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Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami stands in the DiMera living room, her arm being firmly grasped by Nick, who's attempting to stare her down. Sami glares back, determined with every fibre of her being not to allow him to.


SAMI: Nick. Let go of my arm.
NICK: Will you at least hear me out.


Sami finally wavers, looking down at where Nick's grasping her arm. She sighs in defeat.


SAMI: Sure.


Nick releases Sami as she forcefully breaks away from him simultaneously. She steps back away from Nick as she looks back toward him, while holding her arm where Nick held it.


SAMI: Who knew such a skinny little rat had such a strong grip. Ow.
NICK: I'll take it as a compliment.


Sami snaps, cutting Nick off before he can continue his 'witty' banter.


SAMI: Just what do you want, Nick?


Nick ensures the doors to the living room are shut and saunters ever-so-slowly over to the sofa. He casually sits down and looks at Sami.


NICK: We had an agreement, did we not?
SAMI: What do you mean? I've done everything you've asked of me.
NICK: Except...neither you, nor Kate have offered Gabi that modelling job I requested you to give her.


Sami rolls her eyes at Nick's persistent request.




At the board room at University Hospital, the crowd of staff are aghast at Dr. Kayla Brady's revelation that she will be quitting her position as Chief of Staff.


MAXINE: Dr. Brady, how soon are you leaving us?
KAYLA: Today will be my last day.


The crowd is even more shocked by this turn of events. Kayla immediately tries to cool down the crowd, talking over each other in shock and dismay.


KAYLA: Everybody! Calm down! It's...not a big deal, I swear!
MARLENA: Kayla, what's wrong? Why are you leaving?


Kayla tries to hold back, recalling John's request that she tell nobody of her plans. She inhales deeply as she answers Marlena.


KAYLA: I...have a bit of a...personal trip I'm going to need to take. I'll be in Africa for the forseeable future with Joey and Steve.
MAXINE: Well we, at the hospital, are gonna miss you, Kayla. And I am gonna throw you one hell of a going-away party.


The crowd cheers Maxine's plan on as Kayla stands awkwardly, again trying to silence the crowd.


KAYLA: I'm...I'm sorry to disappoint anyone...but I will be leaving tonight. There won't be time for a goodbye party. However...


Kayla has to take a moment over the sound of disappointment from the staff. She holds her hands up once again to try to calm the crowd.


KAYLA: However...I do have some great news, especially for those of us who have been at University Hospital for a long time. I'd like to welcome our new chief of staff. An old friend of ours with an extensive resume here and in Europe. It's my honour to welcome back to Salem, and to University Hospital...Dr. Valerie Grant.


The door to the board room opens as the group filling the room turn to see Valerie standing in the doorway. Applause slowly builds in the room as Valerie steps in, smiling widely as she looks around the room.





Rafe and Jordan lie in bed together at Rafe's, cuddled naked together comfortably in their sleep. Rafe begins to stir from his sleep, which rouses Jordan. She turns to face Rafe, who puts his arm around her, as they gently kiss good morning.


RAFE: Well if there was a better way to wake up, I sure don't know about it.


Jordan giggles as she quickly kisses Rafe again, never taking her smiling eyes off his.


JORDAN: I could get used to this being every morning.
RAFE: Mmm...I like the sound of that.


As they roll over again, Rafe now on top of Jordan under the sheets as they begin to kiss more intensely, their eyes shut as Jordan wraps her arms around Rafe's neck, pulling him in closely to her.


This would be when Jordan's cell phone begins ringing, prompting Rafe and Jordan to stop suddenly, but after a moment's shock, Jordan realizes who it likely is and chooses to ignore it, grabbing the back of Rafe's head and pulling it back towards her. After another moment of kissing, Rafe leans back up again.


RAFE: Aren't you gonna get that?


Another kiss, Jordan is determined to distract Rafe from her ringing phone, but Rafe stops again, starting to exasperate Jordan.


RAFE: Jordan, that could be important.
JORDAN: It isn't. Trust me. I just wanna focus on you right now.


Jordan looks seductively at Rafe, her hands running up and down his chest and shoulders. Rafe smiles back at Jordan, as Jordan's phone goes silent, the call going to voice mail. Rafe and Jordan get back into the mood, as Rafe leans in again, starting to kiss down Jordan's neck and slowly kissing down it toward her chest, causing Jordan to stir pleasurably.


Jordan's phone begins to ring again. This time Rafe immediately slumps down in frustration, while Jordan flops back as well, staring at the ceiling.


