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  2. Soap Hoppers

    JON LINDSTROM RITUALS Brady Chapin 1984-85 SANTA BARBARA Dr. Mark McCormick 1985-86 GENERATIONS Paul Jarre 1989 GENERAL HOSPITAL Ryan Chamberlain 1992-95 Dr. Kevin Collins 1993-97; 2004; 2013-Present PORT CHARLES Dr. Kevin Collins 1997-2003 AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig Montgomery 2008-10 JUDITH McCONNELL GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurse Augusta McLeod 1973-75 AS THE WORLD TURNS Valerie Reynolds Conway Keith 1976-79 ANOTHER WORLD Miranda ___Bishop 1980-81 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Eva Vasquez 1983 SANTA BARBARA Sophia Wayne Capwell Armonti Capwell Mathis 1984-93 MELROSE PLACE Woman at Hotel 1998 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Pat Sorem 1999 PASSIONS Bad Witch 2007 MISTRESSES Waspy Woman 2014 THE BAY Melody Garrett 2014-17
  3. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    It looked so familiar and I realized it was the hotel room where Rafe slept with Sami. Yup, I wish they'd built a new set for them. I don't mind Will being dressed young since CM still looks very young but they keep putting him in the same clothes. Same...I don't know why they didn't make Jeff the date Sonny goes out with only to find out later that Jeff is Will's boyfriend(the one Jeff mentioned). At least Will wouldn't lose either way....LOL. He'd get either Paul or Jeff.....Instead I have a feeling GR character will be Will's ex bf during his time with Susan.
  4. Soap Hoppers

    I'll check my ATWT notes to try and find the character's name. I have a slew of actor-less characters, I'll try to find one that fits his age at the time. PATRICK HORGAN THE DOCTORS Dr. John Morrison 1970-74 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Ansel Scott 1976-77; 1982 RYAN'S HOPE Thatcher Ross 1978-79 THE GUIDING LIGHT Neil Blake 1981-82 AS THE WORLD TURNS "Henchman" of Mr. Big 1983 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Andrew Berryman 1985 AS THE WORLD TURNS Anton Cunningham 1986-87; 1998 GUIDING LIGHT Mr. Taggert 1992 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Arthur Vandenberg 1995 BRIAN GASKILL MODELS INC. David Michaels 1994 ALL MY CHILDREN Bobby Warner 1995-97 UNDRESSED George 2000 PORT CHARLES Rafe Kovich 2001-03 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Oscar "Ozzy" Marone 2003-04 AS THE WORLD TURNS Byron Glass/BJ Green 2005 GUIDING LIGHT Dylan Lewis 2007-08 THE BAY Chase Walker 2012-15
  5. Austin Bombings

    I feel so sorry for those poor people in Texas. I'm sure that every time a package is delivered to someone's house, everyone is terrified. ?????
  6. The Doctors

    Things did seem a bit more stable with him at the helm. I am really, REALLY hating the Toni/Mike/Alan story. The sooner it's over, the better. Thankfully, all three actors (Assante, Gerard and Stuart) all went on to bigger and better things.
  7. Soap Hoppers

    Patrick's wife Susie said in a podcast interview a few years back that he had another role on ATWT...one of Mr. Big's henchmen in the early 1980s. Then he came back to play Penny Hughes' new husband a couple of years later. He also reprised his EDGE role of Ansel Scott for one episode in 1982.
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    ATL Nene and Kim are both terrible people and as fake as they come. BH Can we please have Camille back full time next season? Her VT’s about the lunch with Lois were flawless. Lisa Rinna’s mother is SO CUTE. I hope she’s lives forever. It was interesting to see LVP thank Rinna for her kindness. Erika remains awful.
  9. The Politics Thread

    Here is the other part of Channel 4's documentary on Cambridge Analytica. I don't know why they bothered to pretend that firing Nix would solve anything when the entire enterprise is shady as hell!
  10. The Politics Thread

    ETA: Nevermind, I misread. I do think the GOP are in trouble there.
  11. Today
  12. The Politics Thread

    He ran unopposed. The GOP never bother slating a candidate against him which was likely intentional+. They always have in the past regardless of losing badly. Dan Lipinski the blue dog in the same district looks like he pulled out a narrow win over a progressive Marie Newman. How? When Bernie supporters talk about how great open primaries are, lets remember Lipinski likely won because Illinois is an open primary state and republicans in his district likely pulled democratic ballots to not voter for the Nazi. Lipinski is conservative enough for some of them.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Good luck, suckers!
  14. "Roseanne" revival

