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DAYS #76: EJami in therapy, Will talks to Gabi about Alex





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie walks up to Daniel by the Nurses' station at University Hospital, and taps him on one shoulder, before darting in the opposite direction. Daniel turns around and looks confused momentarily before spotting Billie out of the corner of his eye and grabbing her. They both laugh heartily as Billie grabs Daniel's arm and smiles.


DANIEL: Gotcha.
BILLIE: Yeah, well, I don't put up much of a fight with you. How are you doing?
DANIEL: Ahhh, alright. Ready for lunch if you are.
BILLIE: I think that would be an excellent idea. You made the arrangements for tonight?


Daniel looks at Billie and shakes his head.


DANIEL: You know I can't talk about that here.
BILLIE: I am being as vague as I can, but frankly, I just want to be sure you made the arrangements. This has got to work.


Daniel leans in close and hugs Billie.


DANIEL: Don't worry. Everything will be fine.


As Daniel holds Billie, Kim steps off the elevator and catches the two of them in their embrace. She folds her arms immediately and stares disapprovingly.




Sami walks down the hallway of University Hospital, just outside Dr. Laura Horton's office, making a quick phone call on her cell phone as she turns the corner.


SAMI: Gabi! Glad I caught you...umm...are you free at all this afternoon?


Gabi walks casually toward The Brady Pub while on her phone, pushing her stroller with her other hand, thinking momentarily before responding to Sami's question.


GABI: Uh...yeah. Sure. I can...meet you. Why? Is something wrong?


SAMI: Uh...no! No, everything's fine, I just...I have a proposition for you, so I just...figure we could meet up.


GABI: Sure! I'm just about to sit down to lunch with Will, so...maybe after that?


SAMI: I might have to make that a little later. I've got a quick stop to make to clear up some business so...maybe...around 3?


GABI: Sounds good, I'll see you then.


SAMI: Perfect, bye!


Sami hangs up the phone before looking down at it again to check the time. She inhales deeply as she looks up at Laura's office.


SAMI: Well, here goes nothing.


Sami steps into Laura's office, but jumps back a moment when, opposite Laura, sits EJ. He smiles upon seeing Sami enter the room, and gives a small wave. Sami smiles back, relieved that he's made it.




Gabi struggles into the Brady Pub with her stroller. Will, already inside, catches this and jumps over to help Gabi in. He laughs as he helps Gabi push Ari inside.


GABI: Oh my God, thank you SO much, Will.


Will lifts the stroller over the bump in the doorway, and lets the door shut behind him as he helps to guide the stroller.


WILL: Heh, hey, I gotta make myself useful somehow today.
GABI: Rough first day?
WILL: Just a bit.


Gabi finds their booth and sits down, positioning the stroller so that Ari can face her. 


WILL: Here, I'll just...grab a high chair, be right back.
GABI: Kay.


Will grabs a high chair from the corner and they set Ari up in it, at which point Gabi folds the stroller shut.


GABI: There we go!
WILL: So how was your morning?
GABI: Pretty boring. Just...got Ari fed, got myself ready, came here.
WILL: Must be nice.
GABI: Well, it was pretty uneventful until a minute ago.


Will's ears perk up. He looks at Gabi inquisitively.


GABI: Yeah. Your mom just called me. Something she really wants to talk with me about.
WILL: Sounds...serious.
GABI: Yeah...and with your mom, I don't ever know what to expect.


Will rolls his eyes and nods his head in agreement.


WILL: Trust me, I've lived with her my entire life, it never gets any easier.


Gabi snickers a bit before looking at Will with a bit of a bemused look as well.


GABI: So...morning that bad?


Will shrugs, looking down at his menu disinterestedly. Gabi tries to catch his attention.


WILL: I guess...I dunno. Met my boss.
GABI: And how's he?


Will thinks carefully about his answer, recalling the tension he felt as Alex moved in close to him, and helping Alex peel his shirt off. He snaps out of it after a second as Gabi snaps her fingers, trying to regain his attention.


GABI: Will!


Will shakes his head, trying to get back to the land of the living. He looks at Gabi with a confused, smitten look that's hard to hide, even though he's desperately trying to downplay it.


WILL: Sorry. I just...I don't know...I've never met anyone like this guy in my entire life.


Gabi looks at Will, trying to downplay how shocked she is at Will's answer.





Jordan awkwardly steps forward in Sheryl's office, half-smiling at Jerome as she goes to take a seat. Jerome gets up as she makes her attemps and steps toward her, causing her to step back slightly.


