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  2. Actually, that's not accurate according to a Jon-Michael Reed article that just surfaced online. It was published in October 1980. Reed said that NBC fired Quinlan in late September/early October 1980 after Colgate-Palmolive sold the show to NBC. She was replaced by Jim Baffico. Rothenberger did join the show but was a line producer, not executive producer. The article also says that Ellis and Hunt were hired as head writers in 1979. That actually matches what the woman who transcribes The Doctors for Retro said. About a month or so ago, she indicated that Ellis' name already showed up in the writing credits. So Ellis/Hunt were onboard by late 1979/early 1980. The article also states that Quinlan and Colgate-Palmolive wanted to fire Ellis and Hunt and replace them with Harding Lemay. But then the show was sold to NBC and NBC opted to keep Ellis/Hunt as head writers.
  3. From Amsterdam πŸ‡³πŸ‡±
  4. Also, it's not going to matter in two or three weeks. Y&R B&B should run out of fresh episodes, GH probably a week after. DAYS will be #1 by end of April.
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  6. I'd love to know too. It's clear that originally, everybody was supposed to be dead. Whether Marlena was always supposed to be the killer, and what was supposed to happen had everybody stayed dead is a mystery. I guess Corday knows, but if you asked him he'd probably say that what played out on screen was what always was going to happen.
  7. I guess we were lucky that GH's anniversary is April 1st
  8. Ben VS Evan? Lawd Ron sure is milking the Ben pimping ....no one is buying this [!@#$%^&*].
  9. Elsa


    Do I remember the blue set from GL? Did it also serve as the Lewis mansion?
  10. Also, at the time of his first appearance, Luke was still being played by Christopher Tavani, and, therefore, much younger than Karl's character. This was when Will had just been released from prison. Will saved Luke from his bullies at a time when Lily was trying hard to get Will locked up again (as she couldn't forgive him for murdering her sister). About a year later, Luke has been SORAS-ed (with Jake Weary, then Van Hansis) and started hanging out with Kevin.
  11. Killing Dina is such a stupid idea. The Abbotts need her and the show needs Marla Adams. JG has no idea what he is doing at this point and Anthony Morrina is not exactly helping things with his 2007 GL aesthetics.
  12. This is why I have no time for the easy narratives pushed everywhere about how smart and efficient China is and how China is trying to save the world. Too many people are so eager to share their disgust for America (Americans in particular being happy to do this) they don't care that they are enabling a very dangerous regime. You can dislike and distrust both. It's not hard.
  13. B&B hasn't been a soap opera in years. It is a cartoon show pretending to be a telenovela. It is almost an anthology series with actors playing different stories every few months. What happened last year is erased. Y&R is a show that would mention Kay and Jill fighting over Phillip all the time and that triangle would be part of storylines for decades. Brad doesn't seem to remember whom Brooke married in 2019. I don't want Y&R to become this kind of joke. It might be uninspired and lifeless right now, Brad's way is not the way to save the show. I'd rather have Ed Scott return. Along with Kay Alden.
  14. I'd rather Lauralee Bell was a headwriter over her hack of a brother. Her video shorts she had written/created were more fresh and interesting.. than anything her brother ever could do.
  15. Repetitive stories featuring the same characters but isn't that what JG is doing now?
  16. Never one to miss an opportunity to spread disinformation and propaganda, China and Russia have once again taken to social media to float conspiracy theories on the origins of the novel coronavirus. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/as-virus-spreads-china-and-russia-see-openings-for-disinformation/ar-BB11Ps1U The only thing that I've seen is a tweet mocking Trump's handling by bringing up the lack of toilet paper, which only reminded me of that Golden Girls episode where Rose dreams that she is in Moscow with Dorothy and Blanche (and Sophia who complains that they left her at home and she had to hitch a ride with a nice East German kid to get to Moscow) and Dorothy jokes that she knows the reason why everybody in Russia looks so grumpy all the time--it's their toilet paper! I definitely thought that the origin of that tweet was probably from one of those disinformation sites.
  17. Is Brad capable of working with a cast of more than ten actors though? It's debatable that Y&R can even do this anymore. I guess he had Devon performing everybody's two minute wedding ceremony every six weeks.
  18. Thanks for posting. She is a national treasure.
  19. Would there have been a possibility of Gus's paternity being in question, him being either Alan or Ed's son? I would've liked to see that angle play out a bit, reviving Ed vs Alan.
  20. From Cuba πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ί
  21. It probably could have happened 15 years ago, but Thudley is stuck writing the same stuff over and over and over and over again lol. Actually Thudley does have some talent in him, what he lacks is consistency to keep a show feeling hot. Taking over as HW for Y&R might bring him of the rut, but expect everyone to be in endless triangles or quads by the end of his first month lol ie Sharon/Nick/Phyllis, Nikki/Victor/Ashley and the occasional jaw dropping twist ie β€œChloe is a MAN!!!!β€πŸ˜‚
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