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  2. Guys i just had an idea, is any of you gurfel65 on torrentbay? piratebay? If not, does any of you know how we can get in touch with her/him. Since she/he shares soaps torrents may be will be interested in sharing in our Vault
  3. From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  4. He was right. The end of Brenda D June 24, 1987 And Beth Maitland's first exit is June 4, 1987. I am surprised she didn't get a Friday send off
  5. Awesome, so her next appearance was announced as June 24, but a guy on FB stated he remembers it was June 25 as BD was on Mon and Wed. I guess we will find out soon
  6. June 19, 1987 just added to the German Episodes! Jess Walton's first appearance!
  7. No, for some reason (old age?) I checked your list and missed the AW references.
  8. There are 13, though the dates I have are different for some of those Mar 26, 1973 Mar 27, 1973 Jan 28, 1974 (Though taped Jan 21) May 00, 1975 (based on synopsis) Aug 22, 1975 Sep 2, 1975 Sep 10, 1975 Sep 25, 1975 Sep 26, 1975 (Most likely Bill Espy's last episode) Dec 3, 1975 Nov 29, 1976 Mar 3, 1978 Jun 19, 1978
  9. I am curious. Perhaps someone knows for sure. How many complete episodes of Y&R from the 1970s are out there now among fans? I want to make sure, since rare material comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Are there 13? -March 26, 1973 (#1) -March 27, 1973 (#2) -January 21, 1974 (#205) -March 24, 1975 -July 1975 -Three episodes from sometime in August, 1975 -August 22, 1975 -December 3, 1975 -October, 1976 (#930) -March 3, 1978 -June 19, 1978 I know there are also some compilation videos and in
  10. I have him in 81 and 85 on AW. Was your addition earlier? Michael Nouri DEVILS Jeremy Stonehouse 2020-Present Remington Hoffman DAYS OF OUR LIVES LI SHIN 2020; 2021
  11. The entire run of Titans has been put online once again:
  12. My apologies if this has already been posted. I've been looking at odds and ends scenes on and off today and I just stumbled onto this. I didn't even realize they had ever acted together. Woulda, coulda, shoulda...
  13. Seeing more material from Mary Ryan Munisteri's period as headwriter remains my holy grail as an RH fan. As has already been noted, of the Labine/Mayer replacements, her writing seems easily the most aligned with the show's original identity. I'd love to see the Kirkland story play out, and how it may have shifted over time given that Hollis and Amanda were both Labine creations (I believe). At least during those early months, they appear to have been relatively well-integrated with the show's core characters, so the moniker Kirkland's Hope seems misdirected - I believe that originates with Ro
  14. Jill never should have left. Like her fellow diva Lauren Koslow, you can put Jess Walton anywhere on that canvas even now and watch magic happen, spinning even the lamest of stories into classics.
  15. Lol, I especially love how Ashley tries to turn the tables on Nikki first "Jack is your biggest fan" "Why didn't he go to Rio with you?" haha. I see you Ashley. Yes Jack asking all those leading questions without wanting raise suspicion and also how Bell and Terry did not try to make it obvious as to what he was doing. You had to watch the show and know what was going on to appreciate what was happening there. Bell uses the scene between Jack and Kay to fill in anyone not familiar with the back story. I too wish Esther had been a little more of a schemer, just here and
  16. I thought Agnes was behind bringing on the Hubbards and that this was all her. I had no idea Taggert/Guza were still in place or that they wanted Angie with Trucker. Wild.
  17. I almost want to say Kate Collins playing RM's stuff (and Vice-versa). After watching the early stuff of her 1st run, I think ate could be an entertaining 'sane' Janet. Early she was just awkward. And I think RM could do Janet's returns but far more nuanced.
  18. Was readingup on Sean Donely and saw that he and Monica had an affair. Was that well received?
  19. Anyone who thinks Genie Francis is fit to shine Jess Walton's shoes as an actress should think again. It was a preposterous casting/writing decision and totally vindictive on the part of MAB against Jess Walton. Totally agree that Judith Chapman's Gloria was placed in so many of the Abbott storylines that should have involved Jill. I often thought it would have been very good writing to have Jill help Jack and Ashley against Gloria. She had proven herself to be an incredibly loyal Jabot board member and it would have also harmonized Billy's involvement with the company.
  20. Search For Tomorrow Dick Merton ... Erik Fredrickson pre 77 As The World Turns Marty Turner...Michael Forella pre 77
  21. Next requests Jack Scalia Charlotte Stewart Patricia Healy Ramy Zada Christopher Loomis Edge of Night pre 77 The Doctors Another World pre 83 One Life to Live pre 83
  22. Oddly enough, as much as I say ED was stronger in the role, when it came to Victor I agree she had too much of a soft and blind spot. However in 1987 after the abortion and breakdown and marrying Steven, I felt ED's Ashley had moved on from Victor. He was still pining away for her and she was "I don't have time for this shiz, I am moving on" Bell grew her out of the fairytale phase of that love and ED did as well, which is why the Steven relationship worked for me. I felt like any end game potential Vic and Ash had was over and the marriage was simply because they were two lost so
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