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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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  2. Is there any much chance that we can take the Senate in 2020?
  3. Between my allergies and trying to hold back the tears, I had to take a Tylenol for the headache I got. Whew, that was tough! I recently lost a loved one and I couldn't make arrangements in time for the funeral so I feel like, I've been keeping emotions under wraps but the tears just started to flow, almost endlessly...
  4. This post is amazing and hilarious. BTW I could have watched Ramona, Sonja and Luann at T Bar all night. It reminded me of RHONY's S1-4 greatness. Judging by the reactions of the people at the bar, this was the regular crowd and not just extras drafted in for filming. Zombies with rock hard boobs though they may become, something about the way these women conduct their lives is so uncontrived and honest. In a way, it is good that Ramina and Lu have zero self awareness. Then they would try to modify their behaviour and act out a script. I'm glad we get to watch them in all their social-climbing, clueless glory. And I want to see more of the real estate agent with the bad sunburn/overactive bronzer! BH: Oh Peekay. Once a grifter, always a grifter! They sidle up to you, tell you how pretty you are, link arms with you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear ("Let me help you bring down LVP"). Then they pull the rug from under you and run into the night with your life savings. Now Kyle knows how the Vegas casino peeps are feeling! The whole BH plot seems so scripted to me. Like Production and the women sat down and sketched out the SL. And like Kyle this week, I feel a little like I am being played. LMAO! The irony of the oldest BH cast member -- whom Rinna is always trying to age-shame despite being almost the same age -- getting her own videogame is not lost on me. Erika's head must be spinning Exorcist-style right about now. Wasnt she trying to be an emoji last year and being down with the kids? That opening looks a million bucks! The Grande Dane especially looks Dynasty-fabulous! Monique had a pretty good tagline too. So excited for Potomac. I feel like I've been waiting a long time for its return. Cant wait for the Darby mess!
  5. Disappointed in her....isn't it obvious...and Justin seems like a homophobe who hates gay people.
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  7. Prince William is trending and unsurprisingly, here's why. Allegedly the source of the recent William/Harry feud, but how typical for the UK press to stay schtum while continuing to pour it on at Meghan Markle. Too late now. https://www.thedailybeast.com/prince-williams-lawyer-tries-to-suppress-rumors-of-affair?ref=scroll

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      That all sounds like a bunch of blather

  8. Man these funeral scenes are rough. Most of the actors don’t seem like they’re acting at all, just raw emotion for someone they loved. This has to be surreal for them. When Shemar broke down, I lost it. CK also broke my heart. Not gonna lie. just finished the episode. I’m emotionally spent.
  9. The most important aspect is the fact that the creators of Cobra Kai knew those original characters, inside and out. They watched and studied those films, especially the first one. It's not like soaps where any old hack who has never even watched the show then proceeds to 'write' for the show (I'm looking at you, Hogan Sheffer! ). The Cobra Kai creators took the time to learn all there was to know about the original Karate Kid movie's premise and built a strong foundation from that.
  10. Yep also to have actor's who were part of that are still very likeable and personable. That makes a difference as well. I just wish Pat Morita could have lived long enough to be part of it
  11. Their social media and promotion is really on point. Nobody can tell me that it's impossible to take a show or movie whose heyday was decades ago and make it relevant. It's always possible with a great premise.
  12. Lisa just got her own videogame based off of Vanderpump Rules https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/universal-games-series-your-story-universe-episodic-game-app-1203196774/
  13. According to day ahead recaps for.tomorrow's episode Neil's family and friends will.gather at the penthouse. There will be several flashback.shown of him with them while they are remembering him. Also Lily will tell Cane that she is leaving the next morning and that she didn't plan to stay awhile. Cane will say she can't live the life she wants with him.
  14. WOW! That's cause it gets such great buzz and trends on twitter as well!!!
  15. Martina was trying to play that "I don't have all the facts". Folks got her ass. She only speaks out when its Serena under fire or LGBT related (see: Sandgren)... Haha...
  16. That bodes well for Season 3
  17. Those choose a specific sample of gay households of GLAAD members only for that week because you're right they have no idea the sexual orientation of the entire sample
  18. If Christel Khalil doesn't want to contract, then bring back Davetta Sherwood, or re-cast. B&B's Karla Moseley would be good as I've read elsewhere. Do not ax Charlie & Mattie. Cane, I'm ok with axing, since the character has been proven to be a horn dog, poor excuse of a husband. Lily should've divorced him after his affair that resulted in baby Sam. I also think Y&R should bring back Keemo. I hate when important characters are "in neverland".
  19. I think he might be from the firm they brought in to help them with all the clients, also portrayed in the movie. I think that guy's name was even Tom.
  20. Yaaass!! So glad they revamped their opening. The taglines are mostly good. I would've thought they'd keep Ashley at the end. https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-potomac-season-4-taglines/ This whole post is made of win. LOL
  21. THE YOUNG MARRIEDS Dimitri Killeran John Banner Social Worker Ila Bratton Captain Race Gentry
  22. Agreed on ditching Cane. I've never understood his appeal at all. I don't know what plans lay ahead for Lily/Cane and CK's future appearances on Y&R, but now would be a good time to write off Cane (well, actually ANY time has been a good time, but CK leaving helps). As for the kids? Meh, join Keemo in neverland.
  23. Hmm... because all gay participants of Nielsen are going to admit they're gay? What if said gay person is closeted and has a family of 5 but he's not open? Haha... I like the idea of counting LGBTQ representation, but I think the numbers could always be off.
  24. Bernie Bros are probably sharpening their insults and innuendo as this announcement makes the rounds.
  25. Great interview and Michael Fairman .... naahh, I don't buy it....
  26. David Fumero (ex-OLTL) guest-starred on 'Chicago Fire' last night.
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