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DAYS #45: Brady Goes Down (Part 3): Crash & Burn





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami steps off the elevator at University Hospital, and grabs her cell phone, she makes a quick call to her secretary at Countess W.

SAMI: (into phone) Yes, Jessica? It's Sami. Look, if you can cancel my appointments for the morning, I'll be in an important meeting...Thanks. I'll let you know when I'm heading back. Bye.

Sami hangs up as she approaches Dr. Laura Horton's door. She sighs heavily before stepping inside.


EJ arrives back at the DiMera mansion, on his cell phone with somebody. He is focused and serious with them as he heads directly into the now-empty living room.

EJ: (into phone) So she should be contacting you shortly. I want you to make sure you have that exact medication ready for her...precisely...alright. Call me when it's done.

EJ hangs up the phone, a smirk develops across his face.

EJ: One way to squash a fly...

EJ's smug moment of satisfaction is interrupted by the sound of an argument in the foyer between Harold and a person at the door. EJ's curiosity piqued, he heads for the door.

Anne is at the door, enraged, while Harold tries to keep her at bay.

ANNE: You WILL let me in because I have something very important to share with Mr. DiMera and if you think that--

EJ: Ms. Milbauer. How lovely to see you. Come in.

Harold takes a step back, while Anne smiles a phony "gotcha" smile to Harold, and steps forward towards EJ.


Theresa walks through the path towards the University Hospital parking lot. She's uneasy, and deep in thought about her actions the previous night in Chicago. She looks at her phone and reads the news reports about Brady's ousting at Titan. She feels regretful, but flashes back to seeing the couple that appeared to be Brady and Chloe kissing at the party.

THERESA: You deserved it, Brady. You and that little oompa-loompa of yours.

Just then, Brady pulls up in his car.


He looks exhausted and wired. He glares at Theresa with an intensity and anger that Theresa isn't used to from him.

BRADY: Get in.




Tyler steps into Victor's office, while looking down at a file folder with paperwork. He knocks as he opens the door, but steps right in without concern.

TYLER: Victor, I think we need to go over the details of your succession plan, iron out the details so we're covered with regards to Brady...oh.

Upon looking up, Tyler realizes that Victor is not the one in the office, but Maggie. She turns around the face Tyler, smiling warmly.

MAGGIE: You know, I'd heard of married couples starting to look the same over time, but this is ridiculous.

Tyler is taken aback, feeling a bit sheepish for his error, but Maggie gives a cheeky smile, before extending a hand in greeting.

MAGGIE: I'm Maggie Kiriakis.

TYLER: Pleasure to meet you.

Tyler extends his hand in greeting, the two linger a little too long in shaking hands.


Anne storms into the DiMera living room, as EJ motions to Harold. Harold nods and heads for the kitchen.

EJ steps into the room casually, as though he knows exactly what's going on. Anne is visibly agitated, and ready for a fight.

EJ: And what can I help you with, Ms. Milbauer?

Anne reaches into her bag and slaps the freezer bag containing the suspect letter against EJ's chest.

ANNE: Either you're really bad at intimidating me, or this is more of your macabre DiMera humour. Seriously, EJ? Suspiciously powdered letters?

EJ takes the bag and opens it, casually pulling the letter out of the bag, and opening it, as he speaks, he pulls the letter out to show Anne, while dusting it off.

EJ: I confess, I was not at the office this morning when this was sent to you. I was working from home on the fundraising for the hospital for you, and when the delivery man arrived, I'd already begun baking cookies with the children.

As EJ says this, Harold strolls into the room with a platter of cookies. EJ hands the letter over to Anne, who looks it over suspciously, before looking up at EJ, who has taken two cookies from the platter.

EJ: I was unable to clean my hands so I'm sorry for the uhh...heh, baking powder all over the letter. Uh...would you like a cookie? The children worked very hard on them.

Anne looks down at the cookie, and shakes her head.

ANNE: You really must think I'm an idiot. Like I'm gonna take cookies from you, you know you're really a sick man.

EJ: Oh come on, Ms. Milbauer, it's not like they're poisoned. See?

EJ takes one of the cookies and takes a big bite from it. He smiles, and holds his arms out almost victoriously.

EJ: See? I'm fine! I don't know why you're so paranoid, Ms. Milbauer.

At this point, Anne is livid and steps towards EJ menacingly.

