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  2. Florida, why do you continually play such a big part in elections that produce such people?!
  3. Look...I doubt anyone hear gives a damn who Martha supports so going off topic was your fault Girl
  4. You perhaps thought that Olivia was definitely a man-lover? And, that that would keep her from falling in love with a woman? But, in real life, sometimes that is just what happens. Same thing with Natalia. There was no sign of her falling in love with a woman until she did. Their story was written so slowly and so carefully that it made complete sense to me.
  5. Girl. Stick to the topic. It was just a random point of reference.
  6. Betsy Von Furstenburg on a weird recast on ATWT. She was a good fill in for Fulton when she was sick, and they tapped her as a recast when Fulton left the show. BVF sounded like Fulton, but was way too of the manner born and didn't have the energy Fulton had. However, Fulton was going through such a weird phase on ATWT then (dying her hair a weird shade to get attention, playing Lisa as if she was practically retarded, stuttering all the time..) it was a relief to have someone play a more mature Lisa. I wonder if BVF would have made a good Alex recast instead of poor Marj who was terrible.
  7. The man who raped Gloria Rideout is revisited in being found guilty of two other rapes https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/crime/2017/03/16/ohn-rideout-guilty-rape-sodomy-jury-oregon/99235728/ I was a big fan of Tom Pelphrey's and of the character of Jonathan Randall. But, I can completely see how GL fans could resent ATWT at the end. That extra time that ATWT got was a big factor. I wouldn't call yourself irrational if I were you. That's interesting to hear about. I always loved Marcy Walker & I never really got why so many people seemed to dislike Tangie Hill. And, I both knew & loved Liz & Marureen.
  8. I don't want another CEO or businessman ever running for POTUS. Ever. Perhaps, it is alright to have a cabinet position but not POTUS. Ever. Anytime the U.S. has chosen a businessman for the position, it's been an unmitigated disaster. I think Yang has some points on automation and jobs but I still think his answer is too simplistic. I do think, Universal Basic Income could be a temporary solution to help people who inevitably fall through the cracks whenever the country transitions into another industrial shift but it most countries who try it, only have it temporarily. I'm not sure how it can be made sustainable on a permanent basis but as a temporary "patch" for people of working age, especially people who are chronically un and under-employed, I think it could actually be a viable idea. That would definitely need to be factored into any Universal Basic Income plan. Color, gender and age discrimination all work negatively against job applicants, it's not just about automation. I do agree that he tends to over-simplify aspects, he could benefit from talking to grassroots and community organizations who have studied these issues on a granular level to gain more nuance. I don't even pay attention to his following, really, although I've noticed a few that I've seen seem to have gone quiet lately. Maybe those are just a few of his POC women followers.
  9. Pff...she's a beyotch. The biTch got pissed off because a comment I made about Days. I am so sick of she being praised for her crappy acting when she followed a worse actor in the role. So anyone would've been better than previous Belle. So she needs to have a seat.
  10. I agree with Yang about the danger of automation, but I think he's much too willing to downplay prejudice and bigotry (his handling of the Shane Gillis fiasco on SNL rubbed me the wrong way). I also find his views on global warming - just move away from the water, it's too late - to be very glib. I find him overly glib in general. His cult following also alienates me.
  11. JUST THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE BIG EVENT! DON'T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO BE SPOILER-FREE!! "Days" fans now just have 3 more weeks, and 15 episodes, until the historic one-year time jump happens! Here's another storyline teaser to keep you wondering what's coming after the time jump. Expect to see at least two of those pictured above to be in prison.
  12. I didn't know Martha Madison was someone important.
  13. Today
  14. I seem to recall whisperings that the Trump team feared Kamala could be the next Obama... Lord knows she would wipe. the. floor. with him in debates. And he'd have a long, hard time coming up with a "catchy" nickname for her that wasn't racially sensitive. I'm still holding out hope for Kamala down the line. Whatever happens in the months ahead, I hope one of the underdogs, be it Kamala or Mayor Pete or even Klobachar (what is everyone's thoughts on Andrew Yang, BTW? DAYS' Martha Madison seems to love him on Twitter), turn out to run alongside as Vice President.
