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    • Mealor was better when he had more Abbots to play off of. He was good in family story with Jack. But where is everybody else? He's now seemingly single-handedly running Jabot. Him alone isn't working. 
    • Monique filing a criminal complaint against Candiace was simply based on good legal advice. The best defence is often to go on the offensive. When the DA’s office looked at an unedited tape, they dismissed the charges against both of them.    I haven’t liked Wendy from the first episode and tonight’s show really reinforces that dislike for all the reasons you listed above. What a hypocrite.    I was very glad Karen did not back down. She was 100% right and has been consistent with holding Monique accountable, as the flashback showed crystal clearly. Candiace is playing the game of wanting to make Karen choose and to shame her.
    • Arline Blackburn By Kathleen Norris 'The Black Fleming' Sylvia Fleming By Kathleen Norris 'Woman in Love ' Tamara (Woman in Love was a separate serial to this) Second Husband Rich Mans Darling   Frank Pacelli Road of Life Junior Stephenson Midstream 1940 Affairs of Anthony 1940
    • Don't f.uck with Lesley Stahl and the most watched and trusted news program on American television. 
    • Completely agree, I enjoyed when Kyle & Summer came roaring back in 2018 with a vengeance. I hated how the show carried on last year as pushing Kyle & Lola as the next big supercouple and now they’re nothing lol. Both Summer and Lola deserve so much better than dopey Kyle.    I was so happy to see Lachlan Buchanan on Dynasty before COVID hit to date he’s still my favorite Kyle although the writing was even worse for his Kyle than it is now.
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