ANNE: You know exactly why I'm suspicious of you, EJ. And don't chalk it up to paranoia. You have the audacity to threaten me, and then play these ridiculous, childish pranks in order to scare me out of town so your little affair with Little Miss Sunshine doesn't get found out? You think I'm that stupid? I know it was you sending someone to follow me last night, to freak me out?

EJ: I did no such thing...

ANNE: I know you sent me that letter today with the suspicious powder to make me think it was some kind of poison, and I know those cookies are just your way of making me think I'm losing my mind, or at the very least to discredit me. And you know what? It's not going to work. Because you don't have the balls to actually follow through on any of your threats. You have too much to lose. So stop with the little warning shots, because I know you. You'll all talk, and no walk. Excuse me.

Anne backs away from EJ, grabs her bag and heads off towards the door, grabbing a cookie from the tray on the way out. She tastes one, stopping before she's out the door. She turns to face EJ with a sour look on her face as she chews it.

ANNE: Mm...some advice? Never open a bakery.

Anne turns back around and heads out the door, throwing the cookie out into the bushes as she goes.

EJ laughs to himself as Anne closes the door.



Sami steps into Laura's office. She appears incredibly tense, and Laura can instantly sense this in her. Laura motions for Sami to sit down in a chair on the other side of Laura's desk. Sami obliges.

SAMI: Thanks. I'm...so glad to see you. It's been a really long time.

LAURA: Likewise. Your mother showed me pictures of your children the last time she visited me. They're beautiful.

Sami tenses a bit, thinking of her hesitation with Johnny the previous week, as she finally began to come to grips with his conception. She responds less than happily.

SAMI: Uh...thank you...you know, I've hired your granddaughter, Abigail. She's been...really helpful to me at Countess W.

LAURA: I'm glad. It's such a shame she had problems here at the hospital. I was hoping we could work together, but...

SAMI: Yeah. Some people just don't get along, I guess.

LAURA: I suppose...look, Sami. I noticed your tension when I mentioned your children just now. Are they doing okay?

Sami hesitates to answer for a moment, but smiles and forms an answer.

SAMI: Yes, they're fine. I just...we had some...

LAURA: Sami, are you worried you're disconnecting from your children?

Sami stops and thinks for a second. She nods to Laura hesitantly.

SAMI: And it's not just that. I...the other night, EJ and I fought and...he brought up the night that...Johnny, my youngest son, the night he was....conceived and...

LAURA: Sami, is Johnny's conception a happy memory for you?

Sami looks to the ground. She tries in vain to fight back tears as she struggles to answer Laura. She finally chokes out an answer, barely audible.

SAMI: No. And I'm...I'm afraid of...

LAURA: What are you afraid of, Sami?

Sami swallows, and breathes deeply. After a moment, she finally answers.

SAMI: I'm afraid I'm going to push him away...because when I look at Johnny now...I see what happened that night, and not my beautiful little boy anymore...and I can't...I need help, Laura.



Gabi walks through the park, trying to look inconspicuously for someone. She sits down on the bench and begins to check her texts. EJ's text instructs her to wait on the bench at 3pm for a gentleman. Not describing him any further, Gabi's unsure what to look for.

GABI: Real helpful, EJ.

Just as she says this, a man sits down on the bench next to her, and quietly speaks.

MAN: You Gabi?

Gabi looks over at the man, and nods.

GABI: You have it?

MAN: It's all yours.

The man hands her a small pill bottle, as discreetly as possible. Gabi looks up at him, while looking around to see if anyone else is looking. She slips the pills into her bag, and the man looks her intensely.

It's Liam.

LIAM: And remember, you've never seen me before, and you won't recognize me if you see me again. If you need anything else, contact EJ.

Gabi stares nervously at him, and nods, before grabbing her bag and taking off.


Brady drives aggressively down the road. Theresa sits next to him in his car, visibly nervous. So nervous, in fact, she can barely look over at him, nearly transfixed on the road.

THERESA: So...Brady.

BRADY: I thought we could go for a drive....have a little talk. You and I.

THERESA:oh...oh yeah? What about?

BRADY: Well, what happened to you last night when you left the party...you know I wanted to find you.

THERESA: Ohh yeah?

Brady looks at Theresa and smiles.

BRADY: Yeah. I wanted to surprise you. I was gonna rent out the biggest suite at that hotel across the street you loved so much. You know, you said it was so glamourous, and you just...you wish you could spend one night there.

THERESA: You...you would do that for me?

BRADY: Yes. Yes, I would. And I almost did too. But I couldn't find you...or my credit card. So I ended up going back to Salem where I find out that my company credit card, there's this...$200-plus cab fare on it. And it's funny because, the charge was made around the same time I went looking for you at the club.

