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  2. Exactly. I like Chloe but every time she returns her story sucks. Once her story fails they let her go.
  3. I didn't find him particularly interesting. The only memory that stands out is when he beat up Eric when he thought he had raped Susan. You can see a bit of him here, starting around 2:36, from 1976.
  4. What will they do about the Italian Open in May?
  5. She will be filming her exit in April. Days is so pathetic! The returns/exits are ridiculous, no long term plans for the returns, which is why they can't move this show forward.
  6. The price of Bernie's programs aren't that worrisome to me. He could accomplish some of his policies by reversing the tax break the rich just received and by cutting our insane defense budget. In any case, it wouldn't be an issue because first he has to actually get something passed. Good luck with that. As we've said before, whoever gets in will be busy just trying to reverse some of the Damage 45 has done. He's not going to pass any of these massive plans, imo. I understand that some people can never vote for Bernie, but I will if it means getting Trump out. At the very least we need to stop Trump from getting further entrenched and appointing more judges. Anyhow, I think it's possible Biden will make a comeback.
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  8. Composer Bob Cobert has died.
  9. I really hope Bravo doesnt side with her over these two Nene defense tour continues
  10. People will say that Bernie can kiss Florida goodbye but the same can probably be said of New Jersey at this point.
  11. Well, if the standard of writing had been kept up and had never fallen, viewers, except for the most rabid of fanbases, would likely have been patient. Keep in mind that, back then, with stories that had slow-builds, there were often so many other compelling storylines going on at the same time, that viewers weren't bored silly the way most tend to be today. Half these 'stan wars' seem to happen out of sheer boredom, imo.
  12. Long past time for tennis to build a comprehensive plan to protect players, ballkids, staff and spectators from the coronavirus. Indian Wells, where viral outbreaks have been known to happen in the past is particularly of concern.
  13. The house that Kim is in is the same house she and Bob lived in during the Marland era and beyond. But it had a little remodeling after their marriage. I believe the foyer and staircase were enlarged and a fireplace was added to the living room -- I think the fireplace replaced a large white tile stove. Years ago some posters were convinced Kim and Bob had moved into Chris and Nancy's old house. Nice to know for sure, they moved into Kim's existing house. Finally some evidence of that.
  14. From Lubbock, Texas 🇺🇸
  15. I wish I was able to experience Natalie in her prime too. I've been watching AMC from 1987. It is the aftermath of her rape trial. She still has strength but is more vulnerable. I love the ending of an episode of her simply contemplating putting up the Christmas reef. It is something alluring about her and I love the extended theme playing over the credits. It got me to thinking Janet must've been a blessing and a curse for Kate Collins. I wonder what is Kate up to now?
  16. I just looked over some notes I took a while back on the collection held by the Paley Center, and it turns out they actually have the November 24, 1995 episode in their collection (title: Carly And Rosanna Are Rescued From A Burning Car). Firstly, this means that Thanksgiving Friday aired in '95, much like '91, '92 and '93. It therefore seems extremely likely that Thanksgiving Friday would have aired in '94 as well. Secondly, that means I now have only one (strong) suspicion for our one remaining pre-emption: Thursday November 23, 1995 (Thanksgiving). Since Thanksgiving Thursdays were pre-empted all through the 90s and beyond, it seems like we have connected May 12, 1995 to March 18, 1997. I sure wish I was able to confirm that final pre-emption though. I should probably also mention that there is one slight issue with the numbers as I've figured them so far. I believe I have mentioned this before, but the Scrapbook includes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of an episode, which is said to be #10155, and said to have aired on December 22, 1995. By my current count, #10155 aired on December 20, 1995, while #10157 aired on December 22, 1995. Since the Scrapbook contains many errors, and the alignment of that date and episode number contradicts all my other sources, I'm considering this to most likely be a mistake. However, I'm still keeping it in the back of my mind to check with later findings.
  17. This was a glorious storyline! It's one of the first Y&R stories I remember from the original airings. In addition to the stuff you mentioned, I believe this is what also led to Victor leaving Diane for Nikki who he thought was dying which of course reunited them after *10* years apart. The way people are fighting over this Chadam/Shadam or Skyle/K*la mess, I have no idea what they'd do if the show had good writers and their couples were apart that long. Going back to Victor's week, I will say I LOVED that during his tribute episode that they included past actors who are no longer on the show. It was a really fleshed out selection of flashbacks and they were smartly chosen. LOVED opening with his mom, Douglas, Julia, Katherine and Nikki. LOVE that Brenda Epperson was included, we even got a Hope flashback. Lots of times when soaps do anniversary specials they avoid recasts and characters that aren't currently on the show. The only thing that would've made this better is if we got young Victoria. I still would love a Heather Tom flashback from her early days. Other kudos was how beautifully they styled Jess Walton and Eileen Davidson. They both looked like total knockouts! The way Jill was dressed is how she SHOULD be dressed all the time. I find her normal clothes very blah, but she was always a sexy fashionista. I thought her gown was age appropriate, but still stylish and very Jill.
  18. @sheilaforever i never thought about day/night scenes before you mentioned it. You are right! Is is all a mess in this episode!
  19. Tyler Perry uses this mysterious ratings drop as the reason he doesn't have a writing room, but the real reason is because he didn't want the writers to be in the union and didn't want to pay them. Nobody ever calls him out on it, but that is literally the only reason. His shows are horrific and it's a shame because they could be better with more people involved to execute his vision. It amazes me he has a show called SISTAS, with no black women writing.
  20. 1954 NBC investigating bringing radio soap "Big Sister ' to TV. It has previously had a short experimental TV run in 1945 with Mercedes McCambridge.
  21. I never knew what Ariel did after she split with John. I wish they'd kept her around (unless it was Judith Blazer's decision to leave) - there's something very special about her. Instead they just pretended she never existed. It's been so long since any new early '80s material popped up and now we get various episodes in the space of a week. A pleasant surprise. I'm glad it's 1984 instead of pornstache Brad and all the low energy 80-82 material.
  22. If y’all can find Bernie’s full interview on 60 Minutes, I highly recommend it! Anderson Cooper took him to task on so much, including his piss poor record in the senate.
  23. Never knew Kim and Ariel took turns writing a newspaper column. It's great see more of Ariel. The Dr.Z/Cassandra North stuff amounts to filler .Ariel was to fabulous for that. The family scenes with John, Karen, Dusty and Andy were sweet and cute. Betsy Von Furstenberg looked some much like Eileen Fulton. I thought it was Eileen.
  24. I think Candaice is bitter b/c Karen is still cool with Monique. Karen and Monique just took photos the other day on IG. I can imagine that Candaice is p*ssed over it.
  25. Re The Brighter Day A 1954 TV Guide summary mentions a character 'Blake' You have Ted Blake listed in 1958 and Dr Blake Hamilton in 1960. Could it possibly be one of these characters or an entirely different Blake?
  26. This is what Bernie Sanders is and this is what we will be spending now to November doing...people who think the (second) most important election of our lifetime needs to be spent on smugging to voters about how communist dictatorships are awesome and America is the real enemy. What happened to all those Joe Rogan voters who are supposed to be so important? Do they love Castro too? Meanwhile, the cultists are using Obama clips to defend Bernie's views on Castro...but don't they hate Obama? Don't they say he was a war criminal and a fraud? They are no better than Trump supporters, and Bernie is basically a communist Trump. What a choice.
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