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  2. How did it end yesterday? In NYC yesterday, it got interrupted by news about half way through.
  3. "find somewhere to go be an actor"? After 20+ years, this d-bag should go find somewhere to learn to be an actor. At least BM can act.
  4. Do you think WR might have worked as a recast Nathan?
  5. More of Kazuki from Japan 🇯🇵
  6. Today
  7. There is a lot to unpack here. Damn, I cant wait until reunion airs! One thing though: Gizelle must be strapped for cash if she is back with her cheating, extorting ex-husband! Was not expecting that news. No word on whether she got called out by the cast for pot-stirring and back-stabbing,, huh. Dinner Party from Hell, Scary Island, and now this. Potomac is starting to resemble the best of the best. Karen's looks were amazing this episode. Her side-eye towards Ashley at dinner, lol. I am glad at the end, after Ashley told Katie she was too weak for this group, that Karen jumped in and said to Katie that she had just as much right to be part of this group as Ashley.
  8. The actor playing Papa Rosales is TERRIBLE. They hired an AWFUL actor who spends his time grinning.
  9. We’re back to the repetitive scenes after one week of good story.
  10. Here is an upcoming spoiler for next week from the Courier Journal: Nick and Chelsea will turn up the heat.
  11. ??? She was on contract from the beginning. Her first airdate was in episode 7.
  12. I like Cici, but I'd like her even better if she actually own her sh*t. I only started to grow to like Tami again after last season. Tami has grown to show tremendous growth. I don't blame her for wanting to step away from this madness. You don't like OG? And I agree, @Cheap21! OG and Cici should've been promoted, as they are the 2 carrying this show.
  13. Cici? I hate that fake bitch! She is the definition of throwing rocks and running. She's the worst and my least favorite of the newer girls. I like OG, Tami and Jackie and thats all. Speaking of which, VH1 is foul for not upgrading any of the women that joined last year. They earned their spot and they continue to lead the drama I also cant stand Cardi Z. Girl bye! She really cant own her sh-t Shaunie is getting WAY too much airtime. I dont care for her family. Was shocked to see Shaq on the show but I guess things are beter with them now Jackie has been so mature and level headed all season that its shocked me. This last episode though she's back on the BS. I didnt mind bc she was getting boring but I hope she doesnt go too far bc I dont want to dislike her
  14. I don't even need explanations anymore. Just have the living dead walk right in and no one blinks an eye. Salem shouldn't even ask questions at this point, lol This. All of this. I think Linsey fits in great on DAYS. The writing is awful. I think if she were cast as Stephanie and written to be strong, spunky and feisty, she'd be a lot more popular, or if Sarah were allowed to be. Sometimes I like Sarah and see potential. Other times I cringe and feel bad another actor is being wasted.
  15. Did they finally get the hint that Chelsea's as entertaining as paint drying and decided to spice her up?
  16. [!@#$%^&*] Tami. But i don’t think we’ve ever agreed about her. The only one I like is Cici.
  17. I am and all of these women are appalling with the exception of Tami and OG, who seem to be the only actual adults in the group.
  18. A comment on YouTube regarding an audio post states that Monday Dec 20 1971 was ep # 4072. Hope that helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQeML9MPy90
  19. Until the Patrick Swayze documentary that aired the other night, I didn't realize how much Claire Labine and Wendy Riche jacked/was influenced by the final scene in Ghost for Stone's death. Don't know how I missed that after all these years.
  20. Anyone keeping up with the show?
  21. Has it been spoiled how Drew Exits? Yes RH sonds like a big D bag
  22. Irna had this habit of killing off characters whose performers displeased her in rather gruesome ways. Didn't she want to kill off Liz by setting her nightgown on fire, because Liz's portrayer had appeared nude in some movie?
  23. The following are from Another World: Victoria Wyndham- Rachel Cory Hutchins, Justine Duvalier Tom Eplin- Jake McKinnon, Bunny Eberhardt, Doris Pepperdine Stephen Schnetzer- Cass Winthrop, Krystal Lake, Rex Allingham Ellen Wheeler, Anne Heche, and Jensen Buchanan- Marley and Vicky Joe Morton- Dr. Abel Marsh, Leo Mars Eric Morgan Stuart- Chris Madison, The Love Lady John Aprea- Lucas, Alexander Nikos Lewis Arlt- David Thatcher, Ken Jordan Doris Belack- Madge Murray, Nora Simpson Roberts Blossom- Bert Ordway, Sven Petersen John Bolger- Dr. Alton Spader, Gabe McNamara Carla Borelli- Reena Bellman Cook, Barbara Van Arkdale J. Kenneth Campbell- Yohann/Herman Ludwig, Jordan Scott Gary Carpenter- Ray Gordon, Michael Bauer John Considine- Reginald Love, Vic Hastings Elizabeth Franz- Alma Rudder, Belia Pirenko Ed Fry- Mayoral candidate Chandler Haines, Adam Cory Sofia Landon Geier- Donna Love, Jennifer Thatcher Robert Gentry- Detective Craig Morris, Philip Lyons Christine Jones- Janice Frame, Amy Cushing Robert Kelker-Kelly- Shane Roberts, Sam Fowler David Andrew MacDonald- Jordan Stark, David Halliday Beverlee McKinsey- Iris Wheeler, Emma Frame Ordway Lenka Peterson- Helen D'Angelo, Marie Fenton Peter Ratray- Christophe Boudreau, Quentin Ames
  24. Haha my bad....I just realized u were just going by contract dates and not actual first appearance Do you know when Teri Ann Linn first appeared as Kristen in 87?
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