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DAYS #63: Kim has a surprise for Billie, Jenn confronts EJ & Sami





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Kate, standing in the Titan board room with Victor, turns around and cancels the call quickly before she allows Victor to confirm that Nick was on the phone.

KATE: Uh...what are you talking about?

VICTOR: Oh don't play dumb with me, Kate. I saw Nick's name pop up on your phone in large print. And despite what you think, I haven't got cataracts just yet.

KATE: Well, first of all, it's none of your business who calls me, and secondly, so what if Nick did call me? He is, after all, my employee. It was probably just a call about a product we're testing.

Victor steps in close to Kate, in hopes of intimidating her.

VICTOR: You'd better hope that's all it's about. I will be watching you after today, believe that.

Kate stares back, not threatened by Victor's tactics.

KATE: Duly noted.

Kate grabs her bag and, with a flourish, slings them over her shoulder, sashaying out of the board room. Victor watches her head out, and scrunches his face slightly, indignant at his major loss.

VICTOR: Damn it all.



Billie walks through the 16th floor lobby of Titan, on her cell phone, as she prepares to leave the building. She has a worried look on her face as she talks to the person on the other end.

BILLIE: (into phone) Yeah, I have a feeling Nick had a hand in this. But for the life of me, I can't tell what it is or how deep he is involved in this. But I'm certain it has something to do with the other two...Okay, I'll get back to you.

Billie hangs up, and notices a text message on her phone from Daniel.

u feeling any better now?

Billie smiles, texting back:

cup of coffee + an aspirin did the trick lol

Billie pops her phone back in her bag, and smiles a bit as she steps onto the elevator to head down to her car.



Jordan sits at her desk at the hospital, finishing up some reports, when she hears a knock at the door of her office.

JORDAN: Come in.


SHERYL: Hello, Stranger. Mind if I have a word.

Sheryl steps in, and immediately incites a bit of anxiety in a previously relaxed Jordan.



Jennifer stands before EJ in the DiMera living room, enraged by his nonchalance in the face of her worry for her daughter.

JENNIFER: Come on, EJ. You're a father. Imagine if in a few years, Sydney just...took off one day to another country without saying a word to you. You'd be worried.

EJ: If it was an actual cause for concern, yes. But this is not, Jennifer. This is work-related. You blowing this completely out of proportion.

JENNIFER: No, see, that's where you're wrong, EJ. Because I know you manipulated the situation to benefit yourself. Just like you always do.

EJ gestures in 'confusion' at Jenn's accusation.

EJ: What are you even saying, Jennifer? How would I benefit from this in any way?

JENNIFER: Oh my GOD, it's SO obvious. I have no idea why you're so hellbent on denying it.

EJ: Deny WHAT?!

Jennifer steps in close to EJ, her rage bubbling in the surface as she quietly lays into EJ.

JENNIFER: That that little chat you had with Abigail last night? That was you convincing her to get on that plane today. One day after she's out of the hospital because of, what? Business? I'm sorry, but it reeks of manipulation and intimidation. In other words, every hallmark of the DiMera men.

EJ: How fair of you, Jennifer.

Jennifer steps back, raising her voice a bit again as she challenges EJ's insistence of innocence.

JENNIFER: It's more fair than you deserve. Because I can tell that this is all just a set up so that you can win Abigail back for Chad.

EJ: What?? Oh, come on, Jennifer, that's ridiculous.

JENNIFER: (interrupting EJ) You heard me! You can't tell me that you had any other innocent motive for sneaking my daughter onto a plane at 5am so she can work intimately with your goons. Tell me, EJ, is Chad waiting for her in Italy too?

EJ has full on lost his cool now, shouting over Jenn trying to stop her ranting to no avail.

EJ: It was business! This was not some grand scheme cooked up for duplicitous purposes, Jennifer. She's an important part of our team, and she doesn't need Mummy to keep tabs on her every move!

