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DAYS #46: Aftermath







Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson



Abigail steps into the Horton living room, feeling groggy from the previous night's sleep. She looks in the mirror, studying the bags under her eyes, and thinks back to her tryst with EJ.


She snaps herself out of it as Jenn walks in.


JENNIFER: Hey, Honey. You heading for work soon?

ABBY: Uh...yeah. Soon.


Jenn's a bit concerned by Abby's drowsiness. She walks over to her, as Abby tries to pretend she's fine.


JENNIFER: Honey, are you okay?

ABBY: Yeah, Mom, I'm fine.

JENNIFER: Are you sure? You've been so...down lately.

ABBY: Well...what do you mean?

JENNIFER: Well, you're tired all the time, you've put on weight, you're complaining about being sore when you get home from work. I mean, Abigail, you were never like this at the hospital. Are you sure you're enjoying working at Countess W?

ABBY: Yeah! It's good.


Jennifer isn't convinced, and presses some more, putting a hand on Abby's shoulder.


JENNIFER: Really? You know, Abigail, you can tell me anyth--


Abby finally snaps at Jenn, and turns sharply to face her.




ABBY: ...Yes, Mom! It's a great job, and I'm fine. Could you please just stop...badgering me.


Abby turns away and runs up the stairs, leaving Jenn in the living room, dumfounded.






Rafe and Jordan drive down the highway, heading away from Salem. Smiling, and enjoying the drive despite the heavy cloudcover.


RAFE: Yeah, it's gonna rain soon.

JORDAN: Well, we got at least a couple more hours to drive yet, so, at least we'll stay dry, right?

RAFE: Yeah. You know, I'm really glad you and I could get away for the weekend and you finally get to meet my mom. She's...pretty excited to finally meet you.


Jordan smiles at Rafe.


JORDAN: I'm really excited to meet her. Anita sounds like a lovely woman.


Jordan looks away, her smile fades as she thinks back to what Sheryl told her.






Sheryl looks matter-of-factly at Jordan, and, almost without emotion, issues a stern warning.




SHERYL: If you get involved with that cop, you keep it strictly business. You use him as an in to find out what you can about EnerNext, and we'll use that in to get what we need. Do not catch feelings, Kaylie. I'm serious.




RAFE: You alright?


Jordan snaps out of it, and turns to Rafe. She smiles again.


JORDAN: Yeah. I'm fine, just...thinking about work.

RAFE: Well, look. You've got a whole weekend to not think about work, so just...don't worry about it.

JORDAN: That's not always the easiest thing, and you know it.


Rafe takes Jordan's hand in his and quickly smiles at her, before looking back at the road. Jordan smiles back, feeling reassured.


The rain begins to come down against the windshield. Jordan looks out ahead. As she looks out, she sees a clearing off the upcoming embankment, with a group of cars lining the shoulder. Looking closer, she sees someone lying down on the side of the road.


JORDAN: Oh my God, Rafe. Pull over.

RAFE: What the...?


Rafe pulls over and Jordan jumps out, and he and Jordan jump from the car. Rafe walks over to where the people are gathered around the woman lying on the side of the road.


RAFE: What happened here?


A middle-aged man turns to Rafe and explains emphatically.


MAN: I was driving up behind when I seen these two drive right off the edge of the road here and off into the lake. The girl here jumps out and the car went right off the edge, I was freakin' out, ya know?

RAFE: What the...


Looking down, he sees that the woman on the ground is Theresa. As Jordan leans down to check Jordan's vitals, Rafe immediately calls into the station.







Sheryl and Nick are having something to eat at the Brady Pub. Discussing business, as per usual. Sheryl appears very pleased by Nick's news.


SHERYL: I got to admit, Nick. You've really surprised me.

NICK: Oh really?

SHERYL: Yeah. I mean, I didn't expect you'd be such a good ally in all this, but...I mean, you've got the media eating out of your hand, you've got all the technology in the world at your fingertips, and you've got the key to prime real estate for the oil sands project in your control. I couldn't have asked for a better ally.

NICK: And now that Brady is out as CEO, I think we'll finally be able to get Titan TV fully in our corner. And then the rest of Titan's house of cards will collapse right on cue.


As Nick says this, Sheryl raises her glass to toast him. As they clink glasses, Gabi walks into the pub. She spots Nick and walks over.


