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ANOTHER WORLD 197 Grant gets an eyeful




Grant gets an eyeful

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50

Part 1



blogentry-14971-0-10329000-1432080941_th grins over what he finds on the jump drive that Christyblogentry-14971-0-38274500-1432080972_th gave him. Christy is there.

Grant: You should call first.

Christy: I still have a key.

Grant: Don’t you have a hotel room downtown?

Christy: You’re so mean. I came to get the rest of my things.

Grant: What you gave me...is better than gold.

Christy: I kept my word didn’t I?

Grant: Yes you did. I’m impressed.

Christy: No you’re not. You’re surprised.

Grant: Okay you got me. I’m surprised.

Christy: I told you I’d help you get Paulina. You’re at the lake Mister Ed, all you have to do now is take a sip.

Grant: Oh, I’m going to drink gallons of that water. Jack’s gonna be the one getting all wet.




blogentry-14971-0-18283300-1432080997_th and Jackblogentry-14971-0-61209600-1432081013_th are at the front door, gazing at each other, hand in hand.

Jack: Are you...sure about this? This is where you and your husband...lived.

Paulina: Jack...shut up, take me inside, and make love to me.

They both smile at each other and kiss.




blogentry-14971-0-16050900-1432081057_th, Frankieblogentry-14971-0-63196600-1432081076_th, Charlieblogentry-14971-0-32071600-1432081107_th, Rachelblogentry-14971-0-52264300-1432081133_thblogentry-14971-0-61425100-1432081177_th, and Matt are in the living room.

Charlie: You went through a horrible ordeal mom.

Frankie: But I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.

Charlie: We went through all the reasons why you stayed away.

Cass: Yes we did, and we’re still together.

Matt: Everything worked out as well as we could have hoped.

Rachel: I’m gonna go...check on my husband.

Charlie: And...I’m gonna head to the hospital.

Frankie: Honey? You’re okay with...why I stayed away.

Charlie: Mom...

Frankie: I was protecting you and your father, and you were happy with Lila. She...provided a stable home for you. I didn’t want to rock that boat.

Charlie: Mom! You don’t have to explain. I’m fine with it.

Charlie and Frankie hug.

Frankie: I love you sweetheart.

Charlie: I love you, too.



Outside the living room double doors, Carl

blogentry-14971-0-39830800-1432081213_th looks at the alert on his cell phone which reads: TRANSFER COMPLETE. Then he makes a phone call.

Carl: It’s me. It’s finally over. It’s safe now.

Carl turns around and sees Rachel.

Rachel: Who was that? Who were you talking to?





Christy enters and sees Eric

blogentry-14971-0-91966400-1432081351_th (whose back is turned to Christy) looking at a taped version of Grant’s press conference on television.

Grant (on TV): I am in full support of equality, and

l condemn any business in Bay City that uses religious freedom to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Christy notices Eric’s intent look at Grant’s statement, then approaches her son.

Christy: Hi honey.

Eric (a bit startled): Mom.

Christy: You don’t have your smock on.

Eric: I’m getting off in a few minutes.

Christy: Oh. Why don’t we umm...go do something.

Eric goes a table and wipes it down.

Eric: What are we gonna do mom? Go shopping?

Christy: Don’t be like that. I just want to spend time with my son. Is that so wrong?

Eric: It’s wrong what you did to Kirkland and Charlie.

Charlie walks in and sees Eric and Christy.

Christy: I thought we were past this.

Eric: Everybody looks at me like I got some kind of disease. Allen Love told his daughter to stay away from me because of what you decided we should do.

Christy: Honey I didn’t mean for any of that to happen. I just…

Eric: Wanted to push your own agenda. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, I don’t want any part of it.


blogentry-14971-0-53561400-1432081395_th comes in and joins Charlie.

Felicia: Charlie honey. I saw you through the door. How’s everything?

Charlie: Whatcha doin’ down here?

Felicia: I’m meeting my agent in a few.

Charlie: I was gonna get a latte and head to the hospital.

Felicia: Cass told me about Lindsay. I hope everything’s okay.

Charlie: Lindsay’s gonna live, but I wonder how she’s gonna deal with not being able to have children.

Felicia notices Christy and Eric.

Felicia: Some women don’t deserve to have children. The universe can be so unfair.

Meanwhile, Eric and Christy continue.

Christy: I don’t know what else you want me to do.

Eric: I want you to leave. I gotta go punch out.

Eric walks past the counter to the back.

Christy: Eric we’re not finished. I am your mother and I love you. Don’t forget that.

Christy walks away, sees Felicia, and rolls her eyes. Felicia stops Christy.

Charlie: I’m gonna...get my lattes.

Felicia: Your shenanigans have alienated your own son. You should do us all a favor and leave Bay City.

Christy: You know what Felicia you’re becoming a reeeeeal problem.

Felicia: Is that a veiled threat? I’m not afraid of you Christy. As long as I draw breath, I’m not gonna let you hurt anyone I care about.

Christy: Are you talking about Cass and Mary Frances?