JENNIFER: I know one thing for sure, that if this was a simple business trip and nothing shady was going on, wouldn't I have heard about it by now? Something must have happened after Abby checked out, because I don't remember Sami talking about it last night at the hospital.


At that moment, Sami steps into the living room, overhearing her name from the other side and looks Jenn's way with a look of interest.

SAMI: Talk about what?

Jenn turns around quickly to see Sami standing in the doorway, both her and EJ snapped out of their intense debate.




Jennifer looks to Sami standing in the doorway of the DiMera living room. Sami's surprised to see Jenn and wondering what Jenn's just said about her.

JENNIFER: Sami! Do you happen to have a minute? We need to talk.

SAMI: I...sure! You want to talk alone?

JENNIFER: Oh no, no, EJ's heard what's on my mind already, he doesn't have to leave.

EJ, collecting himself from his frazzled state, swallows visibly as he heads towards Sami, who, having heard the commotion from outside the door is rather uncomfortable as EJ approaches her, all of this in Jenn's line of vision.

EJ: Well, actually, I am needed at the office, so I should go. You ladies enjoy your time together.

EJ walks past Sami and hesitates as to whether to lean in for a kiss or not. He decides to go for it, but Sami lurches back away from him, causing EJ to retreat. Jennifer notices the tension and looks on with curiosity. EJ puts on his blazer and gives his farewells as he exits the room.

EJ: Goodbye, Samantha. Jennifer.

As EJ leaves, Jenn catches her breath, releasing a lot of the tension from the confrontation that just took place. After a second, Jenn looks back at Sami, as she points in the direction of where EJ was.

JENNIFER: I'm....so sorry, Sami. I...

Sami walks over to Jenn, concerned, putting a hand on her shoulder.

SAMI: No, no. I...what's going on?

Jennifer tries to hold back a bit of tearing up as she laughs a bit at the situation.

JENNIFER: I could ask the same of you two. I mean...I...I know it's none of my business but--

SAMI: ...Don't even ask, Jenn. I really don't want to get into it.

JENNIFER: Well, I understand that too. (sigh) Look, I came to see you because I...got up this morning and discovered my daughter was gone. And I know it was for work and I know...she's an adult and can make her own decisions but...I figured you would understand, as a mother, that--

SAMI: Wait, Abigail didn't tell you about the Rome trip?

Jenn shakes her head, she looks down, a bit disappointed, but not blaming Sami.

JENNIFER: No. She didn't. I know a lot of that is because she knows I'm not...too thrilled with her taking this job in the first place, but...

SAMI: I'm sorry, Jenn. I should've...let you know. Like...a text or something.

JENNIFER: No. (sigh) When I came here, I was upset and I was...blaming EJ for it because I just...I had this feeling that it's all this big...plan to get Abigail back on side so that Chad can move back in but...

Sami looks at Jenn, shocked by Jenn's accusation.

SAMI: He what?

JENNIFER: I'm sorry. I know, that was...out of line of me to think that.

SAMI: No, no, it seems...actually a...fairly reasonable jump to make. Especially with how much EJ's been doting on Abby lately. But...Jenn, I want to reassure you.I was the one who hired her. None of that had anything to do with EJ. (sigh) I know that...Chad did some pretty awful things before he went to Boston, but...I don't think EJ is plotting with his brother to get Abigail back.

JENNIFER: Well, Sami, with all due respect, you tend to turn a blind eye to a lot of things the DiMeras do, and right or wrong I know that's because you love EJ and...nothing will change that.

Sami looks a bit uncomfortable as Jenn brings up her relationship with EJ, but stifles herself from giving too much away. Jenn fiddles uncomfortably with her hands as she finishes speaking with Sami.

JENNIFER: I just...I was hoping to...maybe open a door of communication between you and I.

SAMI: That's fine. I understand. I will keep an eye out for Abigail for you.