  15. "The time when the daypart was literally a 'cash cow' that supported the nighttime was leaving. And, as it went the nighttime shows were taking with them some elements that the daypart invented & refined!" - Donna L. Bridges "Soap operas are one of a really interesting genre of American broadcasting because women have always been so prominent in their creation," Elana Levine "The daily viewing habit was a trademark of soap operas," Levine said. "It allowed viewers to get totally immersed in the characters' lives and want to come back for more." "This is the only aspect of the OJ Simpson pre-trial and then trial that I think had anything to do with soaps. In fact, later on, when networks began to broadcast their day's soap episodes at 1 a.m. fans were right back to watching --just every night instead of every day." - Donna L. Bridges "I mean probably the deepest, most heartfelt connections that you hear when people talk about their memories of you know consuming media are these stories from soap operas...it was really powerful to see a character that you knew their family, you knew so much about what had happened to them and seeing them go through difficult times or die or things like that," she said. (In my household we all grew up with the Hortons!) Another fan described how storytelling on "AMC" insults the audience: "It's all about shock value They either have to un-abort an aborted fetus or rape the lesbian and get her pregnant. If that isn't insulting enough, then they kidnap her baby and then, if that's not insulting enough, have her forgive the kidnapper and, if all that wasn't insulting enough, then have her fall in love with a woman with a penis." "We do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds," which Phillips said represented the difference between "the world of events we live in, and the world of feelings and dreams that we strive for." "I want to thank the fans. I truly believe that they've been incredibly loyal and been with us through all the tough years. I thank them for that, and I hope they'll enjoy the next few months. The outpouring of support for AW has truly been phenomenal." - about AW fans, MADD
  16. "Days of our Lives" has been on NBC since 1965. It was created by Irna Phillips, Ted Corday, and Allan Chase, but its real popularity began the following year when Bill Bell took over as HW. He was succeeded in 1973 by his then-associate Pat Falken-Smith, who oversaw the show's expansion to an hour and the addition of the Brady family (Caroline, Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, Bo, etc.) ... You'll notice that this sample is typed entirely of uppercase letters, not all shows use uppercase letters.
  17. LOVING PILOT JUNE 26, 1983 ABC CORINTH/ ALDEN UNIVERSITY Cabot Alden Wesley Addy Isabelle Dwire Alden Meg Mundy Coach Billy Bristow Tom Ligon Rita Mae Cantrell Bristow Pamela Blair Harold Carney John Seitz Lois Carney Sharon Schlarth Mrs. Carney Frances Cole Professor Douglas Donovan Bryan Cranston Lieutenant Mike Donovan James Kiberd Nurse Noreen Vochek Donovan Marilyn McIntyre Rose ____ Donovan Teri Keane Ann Alden Forbes Shannon Eubanks Jack Forbes Perry Stephens Johnny Forbes Lloyd Bridges Lorna Forbes Susan Walters Roger Forbes John Shearin Lieutenant Art Hindman Charles Brown Countess Trudi Koehler Margrita Arvidssen \ Hooker Carrie Mansfield Debbi Morgan Clem Margolies Edmond Genest Sam Moser Frank Hamilton Danny Robinson Richard Pierson Betty Rossiter Gretchen West Dean Garth Slater John Cunningham James Soames Douglas Searle Reporter Merrill Vochek Patricia Kalember Amelia Whitely Geraldine Page Jimmy the cameraman David LaBirsa Motel Guest Tom Bader Motel Manager Robert Silver Reporter Nancy Gilliam Stage Manager Sharon Watroba ???? Lesley Vogel
  18. @sheilaforever do you need episodes 187 and 188? i can check and upload them tomorrow.
  19. Ann Marcus said she did very little rewriting, which must mean that she either was not as painstaking as she should have been or had marvelous associate writers or had foolproof outlines. She is one who prepares a full days' breakdowns before breakdown conference. - Writing for Daytime Drama, Jean Rouverol © 1992 Going back 6 or 7 years, Wisner Washam was already employing an assistant writer who edited AMC but he did his own editing keeping out cliche & keeping in humor. Doug Marland did his own editing. - Writing for Daytime Drama, Jean Rouverol © 1992
  20. Yeah, I'm ready for some ATL and Jersey girls. Good grief, Tamra and Braunwyn were too much. The people in that restaurant who agreed to be on camera surely had themselves a good time watching a trainwreck filmed in front of their eyes. Gina's stubbornness over not believing Emily is just dumb and reeks of producer interference ("We need conflict! Amp it up!"). Kelly was her usual slop mess. Vicki's sudden matronly pearl-clutching had me giggling because she's the queen of whooping it up, but it'd make more sense to whoop it up like that in a bar or private party versus a restaurant. Why the hell was Meagan there? As usual, she provided absolutely nothing even when trying to console Emily. If true, I'm glad to hear RHOBH is having a hard time filming something worthwhile. There's only so much patting of each other's pus that can be done.
  21. The show is indeed fabulous. And surprisingly enough it has a great final season and amazing climax. Watch it! Season 4 was a rather mixed bag, but you can sit thorugh that - it had some good moments.
  22. @Cat Don’t quote me, but I believe Nov 3&6 for ATL/NJ. Here is an article that says filming is going poorly for BH. They’re still early in so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a mid season return of Brandi or Camille if this is true. Also, take it with a grain of salt bc the website is very pro-LVP and reported Erika was fired which obviously isn’t true. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised since we still haven’t heard anything interesting coming out of filming and everybody is still liking everyone’s posts on Insta so they likely are getting along just fine. Link: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/rhobh-season-10-bravo-execs-reportedly-ready-to-fire-some-of-the-cast-over-lackluster-footage.html/
  23. Raising Dion is about a 7 year old discovering he has powers. His mother doesn't know who to trust when things begin to get out of hand. So good!
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