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Union Creek

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Union Creek #19: Luke Snyders disappointment




Written by: Nick M


Zack and Sam are hanging out together.


Zack seems excited about something.


SAM: Why are you so giddy today? Did you kiss Anne or something?

ZACK: Not yet, but that may be in the plans.

SAM: Oh yeah? And how are you going to manage that?

ZACK: My friend Jasper and I have a plan?

SAM: The Jasper from school?

ZACK: Yeah.


SAM: I met him a few times. Seemed like a prick.

ZACK: Jasper is cool. We are planning an end of the summer blow out party!

SAM: That should be wild.

ZACK: That is the plan, Sam.

SAM: I hope you know what you are getting into..




Malik is outdoors with a big beautiful mountain in the back ground.


MALIK: These are going to be beautiful.


A photographer is setting up.


Lily and Marah arrive.


LILY: You picked a great spot for these.

MARAH: I wanted these to be the best possible.

MALIK: Hello bosses. I am surprised you came all the way out here?

MARAH: This is an important start to the campaign. Of course we did.

MALIK: I just hope my modeling will do this justice.

LILY: I’m sure it will.

MARAH: This is bound to be a success with you in it.

MALIK: Wow thank you for such high regards.




Holden is sitting in someones office.


HOLDEN: Meeting with the Mayor. This should be interesting.


He looks around the room at all the American memorabilia around the office.


In walks Mayor Woods .


Holden stands up.


MAYOR WOODS: Holden Snyder, good to finally meet you.

HOLDEN: Also good to finally meet you, sir.


The two men shake hands.


HOLDEN: I must say that it is still a surprise to know this job offer came right from you.

MAYOR WOODS: I always have my pulse on the right people to help this city.

HOLDEN: I wasn’t even aware that you knew me though. What makes me the man for this job?


Mayor Woods looks on with a grin on his face




Luke calls Ben


Ben answers


BEN: Hey Luke

LUKE: Ben…good to hear your voice.

BEN: Yeah…always good to hear yours too..


LUKE: I was hoping to come over and see you.

BEN: Ah I wish you could.

LUKE: Oh, are you busy?

BEN: Yeah I have some errands I have to run.

LUKE: OH…well that sucks. Maybe tonight then?

BEN: Yeah, maybe tonight. Talk to you later.

LUKE: See you


Ben hangs up…


Luke is disappointed.




Meanwhile, Todd is in his office at the Union Creek Chronicle:


He is on the phone with Blair .


BLAIR: Please tell me you called Tea.

TODD: I did. She was busy but she will be here.

BLAIR: Thank you so much. I cannot believe both Reva and the police are after me for this.

TODD: They have no proof. There is nothing to worry about.

BLAIR: That hardly ever stops the police. They really think I am out to get Reva Beast or something.

TODD: It will be okay. Just trust me. I have to do some work now.

BLAIR: Okay fine. Don’t be too late tonight. Love you.

TODD: Love you too.


Todd hangs up.


He then turns to his desk to look at a bunch of papers.


TODD: Hopefully there is something here in all the info Gary has uncovered that will help me find this illusive document…




Malik is posing for his pictures.


Lily and Marah are watching.


LILY: I’m happy he is not being stiff today and listening to the photographer.

MARAH: A quick learner. I like that.


Lily notices Marah staring extra closely at Malik.


LILY: I can tell you do like that..

MARAH: He is good.

LILY: And you are his boss…

MARAH: What is your point?

LILY: I am just saying.

MARAH: I just think he was made for this. Nothing more.

LILY: Good.


Marah starts to watch Malik pose again…staring again…with lust in her eyes….




Cut to Holden and Mayor Woods.


MAYOR WOODS: It is fairly simple how I knew you were the man for the job.

HOLDEN: I would truly like to know why?

MAYOR WOODS: Some of the city council members know you because of your wife and her new company here in Union Creek. As soon as I looked at your past job credential I just had a gut feeling.

HOLDEN: I guess I should be thankful for your gut feeling.


MAYOR WOODS: As long as you really will be good at this public funding job.

HOLDEN: I still find it odd that I was reached out to for this, but I am ready to do the job.

MAYOR WOODS: I have faith that this will go well. We need to start getting together funds for this city’s future..




Luke sits down at his cubicle at Union Creek Chronicle:


He stares towards Todds office


LUKE: Todd sure has been in his office nonstop the last few days. Wonder what he could be working on. I know I haven’t seen him work this hard since he took over.


Meanwhile, Amnesiac Jack Deveraux has arrived.


LUKE: Are you the new guy?