GABI: Nick! Hey! Sorry if I'm interrupting, do you have a moment?


Nick turns and smiles at Gabi. Sheryl looks up, and smiles Gabi's way.


SHERYL: Oh, don't mind me. I can make some calls. I need to take care of something anyway. If you'll excuse me.


Sheryl gets up and courteously steps away, spotting Jordan quickly heading for the front door to enter the pub. Sheryl motions to Jordan to turn back around and stay outside. Jordan obliges and heads back into the pathway outside the pub, where Sheryl steps out and meets with her.




SHERYL: I thought you and your cop were taking a "romantic getaway" this weekend.

JORDAN: Well, we WERE, and then we stumbled upon what might be something huge to help us win this whole thing. No violence, no fight, nothing.


Sheryl is in disbelief. She looks behind her to make sure no one is watching before turning back to Jordan.


SHERYL: Okay, what is it?

JORDAN: Theresa Donovan was in a car accident outside Salem. The car skidded and drove off an embankment and into the river, but Theresa managed to jump out before the car crashed.


Sheryl looks side to side, confused and disinterested.


SHERYL: What does that have to do with anything?

JORDAN: Rafe is pretty certain he knows who was driving the car.

SHERYL: Okay. Who?


Jordan leans in closer, a bit of a sinister's happy look on her face.


JORDAN: Brady Black.


Sheryl's face cannot hide the surprise of the news. Her eyes pop out a bit as she chokes out a reply.


SHERYL: What??




Inside, Gabi sits down across from Nick and smiles warmly.


NICK: So, to what do I owe the pleasure?

GABI: Well...I have something to ask you.

NICK: Yeeeees?


Nick leans in with interest as Gabi fights with everything in her not to recoil in terror, pretending to be at worst, pleasant, and at best, warm and engaging with Nick. She finally, after a few awkward seconds, gets up the courage to ask him.


GABI: ...Did you want to maybe...have dinner with me tonight?

NICK: Yes! I mean...absolutely, I'd love to. Uh...but where did this come from?

GABI: Oh I just...it's nothing. I just...I thought about what you said, Nick, and...I agree.


Nick looks on warmly, as though Gabi's his whole world. Gabi is a bit more reticent.


GABI: ...And I think that you've been....so good with this whole....living situation and...really great with Will and Sonny, and of course with Arianna.

NICK: I...love that little girl so much. As if she were my own flesh and blood.


Gabi smiles, she takes a moment before contining her thought.


GABI: So I wanted to thank you.And how better than a little...date between us.


Gabi cringes a bit as the thought of another date with Nick, but she hides it.


NICK: Okay, but only if I get to be the one to pay for it. You're not exactly a Rockafeller, you know.

GABI: (laughs) I know. (short sigh) Fine, it's a deal.


Gabi extends her hand to Nick, a cute smirk on her face, and the two shake.




Tyler and Maggie break their handshake as the door to Victor's office opens and Victor returns. He looks up and sees both Maggie and Tyler in his office.


VICTOR: Ah! Tyler. Excellent. I see you've met my wife.


Tyler clears his throat, and nods graciously to Maggie.


TYLER: Indeed I have. You're both very fortunate people. Maggie is lovely.

VICTOR: Well, thank you. I'd like to think after this many tries at marriage, I'd at least get one right. Now, is this the paperwork on how we'll be handling the switching over from Brady's control to mine?

TYLER: Uh...yes.

MAGGIE: Wait...you've taken over Titan from Brady.


Victor looks up from his desk, hesitant to share this news with Maggie.


VICTOR: Yes, there was a meeting this morning. Brady needs to enter rehab. He can't run a company in the state he's in.

MAGGIE: You were all gung ho about this before, what changed your mind.

VICTOR: Theresa Donovan and that video she filmed of Brady doing lines of cocaine in some seedy club, then immediately shared it with every vulgar celebrity tabloid she could think of. Something needs to be done.

MAGGIE: So it's damage control for Titan?

VICTOR: No! It just makes sense to do it this way. Either way, we've got important business to discuss, Maggie, sit down. Tyler, thank you.

TYLER: No problem, Vic. And, uh...it was lovely to meet you, Mrs. Kiriakis.


Maggie looks up as Tyler extends a hand once again. She smiles and shakes his hand gently.


MAGGIE: Likewise.


Victor is consumed by his work and pays no mind to the goings-on before him. Once Tyler leaves, Victor launches into his plan.