THERESA: Look, Brady, I--

Brady's anger is starting to creep into his voice, his motions becoming ever more staccato, as his foot presses harder on the gas. The car enters the highway leaving Salem.

BRADY: You know, then this video is online of me...doing cocaine. And it's like...it's so funny, it's at that same time when you were trying to take a selfie and you were too drunk to figure out your phone? Such a weird coincidence, huh?

Brady's foot presses more and more on the accelerator, as the car pushes up towards 70, 75, 80mph. Theresa holds onto the grip on the door tightly.

THERESA: B...Brady, slow down.

Brady is looking straight ahead, barely even acknowledging Theresa's existence.


THERESA: Well...well the speed limit, Brady is--

BRADY: Do you honestly think I care right now? Like...at all? Do you think what you want matters to me right now?

THERESA: Brady, you're scaring me.

Brady starts to pay closer attention to Theresa now, but it is mostly anger he shows her as he intermittently divides his attention between her and the road before him.

BRADY: Do you think I'm scared? Huh? Do you think I can feel anything right now?

THERESA: Brady, what are you talking about?

BRADY: What do I have now, Theresa? Think about it for a second, yeah? I just lost my job, my reputation is ruined, the woman I thought I was getting to know and care about, she double-crosses me because she's so damned insecure about me being able to be nice to my ex-wife. Every single woman I ever get involved with betrays me. My family hates me. Tell me, Theresa. What do I have to live for now? Tell me.

THERESA: Okay, okay, Okay--

BRADY:...TELL ME! Do you get it?

THERESA: Okay! I'm sorry, Brady, would you PLEASE slow down.

Brady takes his eyes off the road now entirely, and begins to lean in closer and closer to Theresa.

His speed is now reaching 85mph.

BRADY: Ohhhh no. You don't get it, do you? I want you to listen to me for once. No distractions. No one around to watch you to see the glamourous life you're living off my back. Just you, finally facing the person you are. The despicable, self-absorbed piece of street trash you really are--

Theresa looks away from Brady.


Theresa looks up and sees a sharp turn in the road ahead, she panicks and screams out.


Brady looks up and tries to steer into the turn while slamming on the brakes.

Theresa, in a moment of quick thinking, pulls her door open and leaps from the vehicle, but due to the speed the car is travelling at, she is knocked unconscious and severely injured immediately upon impacting the ground.

Brady's car skids off the road and drives through the barrier, off the side of the embankment, into the lake below.



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OH MY GOD! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM IN THAT CAR BUT I DID NOT EXPECT ANY OF THAT!!!!!!!!!! Wow, your cliffhangers were AMAZING! Anne and E.J. were hilarious to me. I LOVE Anne's dark humor. I love the emotional scene you wrote for Sami. Her lines were captivating. Liam, quite the mystery. Why did he hand Gabi pills? Why is he doing stuff for E.J.? A lot of burning questions and a whole let of cliff hangers. HATS OFF TO YOU ON THIS ONE AL!!!

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  • Members

Great episode...great cliffhanger and build.

I enjoyed every part of it. EJ and Anne's cat and mouse game continues...

Gabi getting pills for Nick from Liam.

Sami's emotions are raw and it's almost scary to think that she remembers what happened with EJ when she looks at Johnny.

Tyler and Maggie...hmmm...the plot thickens..

And the cliffhanger, the car crash...

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LOVED EJ and Annes showdown. I loved EJ's excuse and Anne's remark about the cookies. Funny stuff and I love these two together. They have a great chemistry. This war betweeen them is great.

Loved Sami's emotion about Johnny. It is so sad. But great at the same time. I am so thankful you are going balls deep into this forgotten story. it's powerful stuff.This could be Sami's biggest confliction to date.

Nice construction of this episode. EJ's first scene was talking about pills I'm like "yea ok" but then I saw Gabi but I must admit my smile turned into a frown when I saw her name but then it got interesting with LIAM. NICE!! This is getting good. All your stories are deepening and straying away from the NBC version finally and I do like the direction things are going in!!

And wow what an ending. But i am laughing right now Thereresea thought it was cool leaping out a car at 90mph. Wow what an incredible scene and a great cliffhanger. I knew the accident was coming but I didn't know that Theresea would leap out so good one for that. At this point I feel bad as hell for Brady. All his feelings came out. It finally hit him, litreally!!

A great show. Off to read the next one I must find out what happens.

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