    I think there's probably plenty of blame on both sides throughout - she is bipolar and possibly more erratic than ever in some areas now, and she made so many writers' lives hell. But she also put on a damn good show for years, and I think a lot of that was due to her perfectionism, until it curdled in the final seasons. I suspect Sara Gilbert, as EP, knows exactly how to handle her in ways many other past producers or staff did not. I also note a number of her longtime comedy friends (Norm McDonald, Wanda Sykes, etc.) on the new staff. That being said: The only episodes we have crew details on have writing and directing credits for several old regulars from the original show, including John Pasquin (director) and Sid Youngers (writer). I have a feeling the pilot may be the broadest and possibly worst of the new episodes, at least according to some early reviews that say the show improves after. But that is not uncommon for pilots. As long as they're not waving a Trump 2020 flag - and there is no way Sara Gilbert and co. would go for that - I'm okay.
  15. The Politics Thread

  16. "Roseanne" revival

    It's still amazing she was able to get as much power as she did. I have no doubt she was very difficult to deal with, but she probably had to put up with a ton of sexism to really push through her vision. It's amazing the show was as popular and highly rated as it was with so much backstage drama. There was a point in the early 90's where Roseanne was the most popular woman in America. It was either her or Madonna on the cover of every magazine/tabloid.
  17. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Did you see that ugly restaurant set put together from bits and piece of other sets? Where Hope and Shawn discussed Rafe. It sucks that Horita's first date was at the overused HTS. I wish both Paul and Will had nice apartment sets where they could hang out in. Days dresses Will like a teenaged boy from 1960. Who doesn't have any fashion sense. It's a shame that the yummy bartender Jeff is just a minor character. Who will soon disappear. I'll rather see the bartender than Greg Rikaart. I wonder if GR character is some nutty guy Sonny hooks up with through the dating app. Shady Sonny bear stuck with some nutty Queen
  18. "Roseanne" revival

    A couple older articles, both from Roseanne's POV which is unique and may need a grain of salt, but fascinating nonetheless - one from a few years ago and one from '89, both discussing the power struggle with co-creator (and future creator of Home Improvement, which I despised) Matt Williams in S1, as well as candidly discussing her personal life, her family and divorce from her first husband. Both very worth reading. A small excerpt of the latter: ...Oh, and there's also pretty gruesome detail on her then-new sex life with Tom Arnold.
  19. Y&R: Old Articles

    Would Victoria Malloy have worked on the show as the 80s continued... the 80s was less about grit and angst.. and more about glitz and glamour... I could have seen her Leslie fitting into the 80s version of Y & R.. moreso then Lorie, Peggy, or Chris would have..imho.
  20. Soap Hoppers

    PATRICK HORGAN THE DOCTORS Dr. John Morrison 1970-74 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Ansel Scott 1976-77; 1982 RYAN'S HOPE Thatcher Ross 1978-79 THE GUIDING LIGHT Neil Blake 1981-82 AS THE WORLD TURNS "Henchman" of Mr. Big 1983 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Andrew Berryman 1985 AS THE WORLD TURNS Anton Cunningham 1986-87; 1998 GUIDING LIGHT Mr. Taggert 1992 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Arthur Vandenberg 1995
  21. Classic GH Thread

    I do agree that the story was written for Lucky and Luke and involved Liz and Laura. To me the Luke side of it wasn’t a burden, it was that he never felt that he deserved his “angel”, and that he had been found out about just how awful he was. He was shedding his attempt at being the best version of himself, which he did for his love of Laura. When Lucky found out, it brought back all his shame and his attempt at not being the person who has done this for a huge part of his life was destroyed. But it was pretty much only about him, not Laura. It was about breaking him down. If they had even tried to give Laura a point of view, it would have been incredible to revisit this. Instead I was let down once we got to the actual confrontations between the three characters. I thought Lucky was his most spoiled during this story, and kind of hated him when he was with anyone but Liz. Laura never got to truly explain what happened to her to him in a way that was appropriate and the depth of her feelings for Luke then and now. We just got nasty Lucky. I did love her telling him he didn’t own her, and that she had a life before him and separate from him that was hers. But that was one episode. Then it was walking on eggshells for a long time between the three characters. Oh Guza. His entire writing style is deconstruction. The problem is he never builds it back up. But I would watch that year again daily over anything happening on the show now.
  22. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think kitchen sink drama appeals to audiences, but the idea of saying it's "like a soap opera" carries too much stigma and stereotyping right now.
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