JORDAN: Wow...It's...been a long time, Jerome.
JEROME: How've you been...what is it now?
JORDAN: Jordan Ridgeway.
JEROME: Right.


Jerome smiles and opens his arms for a hug. Jordan reluctantly accepts, wincing as Jerome pulls her near. She steps back and sits down as she looks daggers at Sheryl, she smiles smugly at the situation.


SHERYL: So nice to see old friends reunited, no?


Jordan rolls her eyes at Sheryl. She shakes her head as she responds.


JORDAN: You know, you're really starting to make me question this partnership, Sheryl. Ever since we got to Salem, you've been doing nothing but antagonizing me.
SHERYL: Well, if I don't push you, you'd be spending all your time cozying up to the good cop Rafael, am I right?


Jordan tries to shush Sheryl as she mentions Rafe, but to no avail. Jerome's heard, and turns his head Jordan's way.


JEROME: Rafael? You done got yourself some latin dude now? And a cop? My God, nearly going to jail for blowing up that bank really must have scared the crap out of you, Kay.
JORDAN: JORDAN. My name in Salem...is Jordan. And no, it didn't. I just have other priorities than constantly trying to take down Western capitalism. It's called growing up.


Sheryl lets out a dismissive laugh at Jordan's comment. She looks Jerome's way, while pointing to Jordan.


SHERYL: You see what I've had to put up with? So come on now, let's just...get down to business. I don't have much time before Lucas comes to pick up for lunch so...let's get this plan down, okay?
JORDAN: Sure, whatever.
SHERYL: Not whatever. This is going to give us all the leverage we need to stop this EnerNext deal...with or without Nick Fallon's help.


Jordan looks on, increasingly uneasy with Jerome suddenly involved in this situation, but sighs, looking at Jerome, a bit defeated.




Gabi looks at Will, a bit surprised by his expression about his new boss.


GABI: You sound like you're...smitten or something.
WILL: I'm not...


Gabi looks at Will, giving him a disbelieving "yeah right" look. Will looks to the side, knowing he's been caught. He leans in close to Gabi so as not to be overheard.


WILL: He...(sigh)...Gabi, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
GABI: Are you attracted to him?


Will sighs heavily, looking down at his coffee mug. He nods sheepishly.


WILL: Yeah, I am. But...I just met him today, I mean...you've been attracted to people you've just met before, right?
GABI: Well, yeah, but, I mean...I'm not always the most rational person when it comes to guys, now am I?
WILL: You said it, not me.
GABI: Rude.
WILL: I know.


Will winks at Gabi, and the two friends laugh a second, before Will looks at Gabi seriously.


WILL: But...seriously...you...you can't...don't tell Sonny, okay? Promise me.


Gabi takes Will's hand across the table and puts hers overtop, giving it a gentle squeeze.


GABI: Will, why would I do that? You know I'd never say anything...but you have to be honest with yourself, Will. I mean...you've only ever really been with...Sonny...I mean...there's me but that...
WILL: Hardly counts, I know. And...maybe you're right. Maybe my...brain or my body is just telling me that I'm just...not ready to be married yet. 
GABI: Maybe. But I do know one thing. I know you love Sonny more than anything. So, you really need to be sure before you take your vows.


Will nods. He thinks over Gabi's words carefully before answering.


WILL: Yeah. But I do know one thing...I know I can't hurt Sonny. And maybe I'm just...angry at him and want to...lash out because of yesterday but...I know that'll pass. I love him, Gabi.
GABI: Then you need to be honest with him. Tell him what's going on, and figure out what you two need to do next. Do it now, before this goes any further.


Will looks up at Gabi, struck by her seriousness.




Sami looks pleasantly surprised to see EJ in Laura's office. She laughs awkwardly, as she steps forward, then takes a seat next to him.


SAMI: EJ!  Wow...I'm really glad you made it.
EJ: Samantha, where else would I be?


Laura smiles, seeing the natural closeness they share, she steps over toward her own seat, and sets herself down across from EJ and Sami.


LAURA: You know, it's not often that I see such positive energy coming from both partners in a setting like this. It's a very good sign.
EJ: It's simply how I feel for her, Laura. If this is what I have to do to give Samantha peace of mind, so be it. I will be here for her every step of the way.


Sami looks over EJ, touched by his warm words, and sensing how genuine they seem. She smiles and replies softly and emotionally.


SAMI: Thank you, EJ.


Laura looks on, putting on her reading glasses as she grabs her notebook and tape recorder. She hits 'record' and begins to take notes as she looks over the top of her glasses at Sami and EJ.


LAURA: Okay, shall we begin?


