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DAYS #32: Sami stuns EJ, JJ's unsure about Liam




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie walks alone through the Town Square, a look of concern across her face as she makes a call on her phone.

BILLIE: (into phone) Yeah, I got something for you. I'll need to run a test on it when I get back. Meet you at the station at 7?...Great.

Billie hangs up, pulling the tiny USB drive she found in the computer at Titan in her hand. She ponders what it could be and how it got there. She's knocked out of this place of concentration by a familiar voice.

THERESA: Billie!

Billie turns around to see Theresa's smiling face looking back at her.

BILLIE: Theresa! Oh my GOD, honey! How are you!

Billie and Theresa hug each other warmly, Theresa clearly excited to see her friend.

THERESA: I'm okay. Had a bit of a rough week but I'm holding up well.

BILLIE: I'm glad.

THERESA: I didn't realize you were in town! How long are you gonna be here?

BILLIE: Well, I'm...I'm actually gonna stick around for awhile. I think it's time I called Salem home for awhile. You know?

THERESA: Well, it's no LA, but knowing you're here makes tolerating this one-horse town a whole lot easier to swallow.

BILLIE: Oh, it's not that bad.

Theresa rolls her eyes at the mere thought of Salem as her home.

THERESA: That's what you think. Hey, are you free tonight? I was thinking of getting together for a drink at the Club TBD.

BILLIE: Oh I could probably do that. I have a couple things to take care of first but I'd love to catch up.

THERESA: Great. I'll text you later and we can meet up.

BILLIE: Sounds good, honey. See you later.

Theresa and Billie go their separate ways, and Billie goes to make another phone call, but before she can pull her cell phone up to her ear, she's interrupted by another voice.

DANIEL: What were you doing talking with her?

Billie turns around, a confused look across her face as she looks to Daniel.




JJ looks to Jennifer, who is standing in her office with a departing Liam. JJ has a disappointed look in his eyes, which Jennifer immediately recognizes.

JENNIFER: Liam and I were discussing meeting for dinner tonight.

JJ: Mom, don't you think that's a bit soon af--

JENNIFER: No. No, I don't. JJ, Daniel and I have been apart for a very long time now, and...

Jennifer suddenly stops herself, knowing Liam's there beside her, and wishing to spare him the discomfort.

JENNIFER: Liam, you don't mind if I talk to my son alone, do you?

LIAM: Not at all. I'll see you tonight.

JENNIFER: Absolutely.

Jennifer and Liam kiss quickly before Liam steps away. JJ looks off, unimpressed by Jenn and Liam's display of affection. Once Liam departs, JJ, shaking his head, turns around, pointing out towards where Liam just was.

JJ: Really, Mom?

JENNIFER: JJ, you really need to stop worrying about who I'm dating and focus on school and your community service, because I swear to you, you don't want to push me right now.

JJ: Why not? Look, I feel responsible for what happened with Daniel--

JENNIFER: ...And you should. Look, I am grateful to Daniel for helping you out and keeping you out of prison, but you've got to understand, JJ, this is my life to live. And I want to live it seeing a man who respects my decisions and my right to raise my family the way I see fit. Daniel--

JJ: Daniel didn't, I get it. Okay? But Daniel did all this to help me, and not because he liked me, not that he should've, but because he loved you that much. So much that he was willing to risk every kind of punishment, to have my back. And I know I certainly don't deserve that. But you do.

Jennifer smiles at JJ, putting a hand on his shoulder.

JENNIFER: I know you're grateful to him. And I understand why you'd feel that way, JJ, I do. But you need to understand how important honesty is to me. And if the man I'm with can't trust me with something as important as the safety of my children...then he's not someone that I should be with.

JJ nods reluctantly. He looks to his mom, a bit defeated.

JJ: I get it. I do, I just...you know...Liam...he...

JENNIFER: Now don't you go saying anything against Liam. You hardly even know him at all.

JJ: Yeah, Mom, but...I dunno. He just...he kinda weirds me out a bit, you know?

Jenn laughs a bit at JJ's comment as she steps behind her desk, in a bit of an attempt to distract herself, and ease a bit of the tension in the room.

JENNIFER: Why do you say that?

JJ: I really...I wish I could tell you what it is but...when I was talking to him at the party the other night...something about him just makes me really uncomfortable.

Jennifer furrows her brow a bit, unsure what JJ means, but still a bit concerned by JJ's reaction to Liam.


Now away from Jenn's office, Liam gets a phone call. He answers in somewhat hushed tones.

LIAM: (into phone) Yeah. No, it's going well. I can't be on the phone with you here, okay? I'll see you when I get home.

Liam looks around, trying to not look suspicious in doing so, but naturally, not being successful at it. He heads for the elevator.


Nicole lunges for the file in Nick's hands, but Nick pulls away just in time. Nicole is enraged and afraid of the sudden shift in the power dynamic between them, and stands with a distinct discomfort that wasn't there a moment ago.

NICOLE: How the HELL did you get your hands on that?

NICK: God, Nicole. For someone as smart as you, you'd think you'd at least be smart enough to take something like this to the paper shredder at LEAST.

NICOLE: Don't be evasive, you weasel. How did you get ahold of those files.

NICK: It's easy when you work in the building and know computers. Oh speaking of which, I took the liberty of wiping your backup copies of these from the server so you can't send them to Eric before I do and make yourself look like some kind of heroine or anything.

NICOLE: Bastard.

