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  2. Problem is Leeann should have been fired a long time ago. She threatened to kill someone in season 1, shoved a camera person in season 1, broke a wine glass and threatened someone with it, spread rumors about someone being gay, and also did the racist thing. I'm curious why that was the straw..and not the other things she pulled. Brandi should have been downgraded to a friend...but I have a feeling Tiffany was hired to gather Brandi. RHOP Regarding Karen, she's vile and is no grand dame. A true grand dame wouldn't deem to appear on a reality show.
  3. I loved that moment between Laura and Tracy in the hospital. Those two have come very very far over the years!
  4. I am not really sure where you can go with Sonny and Carly. They are past the point of a 3rd party love interest not named Brenda. Maybe they could put Jax into the mix, but the show isn't really going there. Carly has picked up some Brenda characteristics along the way and lost a lot of what made Carly different. I agree that LW and MB are in it for the long haul, so the easiest thing to do is just keep them together. It's true they don't really have a story, they are just inserted to others. I think it's just a lazy way to keep a mildly popular couple together. LW does try, but MB
  5. Diane Jenkins and Hilary Curtis - Y&R I mean, there are almost too many to list. Soaps can often be so short-sighted in their search for big climaxes to stories (for ratings), and one decision made by a single reckless regime can hobble a show for generations.
  6. Brenda Benet played Lee Dumonde. Philece Sampler played Renee. It did seem odd to kill Renee of so quickly because I think she was popular and popular with Tony.
  7. Add To Leann Hunley Gilmore Girls Shira Huntzberger 2005
  8. @KMan101I think CarSon is "untouchable" because Frank can't be bothered with them as a pairing or individuals but knows he can't get rid of them. He just deals with them because of Benard. LW and Benard are going down with this ship so Frank allows them to believe they are the patriarch and matriarch of GH. I watch about twice a month and neither really has a story and haven't for quite some time. Back in the day, they would have been toast.
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  10. LOL Mumbles Benard is so awful. It's embarrassing. I thought DeVry looked better too! lol Yeah, between the ABC/Prospect Park [!@#$%^&*], Todd/Starr/McBain, 2014 and then 2015 were hot messes. HOT messes. The wheels fell off and honestly didn't recover. It also became a lot of "here's Y&R stars we stole! Look at Billy Miller! Look at Michelle Stafford!" and now, six years later, neither are here. Of course Nina's "legacy lives on" (gag) Jason's return got me interested again in 2017 and there was definitely some momentum but
  11. LOL at Playdoh left behind. It was bad even for late 70's standards. It was straight out of Eight Is enough. That karate clip was a surprise. I wish we could have seen the entire segment. I wonder if Greg and Paul got into a confrontation over Nikki ? Wings Hauser was just seedy. They should have re-cast a better Greg than that, especially to pair with Melody's Nikki.
  12. I never knew Kathy Bates was on The Doctors. She appears at the 6:24 mark
  13. Mary Frances “Frankie” Frame Winthrop owns this thread
  14. I also thought about Renée DuMonde (Days of our lives).. she was killed too quickly (during 1983) and I think she had great potential as heiress to the Dimera family. By the ways, DOOL killed and brought back from the death so many characters so it's difficult to think of other examples from this soap.
  15. DARLA HOOD GENERAL HOSPITAL 10 EPISODES PRIOR TO 1978 ARTICLE DAYS OF OUR LIVES 1 EPISODE PRIOR TO 1978 ARTICLE OUR GANG MOVIES Darla 1937-41 @Bright Eyes I saw your old post about Russell Hicks... RUSSELL HICKS THE SECRET STORM Judge J. T. Tyrell 1954 HAWKINS FALLS Unknown Role February 1955 DOCTOR HUDSON'S SECRET JOURNAL Doctor 1956 Passed away in 1957.
  16. Excellent points about Laura. Was more-so talking about Laura's initial return and giving her that house, and eventually Mary Mae as a surrogate mother, etc. It was great. But I do agree it lacked later on and it was a lot of Luke and then Lucky. I didn't love everything about Labine, all the time, truthfully, but the characters felt real, the good, the bad and the ugly. I know they probably wanted some conflict but Laura as the 'little woman' left behind was kind of insulting and not the best writing, considering Laura's history. I felt the same later on when it seemed like they h
  17. GH: Alan Q, Emily , AJ, Georgie Jones. GH basically owns this thread. Way to decimate your main family by killing them off one by one. And also kill of a young, likable heroine with supercouple parents. So short-sighted. GH also tends to kill off heroines they invest a lot in when they don't work: Courtney, Kate 2.0, Sabrina, Chloe, Reese, Leyla, Abby (off screen being hit by a crane lol), etc.
  18. That's fair. I just think the close resemblance to VM made me immediately put Olivia in the Brenda category. I guess if anything it proved that even young Sonny had a type. Something had to be up with Megan Ward behind the scenes. Skate was popular (ish) and she was great in the role. And then they gave Olivia basically the same backstory except with a kid and recast with Kelly Sullivan. It was wholly unnecessary for Sonny to have not one, but 2 previous great loves in his past that we had never heard of. And then Ron gave Kate/Connie DID and killed her off and basically destroyed Sonny
  19. For instance Chloe & Chelsea duplicate each other. It reminds me of Willow and Sasha on GH. Pick one to remain on canvas. Or at least change the others personality so they won't be so interchangeable. And to tell you the truth I didn't miss Chloe & Kevin. They could go off to Silicon Valley with Bella and Miles tomorrow and I won't shed on tear and that's sad.
  20. Colleen Cecile Carlton - YR That Damn MAB! Just the idea of killing off Traci and Brad's only child and John Abbott's eldest granddaughter. Let's not forget Brad had died some months before her. Only to come back in the technicolor dream to bring her into the afterlife. We should be seeing her with her family, friends, working at Jabot and potentially a romance/supercouple status with Scotty Grainger. Imagine if Traci and Lauren wasn't keen on their kids respectively seeing one another. Or perhaps they would contend with their own version of Sheila Carter (With Better
  21. For instance, I have 2 examples on my mind.. killing off Melvin "Mel" Hayes (one life to live) and Rex Sterling (the young and the restless) was a very cruel move from TPTB. Mel and Dorian had such a great chemistry and relationship.. why ending this after only 2 years? And same can be said regarding Rex and Katherine.. they were a very strong couple so killing off Rex in 1994 was a huge mistake, in my opinion.
  22. SUSAN OLIVER THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Sarah Styles 1963 PEYTON PLACE Ann Howard 1966 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Laura Spencer Horton Horton 1975-76 STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Vina 1966 LEANN HUNLEY DAYS OF OUR LIVES Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera 1982-86; 2007-10; 2017; 2018; 2019-Present (recurring) HOTEL Caroline Edmonds 1986 DYNASTY Dana Waring Carrington 1986-88 MODELS, INC. Marcia Ca
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