JORDAN: I guess I have to get that now.
RAFE: Yyyup!


Rafe sighs as he rolls back over off of Jordan, who leans over to grab her phone off the bedside table.


Naturally, it's Sheryl.




Sheryl sits at her office desk, dressed impeccibly as always. She sits in her office chair, relaxed, and looking over at someone sitting across from her on the other side of her desk.


SHERYL: Finally!




JORDAN: Ugh...Hi.




SHERYL: Don't be so happy to hear from me! Where were you?




JORDAN: Just in bed, I'm not due into work for another two hours so...we were taking it easy.




SHERYL: What can I say? I've got a gift for timing. Listen, I need you to head over to Titan, ASAP.








SHERYL: No time like the present. I got a surprise for you.




Jordan's eyes widen, realizing what this means. She stutters a bit before speaking, trying to hide her sudden panic from a concerned Rafe.


JORDAN: I'll...I'll be right there.


Hanging up her phone, Rafe looks on with concern as Jordan immediately starts to get up from her bed. Rafe paws at her in a vain attempt to keep her in bed.


RAFE: Wait, wait, wait, you're not going so soon, are you? We were just getting started!
JORDAN: I know, and I'm sorry, but...patient at the hospital is in a...really really bad way right now and they need me there early.


Rafe sighs, not able to argue with Jordan's job. He starts to get up from the bed himself, reluctantly.


RAFE: Fair enough. But I think we've got time for some time alone, still.


Jordan goes pilfering through her drawers quickly, looking for clothes for work and not paying attention as Rafe walks over behind her, still naked himself.


JORDAN: No we don't, I really need to go.


Jordan stops suddenly and turns back toward the door, bumping immediately into an upright, smiling Rafe. She looks up in a bit of shock at him as he holds her arms in his hands.


RAFE: I can help wash your back at least.


Jordan smiles back, almost giggling at Rafe's suggestion.




Sheryl puts down her phone at the office and looks back at her guest. She laughs as she begins to speak to him.


SHERYL: I caught her in a bit of a...personal moment.


The man she talks to looks back her way, having a bit of a chuckle as he replies to her.


SHERYL: You know, it's good to have you back with us, Jerome. Now our plans are finally gonna start to really gel. You know?


Jerome looks back from the chair opposite Sheryl, hands clasped together, one leg crossed over the other casually as he sits in his smartest pinstripe suit.


JEROME: Well, let's hope Jordan thinks so. Otherwise you may find youself in over your heads, and I guarantee you, you'll end up drowning.




Valerie steps up the head of the table in the board room, and begins to address the group.


VALERIE: Well, I told you I'd come back, I just...didn't expect it to take so long!


Everyone laughs, including Valerie, as she continues on, in a more serious tone.


VALERIE: But in all seriousness, I am thrilled and honoured to return to University Hospital. I spent a very long time away, and I've missed seeing so many familiar faces. I'm so glad to be back!


the crowd applauds, as Valerie looks around, a smile on her face.


VALERIE: I would like to thank Dr. Kayla Brady for recommending me for this position. I know we haven't seen each other in a long time, but I'm grateful that you thought of me, and I will do my best not to disappoint you.


Kayla and Valerie hug, as the crowd applauds again, and Marlena heads up to greet her old friend.


MARLENA: Hello, stranger!
VALERIE: Marlena! Ohh it's so good to see you again! How are you?
MARLENA: I've been well. Lots has happened since I last saw you!


The two women laugh as Marlena and Valerie stand, holding each other's hands.


VALERIE: Well, listen, I'd love to catch up with you, if you're able to. Maybe we can meet up today for lunch?
MARLENA: I'd love to, but I'm meeting Roman for lunch already. Unless you'd want to join us. I know it's been an eternity since you've seen him!
VALERIE: I'd LOVE to! Absolutely! Are you two still married?


Marlena looks off to the side whimsically, and answers with a bit of a laugh, as she turns to head out of the room, putting her hand on Valerie's shoulder.


MARLENA: That's...a very, very long story.


Valerie looks on, a bit confused as the two women walk toward the door.




Sami plays cool with Nick, though she's clearly exasperated by his persistence.


SAMI: We've played this game before, Nick. Remember? You trying to get Gabi a modelling job so that you could whisk her away to New York and live happily-ever-after with my son's baby? And how did that turn out, exactly?
NICK: I dunno, you tell me.
SAMI: As I recall, it went over as well as...well (laughs) a giant boulder.
NICK: Don't try to be clever, Sami. It doesn't suit you. That's more of a...Nicole thing.