Sami and EJ shuffle in their seats at Laura's announcement.


SAMI: When ready.
LAURA: Excellent. Now, Sami, I wanted to start with you. We've talked about how your relationship with your son has changed recently. How has that situation changed in the last few days?


Sami looks up at the ceiling. She thinks a moment before responding.


SAMI: Ohhh I don't know...I stepped into Johnny's room last night. Was watching him sleep. I wanted to reach out to him...run my fingers through his little curls...but I couldn't.
LAURA: Okay, I just want to focus on something here though...you say you went to his room. Sami, that's actually a good sign. You weren't even able to look at him before without having flashbacks.


EJ looks to Sami, seeing her stare straight ahead, letting Laura's words sink in. She hesitates to smile, as though unsure whether she believes Laura's optimism or not.




Kim steps towards Daniel and Billie, who immediately separate from their embrace. Her arms folded, she tuts them as she shakes her head disapprovingly.


KIM: Well! Far be it from me to break up a cozy scene. But don't you think that, as Theresa's doctor, you really shouldn't be so...cozy with the woman I've specifically had banned from my daughter's hospital room?


Daniel turns to Kim, arms up to try to motion to Kim to cool down.


DANIEL: Kim, you need to hold on a sec--
KIM: I am not going to hold on a second. How am I supposed to trust that you're not sneaking her in?
BILLIE: Because I'm not.


Kim glares at Billie as Daniel tries to cool the tension between the two women.


DANIEL: Kim, I understand why you're concerned about this, but Billie and I have discussed the situation, and she will not be going in to see Theresa, okay?


Kim shakes her head, refusing to buy into Daniel's words.


KIM: No. I don't buy it.


Kim raises her voice, pointing her finger towards the doorway to Theresa's room.


KIM: I want that door protected by a police guard so I can be absolutely sure...that this woman...


Kim points to Billie as her voice lowers to a hiss.


KIM: Stays the hell away from my daughter.


Billie sighs, biting her tongue hard as Daniel looks on, still trying to reason with Kim, who could shoot daggers at Billie with her eyes.




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Well Im kinda surprised EJ actually did join Sami for therapy. Maybe he is finally ready to actually deal with their dark past together. Still very pleased that you are dealing with the real issues between them. Very realistic and I like it.


Will dishin all to Gabi. Will certainly seems nervous about his attraction to his new boss. I liked how real this scene was between friends. Will feelings seem very real and natural and I like how he is questioning that maybe he is just angry with Sonny.


Already loving the new dimension that Jerome adds to Sheryl and Jordan. I'm verrrrry interested in this story to see where it fgoes from here.


And once again  I guess the theme of my comment this time is real. Kims reaction to Daniel and Billie getting close is very real and while Ive been on Billies side I am most certainly on Kims side over her worries that Dan could sneak Billie in. And lets be honest Daniel is no upstanding citizen that he thinks he is so he probably would. 


Solid character driven episode. Real reactions. Excellent stuff. 

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Good episode.


Kim is a hater lol it dont matter who Danny boy is hugged up on.


Kay I wonder how Jerome knows her.


First Gabi wanted Will to tell Sonny then she don't. LOL. Will likes Alex. Nothing wrong with that. Look but dont touch.


Loved Sami scene with EJ. He does seem sincere and glad that Sami is getting helps

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As always, you bring the house...and you didn't disappoint this time.

The confilct between Billie and Kim is growing exponentially it seems, and Dr. Daniel is in the middle of it.  Nice that you reiterated Kim's determination to keep Billie away from a comatose Theresa.  Kim clearly is trying to compensate for her shortcomings as a mother and feels threatened by Billie's closeness to Theresa.  You play Kim's emotions so well.  I can see ALL of this through her "eye daggers" and "hisses" toward Billie.  LOVE IT...

Jerome's got a sense of humor, which I like, especially when he was talking about who Jordan was NOW...AND you reminded us all of how driven Sheryl is to stop EnerNext.  Good exchange between these three.

The talk between Will and Gabi was down to earth and honest, and I also liked that you are not wasting ANY time with this.  Let's get right to it.  Will is attracted to Alex, and Gabi gave him a healthy dose of truth about the whole situation.

I can't say enough about your detailed description of situations.  They put me RIGHT there and I can SEE everything through your writing.  Gabi struggling with the stroller and Will going to help  her.   Sami's looks and reactions to seeing EJ in Laura's office.  I can totally see them, and also a touching scene between them, and we are about to get into Sami's feelings as she is about to tell us why she could not go over to Johnny as she went to his room.  


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