHER WORLD          Stan the druggie)    1985 (North Woods Inn) GENERAL HOSPITAL      Jeff Stockton     1992     THIRTYSOMETHING     Terry     1991  
    • Sharon Collins, Y&R, over a decade of destruction. Though it seems to have ceased. Putting adam in her orbit again will not end well for her.    Neil Winters, Y&R, destroyed him in effort to keep him driving Devon and Hilary story. I will never forgive Chuck Pratt.    Hilary Curtis, Y&R, wrote that character into the ground and just kept her in muck. She became the new Sharon until they killed her off.    Meg Snyder, ATWT, made her crazy over Paul and Emily Stewart, of all people.    T Marshall Travers, ATWT, raping Jessica.    Ridge Forrester, B&B, I wasn't able to see him in a decent light after the show played around with him and Bridgette. He thought she was his daughter for the first 6/7 years of her life! Atrocious!   Tony Jones, GH, destroyed him for Carly's story and redemption.    Victor Newman, Y&R, to prop up Billy and Vikki romance, turned Victor into a heartless villain. He loved his kids. He would have never hurt Vikki in any way.    Olivia Barber, Y&R, sleeping with her sick best friend's husband.     
    • Eboni also posted a pictures of the cast on her story and included Heather as a cast member. It’s looking more and more likely that she is back.   
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