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  2. BEST GH Jen Lilly as Maxie Jones. I never been a diehard watcher of GH, but I was a regular viewer during this time. So I was aware of the previous actress and her popularity I just never got it. When Jen walked on the scene I fall in love with that character. Jen was just charismatic to me and just so hard to ignore. I was heartbroken when it was her time to go! OLTL Trever St. John as Todd Manning: His performance was my first view of Todd and first impressions are everything! This is his role, Periodt. People have bragged about the originator performance many times to me, I finally took a peek and wasn’t impressed. Once he returned and I still was underwhelmed. AMC Christina Bennett Lind as Bianca Montgomery: One of thee best recast I have ever witnessed. I didn’t miss Minnie Mouse one bit! CB played her so much more complex than Eden ever did. She felt older, mature and tougher. I liked all her major interactions with Kendall, Jr, Greens, etc. She fit right in as if she was always meant to be there and she was the missing piece if you ask me. I would kill to see her redo all Biancas major storylines I.e. the rape and Babyswitch. in-between AMC Sabine Singh as Greenlee Smythe: In my opinion she was doing a decent job in the role and unfairly let go when she finally found her groove. I know to most this wasn’t greenlee, but to me it was, somewhere along the way Greenlee became a heroine. Making her so baby obsessed and on/off with her supposedly true love is ingenue behavior IMHO.for the first time since Leo death I cared tay and had sympathy for the character. For years I found Rebecca to be overrated. She’s very cold, looks super mean and came off like a cheap Paige mattheson.
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  4. Ooooo Ava and Spencer have hate chemistry from Scene 1...
  5. Gil Gerald Pilot 'International Airport' David Montomery 1985 Patricia Crowley Pilot 'International Airport' Beverly Gerber 1985 George Kennedy Pilot 'International Airport' Rudy Van Lueven 1985 Susan Oliver Pilot 'International Airport'Mary Van Leuven 1985 Robert Vaughan Pilot 'International Airport' Captain Powell 1985
  6. No. It is not her fault. We were reflecting on how weird it is for the show to have made those moves and not use her. As for the current SL, I am not questioning why Phyllis would be pissed at these two for being manipulative. That's fine. It is not absurd and I kind of agree Phyllis on the warpath have some entertainment value. But it is hard for me to drudge much emotion over "OMG These bitches got my daughter her dream job in Europe! Oh the humanity!". Summer is the one who ended her pending marriage. Which is not to say Tara and Sally did not connive and should not be criticized obviously - they did and they should - but when it came down to it Summer made that completely unnecessary call. There was NO reason for her to walk away. I am no Summer fan but she could have wiped the floor with Tara if she had wanted. She gave up - which is bad writing but now that's what occurred on-screen so it is canon. And Summer looked at the job and wanted it. Again, the fact those who offered it to her had their own agenda is irrelevant to the fact that Summer looked at the situation and thought that was the best thing for her. They didn't force her. Phyllis has her own selfish agenda in not wanting her to take it too after all so it works both ways In the end if Summer herself thought breaking off with Kyle and taking the job was a better path for her future than staying in GC, why should I be upset? Sorry, it is not high-stakes. Summer sleeping with Billy was high-stakes. Phyllis being raped was high-stakes. Those were situations where people suffered because of actions by others. Here Summer is not suffering; she is thriving. And it was her own choice. It is a criticism of the writing btw, not of Phyllis. Phyllis' reaction is reasonable enough in the situation but from the beginning of the Phyllis vs Sally story they have been stretching to find a good reason for them to feud and I have yet to see something that has me emotionally invested one way or another.
  7. I bet "Just Plain Bill" hated wasting an entire day with that reporter, though he managed to score a martini and a bloody Mary by early afternoon. Bill Bell had to be under a lot of pressure in 1973 --- writing breakdowns for Days of Our Lives and the entire 30-minute script for Y&R -- plus he was evidently monitoring several other daytime shows as well. And then to have a reporter waste such a big chunk of his day. Bet he ending up spending that entire night on his IBM Selectric having Snapper lay something pretty heavy on Chris.
  8. I tried watching a bit. But it's so cringey. Freddie's so self important. He acts like he is a big youtube star. The dog has more personality. Than his dull humans. Who on earth would want to watch this?
  9. LMAOOOOOOO So true. The guy is one lazy actor, and no one signals “this script is garbage” like Chandler Massey. Getting him to commit to the material is near impossible, and instead it’s all smirks and near-eye rolls. CM is a nice guy, but I hope he finds a career he enjoys and stays away from acting.