Jenn heads for the door slowly, unsure whether to give Sami a hug or not, but chooses not to. Instead grabbing her purse from the coffee table and walks away slowly. Jenn stops suddenly and turns back to Sami, who is still looking out the window.

JENNIFER: Oh, and Sami. One thing. If you...ever need to talk to anyone...about...anything. I am here for you, too.

Sami turns around to smile at Jenn, unsure to what Jenn's referring but grateful nonetheless.

SAMI: Thank you, Jenn.

Jenn smiles as she heads out the door. Sami turns back to the window, the smile fading from her face as she stares pensively out at the spring day before her.


Sheryl saunters over to the chair opposite Jordan's desk in her office, and has herself a seat. Jordan tries to ignore her, but Sheryl stares straight into her eyes, patiently waiting for Jordan to react. Jordan tries to continue writing up her report at her computer but finally cracks.

JORDAN: Can I help you?

SHERYL: I thought you'd never ask!

Jordan rolls her eyes before clicking at her computer, presumably to save her work, before wheeling away from the computer and stopping herself at the centre of her desk. Jordan leans in towards Sheryl with her hands clasped together, almost mockingly attentive.

JORDAN: I'm listening!

SHERYL:Good! Stay sitting down, you'll be glad you did when I tell you what we've pulled off.

JORDAN: I'm waiting with baited breath.

SHERYL: We did it. Titan TV is out of Victor Kiriakis' control as of ten minutes ago.

Jordan's eyes widen, not sure whether she believes Sheryl's news or not.

JORDAN: I...are you for real? This is happening.

SHERYL: This is absolutely happening, Jordan. The board, with a little help from Nick Fallon, sided with us. The people of Salem are gonna know the truth about that damned oil sands project. Finally.

It finally dawns on Jordan. She looks away momentarily as she allows the reality of the situation set in.

JORDAN: Well I'll be damned. Nick Fallon wasn't playing us?

SHERYL: So far, so good, eh?

JORDAN: Yeah...so what's our next move then?

Sheryl leans in towards Jordan and says in a bit more hushed tone.

SHERYL: That is exactly what I want to talk about with you.



Kayla, helping set up Brady's memorial service in town square,notices Roman looking blankly at Brady's portrait set up near Tom & Alice Horton's tree. She walks over to her brother and gently places a hand on his shoulder.

KAYLA: It's hard to believe, isn't it? That Brady's gone?

Roman stares at the picture, scanning every feature bit by bit. He finally turns to Kayla, and looks at her with a panicked expression.

ROMAN: Kay, that...that's not Brady. Is...is it?

Kayla looks at Roman, knowing that she'd heard about his memory troubles, but not that they had progressed so quickly. Kayla takes Roman's arm and squeezes it, almost cuddling it in an attempt to comfort him without smothering him.

KAYLA: It's okay. That is Brady now. What do you remember him looking like?

ROMAN: I...Kay, Brady's just a little kid. I remember him being so....young. He wasn't even school aged and now...why can't I fill that time in.

Kayla sees her brother go deep into thought and pulls him in close, holding him as he zones out, trying in vain to fill the blanks in his memory.



Billie steps off the elevator at the hospital and, upon seeing Daniel perched at the nurses' station, sneaks up behind him, covering his eyes with her hands.

BILLIE: Guess who?

DANIEL: Gah! I needed those!

Billie laughs as she jumps back, and Daniel turns to see Billie. He smiles through his lingering hangover.

BILLIE: You look like you could use an...Aspirin or...something.

DANIEL: Yeaaah, Maxine already suggested that. I'm trying to avoid overmedicating myself, especially for...

Daniel feels a bit of the dull, nagging headache pain hit him and holds his nose for a moment. Billie giggles.

BILLIE: For...self-inflicted wounds.


BILLIE: Well, I'm gonna tell you right now that the only person suffering for your tenacity is you. So, I'd suggest giving in.

DANIEL: Hey, who's the doctor here?