Felicia: If you come after them, or anyone else I love, you will answer to me.

Felicia leaves...and Christy watches.

Christy: Time to get Felicia out of the way.

Christy then leaves. Meanwhile, Charlie grabs her latte and notices Eric, who is bothered by the confrontation he just had with Christy. Eric turns around, and sees Charlie looking at him. Charlie leaves quickly.



Jack and Paulina lie on the couch, underneath a blanket, with no clothes on, after having made love.

Paulina: Couldn’t you have waited a few more minutes to get me upstairs?

Jack: I couldn’t wait any longer.

Paulina: Well I could’ve looked at it one of two ways.

Jack: And what’s that?

Paulina: It’s been...a lonnnng time for me.

Jack: Not quite as long for me, but it’s been long enough.

Paulina: And I loved it.

Jack: What part? The boat size, or the motion?

Paulina (laughing): Definitely that, and the spontaneity of it all. Who needs a bed for round two?

Jack: Round two?

Paulina: Yeah.

Meanwhile, Grant approaches Paulina’s door, flashes back to what he saw on the jump drive, and smiles.

Grant: Beginning of the end.

Grant’s elation turns to horror when he looks inside and sees Jack and Paulina making love.


Rachel: Carl I asked you a question.

Carl: Darling you worry too much.

Rachel: We’ve been through this a hundred times before. I know when you’re up to something.

Carl: I was calling Elizabeth. Checking on her.

Rachel: Calling our daughter? She’s a texter.

Carl: Elizabeth and I have a special kind of relationship.

Rachel: Don’t I know it.

Carl: Well I’m gonna head upstairs.

Rachel: I’m gonna see Cass and Frankie.

Carl: What about Charlie?

Rachel: She went to the hospital to see her cousin.

Carl: Well I’m gonna go upstairs.

Carl pecks Rachel on her forehead and leaves.

Rachel: Something’s definitely wrong.


UPSTAIRS...Carl goes into his and Rachel’s bedroom, opens his laptop, and looks at a confirmation of his “transfer complete” transaction. He suddenly gets a sharp headache. He goes to the drawer, grabs and his pain medication, shakes out three pills, and swallows them.




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Jack and Paulina getting it on in the sheets! I am so very glad that Grant walked in on them lolol. I could picture the absolute horror on his face. I dont know though, Grant may get the last laugh with his jump drive.

I am also glad that Eric told Christy he doesnt want anymore of her BS. Good for him. I do kinda like Eric. I hope Felicia stays clear of Christy though.

Sweet moment with Charlie and Frankie. Happy for that whole part of the family.

And then Carl :( You are tugging at this story with him. Symptoms seem to be worsening. He must be planning something really special with this transaction. I just hope he is ready to tell Rachel what is going on now!!

Solid show as always!

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What a well constructed episode!!!

Eric/Christy: I loved these scenes. It was nice to see Eric. And, we know his feelings now. We know how he truly feels about Christy.

Felicia/Charlie: I enjoyed the conversation these two had. What was even better, was when Felicia and Christy got into it. HOWEVER, that does really worry me. But, Felicia can overcome anything. I liked that last minute look between Charlie and Eric.

Rachel/Carl: Oh Carl, please tell Rachel. Yet, at heart I think he is protecting her. I just don't want Carl to leave Bay City and his family in a rut once he dies.

I would like to see more of the others. I miss your other characters.



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OOOO Jack and Paulina got busy! Grant is about to have a conniption! Looks like this is gonna be a big confrontation on its way, and I can't wait.

Carl's story is so painful and so powerful, I think I'm going to really enjoy watching it play out. I can totally see Rachel and Carl in that moment and you capture it perfectly. Great work there.

Eric stood up to Mommie Dearest. I just know she'll pull him back in the moment she shows she has the power to get him something he wants, though. The temptation is too strong to the dark side. LOL. Loved Felicia coming to her friends' defense. Always that strength and power of friendship that AW does so well.

Another great episode, Cary. You're doing great!

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I hope Pualina is the one wh is gonna be getting wet. That Grant need to be worried about. Great dialog though. Christy kills me and I wish or would like to see a bigger story for her. But I know it may be limited due to who she is and whats done. I wonder if Grant and CHristy have some deep unknown attraction towards one another.

Jack ask me if Im sure about this and i wll gladly tell u no, Paulina gave up the goods to jack... The next step in that relationship....

I would love to see Lila again.

Cary I like ur new opening and the logo as well very modern that is yet a throw back to the past.

Just as I said I wanted more Christy Canyon I get it. Loved her scene with her son. Also loved her showdown with Felicia. Could it be my fav characters are bout to be linked up in a storyline Sheer divine!!!

Jack is nasty. But I like the dialog. Keeping it contemporary. But what a classic as Jack saw them two on the couch doing the do. He is going to explode!!

Rachel knows something is up. It's coming. Lord it's coming. Im getting tissues ready and that is no lie.

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As always I love your dialogue for Felicia.

Shocked that Grant saw Jack and Paulina. I wonder if he will move from wanting her to wanting to get revenge on her.

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