  10. I’ve enjoyed Stafford a lot in the past couple weeks. She’s back to being the conniving and over-involved Phyllis, and I love it. I have no problem with a mother being upset that her daughter is now in EUROPE and not closer to home. The stakes aren’t high? Uh...Tara and Sally effectively ended the relationship and pending marriage of Kyle and Summer, and that’s plenty enough to make Phyllis pissed. I agree that MS has had too little to do since returning, but that’s not her fault. Yes, I liked Gina Tognoni a great deal — but she’s gone. I can’t deny that Michelle Stafford feels like Phyllis to me.
  11. GENERAL HOSPITAL Robert (Chief of Hospital Security) ??????? 7/14 & 26/21 Police Officer (Jordan's office with Stella) ???? 7/27/2021 ONE LIFE TO LIVE LLANVIEW, PENNSYLVANIA LLANTANO COUNTY JULY 15, 1968- JANUARY 13, 2012 Justin Aames Michael Constantine Harlan Abbey Mart Hulswit 1985 Gwendolyn Lord Abbott Victor Lord's sister, Richard Abbott's mother, Performed as "Kiki Bourbon" with Ina Hopkins and Gina Brown during the war; was interested in Dr. Jim Craig Eileen Letchworth (Temporary) 1979 Joan Copeland 1978-79 Douglas or Jonathan Abbott Never Seen father of Richard Nick Abbott Jacinto Taras Riddick Richard Abbott Cousin of Victoria Lord; worked at The Banner; Dorian and Edwina vied for his attention but Becky Lee Hunt stole his heart; attacked by Becky Lee's first husband and left town; returned to pursue Tina, but she married Cord Roberts. Luke Reilly 1977-79 Keith Langsdale 1980 Robert Gribbon 1980-81 Jeffrey Byron 1986-87 Dr. ___ Abeel Gary Adler Tiffany Abrahms Lynn Marie Setson Blaine Adams Kelly B. Eviston 1991 Philip Adams Robert Trumbull David Adler John Herzog Dr. ___ Adler Derrick Bishop 2008 Dr. Donald Adler John Wojda Officer Aiken Richard Preshong 2003-04 Judge H. Alden Brenda Pressley Meryl ___ Alexander Beulah Garrick Peter Allen Peter Allen Mr. ___ Allerdyce Never Seen Suzanne Warfield Guerrerro Allerdyce Simon's Mother Pamela Lincoln 1983 Anne Marie Allocca Anne Marie Allocca Detective __ Allworth Andrew McMillan 1984 Don Alonzo Never Seen Owner of the Buena Vista Ranch 1986 Bev Altman David Vickers' Agent Brooke Dillman 2011 Audrey Ames Fraternity Row actress; paralyzed in accident with Gabrielle Fia Porter 1988-89 Bill Anderson Famous singer from The Grand Ole Opry; friend of the Buchanans and Beckt Lee Bill Anderson 1980 Dr. ___ Anderson Mary Beth Fischer Seth Anderson friend of Cristian Vega; dated Jessica Buchanan; partner of Natalie Balsom to bilk the Buchanans Brandon Routh 2001-02 Steven Richard Harris 2002-03 Ms. ___ Andrews Harriet D. Foy Dr. Bryan Angell Michael McGuire 1997 Mario Angellini Never Seen; Fathered Gretel "Rae" Cummings with Myrtle Lum Mr. ___ Antonescu Leonardo Cimino 1984 Agent Pete Appleton Jacinto Taras Riddick Elizabeth Archer ????? 7/80 dated Ed Hall Agent Jim Arkin Peter Francis James Dr. __ Arliss Richard Borg Eleanor ___ Armitage Married to Guy Armitage but had twins (Ian and Maggie Carpenter) by John, the Bishop Carpenter; she kept Ian and John raised Maggie; deceased (young) Libby West (Christopher) 1997 Jessica Walter 1996-97 Guy Armitage Ran Armitage Enterprises; widowed by Eleanor; believed Ian was his son; blown up on his yacht Simon Jones 1997 Ian Armitage Wealthy playboy; Maggie's twin; fell in love with Kelly; died in a plane crash. Will Kempe 1997-98 Fred Armstrong David Wolos Fonteno Celena Arquette hat check/coat check girl at Tony's Place Donna Pescow 1977-78 Nick Ashford part of Ashford and Simpson Nick Ashford Helena ____ Ashley mother of Pat and Maggie Katherine Meskill 1978 Augusta Dabney 1979 Maggie Ashley Pat's bookish sister that kidnapped her and replaced her; dated Clint Jacqueline Courtney 