NICK: Language, Nicole. I actually just wanted to get all your research from you so you couldn't junk it. You reporters have sources far better than anything I could get my hands on, but...THIS. This was such an amazing find. Totally not what I was looking for but somehow SO much better!

NICOLE: You're sick! I mean, really. You set me up and now you're going to pit my career against my relationship with Eric? Are you out of your mind?

NICK: Lot of people think so. But for the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm seeing things clearer than I have in a long time. Percy, do you mind taking these files with you and putting them somewhere safe?

PERCY: Certainly, Nicholas.

Percy approaches Nick and takes the files from him, shielding himself from Nicole. Nicole folds her arms, not even making an effort to grab them now. Percy heads out of the room, leaving Nicole and Nick alone.

NICOLE: You'll never get away with this, you know.

NICK: Wanna throw a few more cliches in there, Nicole?

NICOLE: Sure. How about, 'Go to Hell', 'You don't scare me', and 'I will make you pay for this'?

NICK: Good choices. Not gonna help you at ALL but...nice effort. So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to keep working to help Percy and I shut EnerNext down? Or will I have to take YOU down?

NICOLE: How am I even gonna do that? I'm suspended. Even if I'm able to keep working here afterwards, they're going to block me from carrying on with this story.

NICK: Don't worry about that part. I'll handle it. You just stick to building a case against Titan and EnerNext, and keep building community resistance against it. I'll handle everything else.

Nicole shakes her head at this entire scenario with disbelief.

NICOLE: And I'm supposed to what? Trust you?? Really?

NICK: If you do the right thing? Absolutely. Nicole, you can help a lot of people with this. All kinds of people who don't have a voice right now. And you can do this and have everything you want in your life. Eric, the respect of the journalistic community, a fantastic career. I will make sure you can have those things. But you have to do exactly what I ask of you. Or else...

Nick points towards the door Percy walked out of.

NICK: ...your future ends here. It's up to you.

Nicole rolls her eyes at Nick, but is in serious, strenuous contemplation.


EJ steps casually into Sami's office, after interrupting her conversation with Kate about Gabi. Sami is startled by EJ's arrival, and is uneasy with him approaching her, which is not lost on Kate or EJ.

EJ: I'm sorry if I startled you.

SAMI: Wha...what do you mean? I just...I was caught off guard, that's all.

EJ: Well, I apologize for that.

A momentary uneasy silence fills the air before EJ breaks it. The tension makes the moment of silence feel ten times longer than it is in reality.

EJ: As for Gabi's modelling contract, I am slightly dubious of the source from which the idea stems, however, I am willing to concede that, in the grand scheme of things, this will stack the deck in our favour when it comes to dealing with Mr. Fallon.

KATE: Thank you, EJ...I think. Sami, this is the only way we can both keep tabs on Nick.

SAMI: Look, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I just...I don't like the idea of Gabi having so much freedom when she's been so...naive about Nick. I mean...this could backfire and, heaven forbid, Ari could end up living with Nick and Gabi somewhere and Will would end up powerless to stop it.

KATE: That won't happen. Look, don't immediately go to the worst case scenario like this. Gabi wants Will and Sonny to be a part of Ari's life. It's important to her. And as dim as she can be som--

SAMI: (interrupting) Most--

KATE: ...most of the time, she really does want what's best for that baby. Give her some credit there, at least.

SAMI: You're right. (sigh). You're right, I just....ugh, I have so much on my mind right now and--

EJ: That's my fault.

SAMI: No, it's...not. I mean it is but...look, EJ, I need to talk to you.

Kate, sensing she's inserted herself into a bit of a touchy situation, gets up from her seat and heads for the doorway.

KATE: That would be my cue to leave, I have a feeling.

SAMI: Hasn't stopped you before.

KATE: Charming as ever, Sami. EJ.

Kate saunters out, leaving EJ and Sami alone. EJ stands by Sami's desk, arms folded, while Sami sits, uncomfortably, behind hers. She takes a moment to breathe, not looking up.

EJ: Are you alright?

SAMI: No. I'm not. I've been a complete....basketcase all week.

EJ: I'm sorry for that.

SAMI: Like I said...it's...not completely your fault. I just...I need to tell you something.

EJ: ...Okay.

SAMI: I think...I think I need to move out of the mansion for awhile.

The colour drains from EJ's face. Truly at a loss for words, he stands, dumfounded.



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I feel sorry that Sami does not really know the truth. Loved the Billie and Theresa scene. It brought a calmness to all the drama. Everyone can tell right away that something big might happen soon. I just felt it throughout this whole episode!

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  • Members

What a great show. I loved Jennifer and JJ's scenes. I appreciate JJ championing for Daniel and I understand why. Nice to see that story move.

I thought the Billie and Theresea scene was nice and very refrehing for evil ass Theresita. I cant wait to see Billie and Daniels next scene refarding Sita.

I had almost forgotten why Sami was so nervous by EJ being there. I always loves the exchanges between Kate and Sami.

And Nick and Nicole. loving it bro. They are well matched with the dialog to one another. Good catty stuff.

Good job Al. Things are getting good and your show getting stronger n deeper as we move along, I can tell you writing with more confidence.

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The different emotions that Sami went through was great to see. From businesswoman, to snarky comments to Kate, to tormented "rape" victim.

As always you capture the character of Nick, and his psychological torment/blackmail of Nicole, but I'm not counting her out. Percy is Nick's lapdog. lol

JJs expression of doubt about Liam is (1) exactly how someone his age would say it (2) a great setup for future story

I see your stories taking hold and they are very good and solid..


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