Sami glowers at Nick, unable to resist his obvious baiting. She bites back loudly.


SAMI: Say what you need to say and get out, Nick!


Nick doesn't move from the sofa, instead smiling widely, knowing that he got a rise out of Sami.

NICK: Offer Gabi a modeling contract. Make her a contract, have me vet it. If you get sneaky, I'll catch it, so don't try to put any clause in there that could upset me. Because you don't want me upset, Sami.


Sami rolls her eyes and folds her arms, knowing Nick's won.


SAMI: Fine. I'll draw it up. Now get out.


Sami grabs her bag and heads to the door, opening it, then standing by it and motioning to Nick to leave.


Nick gets up but turns away from her, facing the doorway to the garden, pinching the bridge of his nose, but trying to hide it from Sami, who senses something is off. She steps forward slightly, trying to catch Nick's attention. Nick is distracted by the surge of pain in his head.


SAMI: Did I stutter?


Nick draws himself up and turns around, still feeling the pain in his head, but working his best to not appear weakened.


NICK: Just remember, don't even think about double-crossing me, or you'll have an awful lot to answer for, to a lot of people. See ya!


Nick waves, and sets off walking casually out the door of the DiMera living room, as Sami rolls her eyes. She sighs heavily as she grabs her bag, and leaves the living room herself, shutting the living room door behind her.




Jordan storms into Sheryl's office, visibly irritated by being summoned yet again. She sighs audibly as she greets Sheryl.


JORDAN: You summoned, m'lady?
SHERYL: I told you I had a surprise for you.


Jordan stops as her face drops, as the colour drains from it, looking down as the chair in front of Sheryl's desk turns around slowly. Jerome appears, smiling slyly as he does.


JEROME: Hey stranger.
JORDAN: Jerome....


Jordan breathes in deeply, trying to maintain as the shock hits her.




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Another good episode!!!


Sami/Nick: I like that it was two bad asses in one scene together. But, Nick, has to know that Sami can be way badder. She was switching paternity test results before he was even alive LOL. I know Sami will find a way to trap Nick. Question is..., how??? That will be interesting to see.


Jordan/Rafe/Sheryl/Jerome: I wonder how Jerome being in Salem will affect Jordan's relationship with Rafe in the long run. I wonder what Sheryl has planned to do with these two. That will be interesting, as well. I wonder how Rafe will feel when the truth of how Jordan and Jerome know one another comes out.


The Board Meeting: This was good. Probably my favorite part of the episode. I am so excited to see what plays out with Kayla. I love that you brought the last Grant family member back. I wonder if you will bring up Valerie and Abe's relationship together. I can't wait to see what you do Valerie! Maybe her and Abe will get back together??? It has been 33 years since she was last shown in Salem. Can't wait to see what you do with her. Good job choosing for that character and that family to come back into the fold.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I loved this.


Gotta love this power struggle with Nick and Sami. Wonder what is up with Nicks head pain though. Maybe all this trying to out think everyone is getting to him. Or it could be a lot worse than that. As always, great Nick scenes.


Valerie! Yes. I really enjoyed that whole redebut for her. Awesome board meeting. Wonder what Steve is doing in Africa tho hmm. I also laughed at Marlenas line about it being a very very long story for her and Roman. This will be fun.


I have to say you did awesome with that Rafe and Jordan scene. Nice and steamy. Loved it. And then enter Jerome. Adding yet another great element to this show. Looking forward to finding out this history between Jordan and Jerome. 


As always you do a fantastic job of weaving together these stories and I am quite excited for what lies ahead. 

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THE GRANTS ARE IN THE HOUSE...very well introduced.  Valerie and Jerome.  

Nick walking around town intimidating others, this time Sami.  I was just waiting for him to mention the lake.  Sami didn't back down, and it wouldn't be in her character if she did.

Good setup with Valerie and Marlena.  Old friends reconnecting...

This episode gives me a feel of "new" Days.  A turning point of sorts.  I am so looking forward to what is coming next.  

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Great episode, I love how you brought Val in. I wish I could see her pic better. And already Marlena is taking her in. I cant wait to see what type of story she is going to have.


Now looky here, I am fukking sick and tired Nick always getting his way. THis has to stop. 


Sami vs Nick and Sami lost, smdh.


I wonder how does Jordan know Jerome.

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