1979 Martin Ashley Never Seen; late father of Pat and Maggie Nurse Ashton Suzy Hunt 1989 Dr. ____ Astrov Walter Bobbie Grace Atherton Hospital Administrator Caused a flu epidemic by purchasing cheap but contaminated syringes to cut costs Susan Gibney 1994 Hunter Atwood Held Todd hostage; demanded money from Sarah; killed in self defense by Cristian Vega Zach Roerig 2007 Patti Austin singer, cameo Patti Austin Sam Austin Undercover Persona of Bo Buchanan as an arms dealer Robert S. Woods ?2007 Zack Austin Austin Haley 1997-99? Josef Avalon Paul Michael Valley 2001 Cole Avery Took Carlotta's Diner hostage Leif Riddell 2003 Mrs. ____ Avery Cole's mother Tanny McDonald 2003 Aaron Brian Cousins 1989-90 Acchilles Gary Tacon 1986 Ace Spencer List 1999 Adam the Buchanan butler George Taylor 1980s Adam Dylan Snyder 2006 Adam Aaron Scorgie 2004 Adrian the juror Stephen Mendillo Sister Agatha Lynn Milgrim 1970s Sister Agatha Caroline Kava Aimee Jordan Beall Officer Al the cop Robin Haynes Officer Alan Terence Archie Albert the bartender Daniel Oreskes Alberta thief (Masked Ball) ????? 1981 Aldo, the Prince of Mendorra Alan Coates 1986-87 Alex Scott Sandler 1995-96 Alf, Patrick's cohort Colm Meaney 1988 Alison Briana Shea Russo 2007 The All American Rejects Band 2009 Tyson Ritter Nick Wheeler Mike Kennerly Chris Gaylor Kevin Saulnier Ethan Novak Amber (Brittany's friend) Amanda Marchesini 2007 Amber Elizabeth Ann Bennett Amelia the kidnap victim Keri Uribe Sister Amelia the Nun Susan Browning 1989-90 Amir Richie Allen Amy the orphan (aka Wendy) Jan Chasmar 1969-70? needed an operation Amy that annoyed Jessica Russell Koplin Julie Nathanson Amy the instigator Chandra Wilson Amy from Starr's class Skylar Porter 2006-07 Andre that was Roxy H.'s pimp Robert Lipton 1986-87? Andrew the Receptionist Jai Rodriguez 2005 Andy Drew Moerlein 2008 Andy the young motherless child with Jenny ??????? 12/1982 Angela Deborah Walsh 1984 Angela Susan Aileen Cemin 2007 Angelo Ruben Pla 1987 Angie that dated Lloyd Dieter ????????? 1981 Annabelle (Katrina's hospital roomie Carol Potter 1980 Annabelle (newswoman with Tina) Lisby Larson 1984 or 85 Nurse AnnaMarie Shirley Roeca 2010 Annette Pam Grier 1969 Annie the bartender Michal Sinnott 2005 Annie the counselor Pamela Sabaugh Officer Annie Lisa Butler Uncanny Annie Mandy Evans 2011 April Dre Mazzenga 2005 Arch William Newman Archie Paul Perri Arlen the politician Paul Coufos Armando Anthony Crivello 1983 Artie Curtis McLaren 2007 Ashley the pregnant teen Ashley Wilkens 2008 Augie Eduoard DeSoto 2006 Augie Gary Howard Klar Axel Tony DiBenedetto 1985 Axel Paul Hermann
  12. Both serial killing Dr. Kevin O'Connor and his brother Patrick. Who was also a Doctor. Also singer Dusty Walker. Who was played by Shaun Cassidy. Only for the summer of 1987. Terri dated some guy in 1988. But i can't remember his name. They didn't have much of a story. For awhile it looked like Terri and Ned were being chem tested. But nothing came out of that.
  13. Well, as an avowed Phyllis hater, I have to say I am enjoying Phyllis as busybody in recent eps. Her sweety/bitch persona around Tara is amusing to me. Once again we have declared statements of wealth with Victor saying having a private jet means they can leave for Italy whenever they like. But there is Nikki with a pile of luggage in the only room we ever see.Surely staff would have whisked it from the bedroom to the limo. Victoria's house has been reduced to a few walls and some furniture. Couldn't they do the same for some other characters without homes? Oh, and a shout out to Lily for her advice to Moses along the lines of 'you have to give girls surprise presents-they love it' Really, that sexist nonsense has to go.
