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    • No, you aren't. He's a monster. Plus, practically speaking, I'd rather he pass away than have Biden and whoever else have to waste time trying to put him away. 
    • Pamela Shoemaker/Donnelly (Clover OLTL and Francine AMC) was wasted in her roles on AMC and OLTL.   Her Shelly Franklyn (EON)  should have been bigger as well.  She was one o my favorite Edge actresses in the last year, and I got my hopes up with her hirings on the other shows.   I can't remember who she interacted with in Llanview outside of Becky Lee, Jesse and Wanda off the top of my head.   Jesse was meh to me-- after Asa and Bo, Jesse was a let down.   The later behavior of a money grubbing has been singer (Becky Lee) really frosted me, as Becky was always a sweetheart back in the day......
    • Did any of you see how black his hands look? He must be on serious blood thinners. I'm still shocked he hasn't dropped dead by now. Am I an awful person for wishing he was dead? 
    • Unfortunately, that show died a long, long time ago.
    • Datalounge was a blast back in the day. Even at its best it was toxic (and racist and misogynistic and reeking with internalized homophobia), but it was a side-splittingly funny, smart, and knowledgeable group of people. I still chuckle at things I remember from the DL. “Caneface.” “Dialing a phone with a pencil.” Melissa Gilbert and her “s*** bra.” Judy “Pills” Garland. David Ehrenstein. Gregorzick and the “Cincy Soap Hood.” Random gossip that I later learned firsthand to be true (like who was family in daytime). So much knowledge about soaps (and just assorted pop-culture detritus like TV movies in 1983) going back decades. But yeah, the nastiness of the politics, financial issues, and the moderators’ reactions to the trolls (like paywalls and “Primetime”) killed it, like they did so many other places on the Web.  Those threads were iconic. And I remember someone there posted a photo from SOD, I think, with Jacob Young at an event around the time he was on GH. In the pic, he had facial hair and was posing with his arm around some cute blonde girl, and the caption read, “Doesn’t he look sexy with a beard?”

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