VICTOR: Okay, let's get down to business.

MAGGIE: Business?

VICTOR: Yes. I wanted to give you an anniversary gift...have a look.


Victor places before Maggie a paper, a proposal to re-open the Penthouse Grille, and naming Maggie as majority owner. A wide smile of surprise and disbelief crosses Maggie's face as she reads.




Abigail stands in her room, changing into her work clothes after a shower. She's deep in thought. She stops and notices herself in her full-length mirror. She's wearing a towel across her body and one over her head to help dry her hair.


Looking in the mirror, Abby analyses every curve in her body. Stretch marks that weren't there before. She runs her fingers along her thighs and to her lightly protruding belly.


She stops. As if something is hurting her, she recoils her hands away from her stomach. She stares at her stomach with an intense and distressed look, and tries to suck it in. When this doesn't yield the desired result, Abby takes the towel on her head and uses it to cover the mirror.


She walks over to her vanity, which has a letter on top from University Hospital. The letter is not, however, about her job there.


The letter, dated July 14, 2014, notes that Abby is at approximately 4 months pregnant, and that UH has confirmed her appointments with her OBGYN. Abigail looks over the letter carefully, a look of sickness across her face. She crumples up the letter and throws it across the room, after which she holds her head in her hands, trying to fight back tears.


ABBY: Damn you, EJ. Damn, damn, damn you!




Hope and Rafe are investigating the scene of the accident. The rain complicates their investigation, but they remain unfazed, though Hope is obviously concerned. She walks over to Rafe, who's just stepped away from the edge of the embankment, where he was talking to another investigator.


HOPE: So what's the word on the car?

RAFE: Well...they pulled it from the river, and they're just running the plates now to see whose it is. No driver inside. Seems Theresa opening the door may have helped whoever it was out. There's a chance the driver may be alive.


Hope looks over at the car being towed away from the scene. She looks at it with a look of recognition. Suddenly the lightbulb goes off.


HOPE: Oh my God. That's...that's Brady's car.

RAFE: You sure?

HOPE: Yeah, I see him drive that same one all the time with the cobra on the side. I mean, I don't know a lot about cars but...I'd know it anywhere. It's his baby. Damn it! I just...I was...we have to contact John and...oh my God...

RAFE: It's okay. I know.


As Hope's emotions begin to take over, Rafe puts a comforting hand on Hope's shoulder.




The elevator doors open at University Hospital as Theresa is wheeled into the Emergency Ward. The doctors and nurses kick into action as her unconscious body is wheeled into a room, as the doctors' talk in medical jargon.


Daniel, having been paged from his office, darts over to Theresa's bedside, ready to jump into action. He asks Maxine questions as he heads over.


DANIEL: What've we got?

MAXINE: Accident victim, thrown from a car just before it drove off an embankment. Patient is unconscious, with major fractures to her ribs, two broken arms, and a broken leg. Possible head trauma as well.

DANIEL: Thanks, Maxine. Let's have a look at he--


When he looks down, realizing who his patient is. He is stunned.


DANIEL: Oh. My. God.





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Great episode! Loved the scene with Daniel at the end. The scene with Jordan and Rafe was nice and relaxing up until they found Theresa LOL. Tyler and Maggie... something to be explored. And really Gabi? You wanna have dinner with Nick (puke). Love that your using Sheryl and giving her depth. Abby pregnant! Oh no!!! All in all, I think this episode had a rocky start. But it got much better as it went on.

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  • Members

I'm already feeling the tension as Gabi was asking Nick out to dinner.

Tyler/Maggie/Victor scene was good. Victor catching the near miss encounter but not the sparks between Tyler and Maggie.

Theresa is the gruesome discovery that Rafe and Jordan made...

I also like how you give Jordan more depth than they do on TV.

And I like Abby's downward spiral. However I do hope Jennifer digs a little more.

Things are really moving here...looking forward to the next ones..

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I meant to comment on the last show that I do see soemthing in Maggie and Tyler. I think Maggie is very smitten by him and I think old man Vic better put on a pair of glasses. Again love the buisness aspect of that scene.

OMG Abby is having a baby. I'm glad you took that route kuz this will be interesting to see how you play this out.

Theresea is able to be in a wheel chair vs a gurney after darting out that car?

A nice follow up episode from the last one. All the scenes moved stories.

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