Billie laughs heartily as they walk through the main room of that particular floor. As they approach the door of Theresa's room, the elevator door opens and Kim Brady emerges, a police escort in tow. She immediately spots Daniel and Billie and looks their way with a satisfied smile on her face.

DANIEL: So you're here to see Theresa?

BILLIE: Yeah. I'm hoping to get in to see her as much as possible, since Kim's threatening lawsuits and beheadings if I stand on the same floor as her.

DANIEL: Just...don't let it get to you. She's concerned about her daughter, just like you are. I'm sure you're gonna be able to work it out.

As Kim stops, standing behind Daniel and Billie, Daniel catches Kim out of the corner of his eye and turns to face her. Kim smiles as the policeman addresses them.

POLICEMAN: Miss Billie Reed?

Billie looks the policeman up and down before looking suspiciously at Kim.

BILLIE: Can I help you, Officer?

Kim holds up an envelope in Billie's face, an almost smug look on her face as she serves Billie.

KIM: This would be a restraining order that says that you can't be within 100 feet of Theresa.



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First off just a beautifully written episode. The descriptions were fantastic and the dialogue was strong as always. You have Vic down amazingly.

This episode was jam packed. It feels like may sweeps :P

Love sami and Jenn having a much needed talk. And what seems to be a budding friendship. I like seeing EJ squirm.

Then there is poor Roman still deteriorating.

Jordan and Cheryl are getting to celebrate.

And lastly Kim starting to get hardcore with Billie. I think this isnt going to end well. I do wanna see how far it goes though.


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Kate/Victor - I've said it 100 times but you capture these two so well. Victor is going to be watching Kate, well he might uncover a lot of skeletons in her recent closet.

Sami/EJ/Jennifer - I wonder if Jenn is going to start looking for Abby herself. She doesn't seem she's going to give up that easily, or accept EJ's "Business" explanation.

Kayla/Roman - Roman continues to struggle with memory loss. Warm moment to have his little sis with him during that scene. Glad you are moving this one along.

Daniel/Billie - ewww

And finally Kim served Billie with a restraining order...the BLOOP moment!!! Billie must have a dumbfounded look on her face...


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  • Members

I really loved how Jenn tore into EJ. You had her spot on and EJ too.

Victor is one angry old man. I wonder what he is going to do next!

I must say I really enjoyed Jenn's scene with Sami. It was so adult. I just really liked it. Jenn was being Jenn but I like this Jenn. You do a great job with her.

Nick has so much power and prestige at this moment I love it.

I also wonder what those two rats Sherry and Jordan up to next They better leave well enuff alone!!

And my poor Roman. This is truly gut wrenching for me any way. Roman always been this strong male lead and to see him going this way. Im so glad Kayla gave him comfort. Now hes even questioning himself. So damn sad. This is a strong story AL !!!

Im still a little lost on this Kim story lol but she is childish. LOL!!

Cary's comment on Billie and Dan: LMFFAO!!!!!!!!!

Good show AL!!

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You got some things cleared up by it being longer.

Jennifer/Sami: I loved this talk. It was good that Jenn and Sami might be looking out for one another. Until Sami finds out the truth LOL. I loved how you wrote EJ's little exit in the scene. It was just like him LOL.

Kate/Victor: Victor better start to watch out. Several people are against him now. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES! LOL.

Sheryl/Jordan: Oh Sheryl. She has not really discovered what she is getting into. I like how you write these two. They are far more interesting on this version. They have actual story going on, that means something.

Billie/Daniel/Kim: I like the whole Billie/Daniel thing. It has potential to be longer lasting. I think Kim is going above and beyond to do something, that really doesn't need to be done. But, I like the whole Mama Bear act.

Roman/Kayla: I feel so bad for Roman. His memory loss seems a lot more severe than Caroline's. I hope that Kayla can be one of his hero. He needs to find one. Kayla has the resources to help him.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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