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    • This is the article that best summed up Wendy's situation...student loan debt is a reality for many...but $1.5 million in student loan debt is stupidity to a degree worthy of a PhD:   https://screenrant.com/real-housewives-potomac-wendy-osefo-debt-shunned/
    • I actually have no use for Kate as I think she is played out, but I love Lauren Koslow.  She looks so good and I totally still buy her as a seductress.  I obviously think DH and MBE are better leads, but LK/Kate is by the sexiest of the bunch and such a diva.  I hope the show still isn't trying to randomly pair her with Abe and I do like her in all family scenes.   I am also probably the only Jarlena stan that thought her and John were hot together lol.
    • The lips look new to me...the angle doesn't help either.
    • I've been saying it for years, Kate is the last fabulous diva in daytime on contract. She is literally the only one! Lauren can sell whatever they give her. I think this episode was particularly good for her because it sort of had an arc and would be appropriate for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy reel.      I like that she just went right ahead and didn't hesitate to shoot him. She's a better shot than most of the Salem PD, that's for sure.      This is definitely Kate at her best. Using her manipulative charms for good. 
    • I'm assuming at least one parent will be  someone we already know. With the Baldwin/Fishers coming back with Gloria, I fear it's one of them. I pray not though.   I thought Gus Rogan 6 years ago. But I didn't think Drucilla as her mother. Though with lily as a rival, it would have made total sense.    Since lily and Amanda are no longer rivals, having Dru as her mother doesn't travel quite as far.  Amanda and Hilary's mother    
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