JACK: Jack whatever my last name may be, at your service.

LUKE: Hello I am Luke. Welcome to your first day at this lovely place.

JACK: I hope I can get the hang of this journalist stuff.

LUKE: You have no experience?

JACK: Well see I think I do in the past, I just don’t remember my past per se.

LUKE: Ah yes. I do recall your amnesia. This should be interesting.




Todd is in his office still looking over the info that Gary gave him.


TODD: There has to be something in here. Some kind of clue to this document.


He flips a page over.


TODD: Wait a minute…


He reads the paper…


TODD: Wow…this changes everything.


He looks on stunned from whatever he just read…



Ben has met with… Gary


BEN: I didn’t think you were going to show up.

GARY: I barely got away from work and was starving. I had to get something to eat.

BEN: I’m not here for your excuses.

GARY: I know. I know the only reason you are here.

BEN: And you better deliver.

GARY: No worries. You have been doing good work.


Garys phone rings.


It is a call from Todd.


GARY: Damn I have to get back to the office.


Gary hands Ben an envelope…


GARY: There you go.

BEN: Thanks.


Gary rushes off.




Cut to Zack and Sam.


ZACK: I hope that you will be coming to this end of summer blow out party.

SAM: Ummm I don’t know.

ZACK: Why not?

SAM: This seems like trouble.

ZACK: You hardly even know Jasper.


SAM: It not totally about him. I just don’t like huge parties and this one will probably be huge.

ZACK: Yeah probably, but don’t be a spoil sport.

SAM: Wow. I didn’t know people still said that.

ZACK: You could even invite Trinity.

SAM: Yeah that’s true.

ZACK: mmhm..




Maliks photoshoot is now finished.


Marah walks up to him.


MARAH: Great job!

MALIK: The clothing made it.

MARAH: You helped immensely.

MALIK: Thank you. You are too sweet.

MARAH: You were a perfect hire.

MALIK: I just want this mens line to be a success.

MARAH: We all do and we are on the right track.


Marah smiles.




In the Mayors office:


MAYOR WOODS: The contract is ready for you to sign.


Holden looks it over.


HOLDEN: I may be second guessing this.


HOLDEN: I still find the mystery of me getting this job offer is odd.

MAYOR WOODS: It is just because we have confidence in you. There is nothing to be concerned about. This is for the greater good. 

HOLDEN: I do need a job and I like that this will help the community.

MAYOR WOODS: Then by all means, please sign the contract.


Holden indeed signs the contract…




At Union Creek Chronicle:


JACK: Is it okay if I go and talk to Todd. Let him know I am here. Maybe even get a first assignment.

LUKE: You can, but he has been super busy with something.

JACK: I don’t want to interrupt him, but I should see what he wants me to do. He is the boss afterall.

LUKE: Well, good luck.


Jack knocks on Todds door.


TODD: What is it?

JACK: Hey Its Jack

TODD: Oh come in.


Jack enters Todd office.


JACK: Hey, it is just my first day and all, and I was wondering what I should do.

TODD: I’ll tell you what you can start with/

JACK: Great

TODD: You can start by getting me some coffee.



Jack is not pleased to hear this.


JACK: Okay. Will get on that, boss.


Jack exits and closes the door.


Todd then looks back at one of the papers on his desk and seems nervous.


TODD: This can’t be good…this seems to involve the ISA. Government agents. Has bad news written all over it. What the hell does Gary have me involved with? If the ISA is also looking for this document it must involve some kind of high profile criminal…


Todd sits there becoming worried…




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures


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Todds mystery story is moving and now the govt is involed. I bet some one is setti g up Todd to take the fall for soemthing.


Gary and Ben met under some shady circumstances. Bens reaction to Luke was a total blow off and soemthing is def up with that.


Marah just get on yo knees unzips Maliks pants and pull out that--- my bad. But I feel her He is handsome and i bet the body is cut I bet also she thinking about the time true statement of black men in the bed lol.


This job with Holden still seems shady and Im glad Holden is on guard some what Soemthing just dont smell right.


ANd no Blair didnt do it

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Todd and the mysterious document.  I'm starting to think Ben and Gary already know about it, and that Ben is the head of whatever snake is in town conducting shady business.

Lily  notices Marah's lust toward Malik.  I wonder when Dani's gonna figure in.  Nice triangle you're setting up there.

Is Holden about to take a job he knows nothing about?  And nice casting with Mason Capwell, I mean Lane Davies LOL

Nice humor with Todd asking Jack to get him coffee.  You are very in tune with Todd Manning's character.  You are writing things that he totally would say.



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