  14. Looks like she had 2 3yr contracts which is pretty standard. Did Terry ever have major love interests?
  15. Jan 1985 Rich get better ratings, says creator of "Dallas'' By BOB WISEHART McClatchy News Service Just what you've all been waiting for, the differences between "Dallas," "Dynasty," "Knots Landing" and "Falcon Crest". If the "Dallas" characters went to Paris they'd be bumpkins; If the folks on "Knots Landing" characters went to Paris, they'd be tourists; If the well-heeled denizens of "Dynasty" went to Paris ... well, actually, they probably go to Paris a lot and have apartments there. As for "Falcon Crest," its characters TRIED to go to Europe, but the jet crashed just in time for the season-ending cliffhanger. If this seems like a ridiculous thing to think about, meet the source of those observations, David Jacobs, who thinks about little else. Jacobs is a study in contrasts. By appearance he is squat, pudgy and so benign he could pass as the owner of the corner drugstore in the town where Andy Hardy grew up. But if we could peer into his fevered mind, the sight would be horrible indeed. Jacobs, the author of 10 non-fiction books about the arts, many for young readers, is the man we can hold responsible for the prime-time soap opera, a phenomenon that clogs the airwaves the way gunk stops the plumbing. And there is no plunger in sight. Jacobs created "Dallas," the show that launched this trend, along with its spinoff, "Knots Landing." He also created "Secrets of Midland Heights" a few years back, a notable bomb hardly anyone remembers. His current project is "Berrenger's," a bubbly extravanganza now playing on NBC and based in an upscale big-city department store. Interviewed recently in Los Angeles, Jacobs is a jolly little fellow, quick to smile and fast with a quip. The large sums of money that have come his way no doubt make life vastly amusing. Jacobs admits that he's frankly sick of the whole genre. "I've been trying to get out of the serial business for two years' now," he says, but the networks keep making offers he can't refuse. Besides "Berrenger's," and "Knots" Jacobs has little daily contact with "Dallas" he's working on a "Dallas" prequel, a movie about the early wildcatting days of Jock Ewing and Digger Barnes. He says no one in the series would appear in the movie. To the untrained eye, the formula for a successful prime-time soap seems simple; just make everybody wealthy. The rich may be rotten and the poor may be pure, but the rich get better ratings. If that's true, why have such shows been impossible to launch successfully in recent years? This season brought two duds, "Paper Dolls," an upscale look at the modeling business; and "Glitter," built around a People-esque magazine. The last success was "Falcon Crest" four years ago. The problem with "Paper Dolls" and "Glitter," says Jacobs, is that they spent more on lip gloss than on scripts. "Beautiful," he says, "but too much emphasis on what they looked like." Besides, it isn't true that rich characters in an opulent setting guarantee success. "Knots Landing" has its roots in the middle class, although Jacobs cracks "they're getting richer all the time." Jacobs is convinced that the real problem has to do with expectations by the networks and the audience, which have grown so heated it resembles an arms race. "Dallas" was a rush job, which meant there wasn't much time for detail and gloss. Jacobs finished the first draft of the first script Dec. 10, 1978. Shooting of the first episode began Feb. 1, 1979. As such things are measured, that's faster than the speed of light. "At first, 'Dallas' had seven characters and a couple of little stories," he says. "Now everybody wants everything in place right from the first." "Dynasty" had a sparse beginning, too, and did not at all resemble today's show. Does anybody remember that Dale Robertson played as important a role as John Forsythe (plutocrat Blake Carrington)? By contrast, "Berrenger's" was stuffed with a dozen plots and subplots in its first 90-minute episode, which even Jacobs admits is "probably excessive." The poor viewer, who, after all, had only just met these people, needed a scorecard to keep everybody straight. "If I had my druthers I'd go with two people or four people, and develop from there," Jacobs says. "But I'm not sure the audience would buy it. You're expected to have a complicated mosaic right away." But television always is risky business at best. As he says, "You try for something different, but what everybody wants is what they're used to, which we have a lot of already. I mean, I'm sure there's not room for another 'Dynasty' or 'Dallas.' For all I know, there's not room for 'Berrenger's' either."
  16. Her name was Loretta Mae Crumholz-- so Yeah.
  17. Did Cheryl Stansbury know that her sister's real name was Elsie Mae Crumholz?
  18. Yes!! I was trying to remember where else I had heard it. Thanks!!
  19. The sooner she's out the better. The vibe I'm getting is that there will be a lot of rotating guest hosts for awhile. Now this is my personal guess...we'll probably get two days a week of Ana as opposed to one, at least for awhile. Maybe Thursdays in addition to her usual Fridays. We'll see.
  20. She was. Plus it was Vinton's nickname for Naomi on Mama's Family. Going back to Bobbie and the '80s brownstone crew, I'm wondering how long Robin Bernard's contract was for. Terry Brock had four years on the front burners (1984-87), then spent 1988 into early 1990 mostly just singing. I guess they figured they better get as much use out of the Duke's Place set as they can.
  21. As a essential home health aide who had to recycle PPE, I could not agree more. If they had just been transparent with the public starting in early 2020, things *might* have been a little better.
  22. Yikes!! I was just going to ask, wasn't he pretty high up the chain in the NYPD?
  23. I loved the footage of swimmer Lydia Jacoby's family, friends, community going absolutely nuts when she won the gold. She is the first Olympian from Alaska to win the gold. ❤
  24. Mary Hartman Mary Hartman reboot to TBS.

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