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DAYS #28: The Press Conference (Part 4): Nicole's been tricked




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Jerry VerDorn as Tyler Houston, CEO of EnerNext.

A cross section of Salem appears in Town Square. Everyone from Nicole, who is busy doing a live broadcast previewing the proceedings, to Percy, to Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Baby Ari, as well as Marlena, Hope, Jennifer, Abe, Maxine, all out in protest of the EnerNext deal. Aiden, Adrienne and Justin, are also in the crowd. Kate and Billie hang back, away from the others, observing those around them.

KATE: I don't see them anywhere.

BILLIE: Well, it doesn't start for another few minutes, so maybe they're on their way.

KATE: They better be. I can't wait to see them antagonize Victor and show everybody their true colours.

Victor and Brady stand backstage, waiting for their grand entrance. Victor is tirelessly ensuring all the final details are in place, while Brady, desperate to try to prove useful, attempts to follow his every move, and take initiative, only to have Victor take over every time.

BRADY: Grandad, I can do this you know. You don't have to do everything.

Victor looks over at Brady, a look of resigned annoyance in his eyes.

VICTOR: You know that mouthwash you're using doesn't cover up bourbon very well.

BRADY: Dammit, Grandad. ONE SHOT! That's all I had. To calm my nerves.

VICTOR: And to transfer them onto me. Good God, Brady, you can't even get through a press conference without a drink?

BRADY: Hair of the dog, Grandad. Trust me, I felt much better afterwards.

VICTOR: You keep telling yourself that. In the meantime, I've got to get Miles and make sure Nicole's not trying to film this live spot with the lens cap on.

Victor saunters away. Brady tenses as if to punch something but stops himself.

As Nicole continues her report, Victor checks with Miles, who is headed backstage, to ensure all is well. Miles and Victor are out of Nicole's line of sight.

VICTOR: (softly) Has she screwed up yet?

MILES: No, Mr. Kiriakis. She's right on point, the story will be a huge boon for Titan. So much so, I think I'm going to head down to the stage and get the cues set up. I think she's got this.

VICTOR: (laughing) You say that now, meanwhile, this one can't even dress herself in the morning. Skin-tight lycra micromini that looks like Picasso threw up on it. Ha! Classy to the end.

Miles heads back with Victor to behind the stage.


Sheryl and Jordan are facing Nick, panicking at being caught hacking into a Titan exec's computer.

NICK: Well, well. What do we have here? A little corporate espionage, perhaps?

JORDAN: It's...it's not what it looks like.

NICK: I'm sure.

SHERYL: And what the hell are you doing here, anyway?

NICK: Well, see, I had business to attend to. But you guys are just so much more interesting. So what do you say, if you're not gonna tell me exactly what you're up to, I make a quick call to Kate and--

JORDAN: Okay okay! We'll tell you.

Sheryl shoots Jordan a startled and angered look.




Theresa looks to Kim, who is sitting on her sofa. Kim looks guiltily at her daughter, while clutching a small pillow, tears in her eyes that she's trying to fight off.

KIM: How did you figure it out?

THERESA: Well, it's not hard to use EweSearch, Mom. Besides, I was trying, hoping for any tiny shred of dirt I could find on Phil. I needed to find a way to get him away from us. I was desperate. And that's when I found the film. It was...awful. It was...she was so...dead-eyed and...not the woman I'd met from the time she visited with Bo.

Theresa flashes back to her teen self at the computer, unsure what to make of what she's seeing. She flips through a telephone book.

THERESA: I wanted to confront Phil with it...but....for some reason, I just...I knew I had to call her instead. And so I did.


In the flashback, we see Theresa phoning someone, panicked and scared. Billie picks up.

BILLIE: Hello?


THERESA: At first, she completely denied any part of it, and she seemed really angry at me. I think someone had tried to use it against her before. Anyway, I had to tell her everything that he'd done to me. The abuse, the touching, the lies. How he told me you'd never believe me...and I bought into that because you didn't. And she didn't ask another question, she just told me she was on her way. And that's what happened.

Kim stays stone silent for a moment, drinking in what her daughter's just told her. She tries to hold back, but can't fight her tears any longer. She stands up and reaches for Theresa.

KIM: Oh my God, Theresa. I'm...I'm a terrible mother. I'm so sorry, I should have believed you.

Theresa tenses at her mother's touch. Kim senses this and pulls away from her. Theresa remains seemingly emotionally vacant.

THERESA: You're right. You should have. Why did it take Billie telling you about how Phil exploited her for a quick buck before you realized I was telling the truth. You believed someone you'd met a handful of times over your own daughter. How could you?

KIM: I don't know what to say. I guess I...I didn't want to believe that this same man who put me back together after your father and I separated...how he could be so...hurtful to you. I wish I could take it all back. I really do.

THERESA: Well, then get on inventing that time machine then.

KIM: Jeannie, I...

THERESA: It's Theresa! Mother! (sighs) And I think it's time for you to go.

KIM: Theresa, I'm sorr--

THERESA: Go. Please, Mom.

Theresa walks over to the door and opens it, ushering a reluctant Kim out. Before Kim leaves, she turns to Theresa once more.

KIM: I will be sorry until the day I die for what he put you through, Honey.

Theresa says nothing and looks down at the ground. Once Kim leaves, Theresa closes the door behind her, finally letting her pent-up emotions out, she starts to cry as she leans against the door of her apartment.


Hope looks over from the crowd of protesters she's surrounded herself with and sees Aiden Jennings speaking with some EnerNext people. She walks over to him, displeased.

HOPE: Are you seriously supporting this?

Aiden looks up, and smiles at Hope.

AIDEN: Ahhh! I KNEW my day was going much too well.

HOPE: Comedian, I see.

AIDEN: Well, maybe humour will help these guys get this project through.

HOPE: I like my air breatheable, thanks.

AIDEN: And your family and friends without jobs, as well, obviously.

HOPE: Excuse me?

AIDEN: Well, just think of all the jobs that this community will not be adding without this project. You know, you really have to start seeing things from other people's perspective, Hope.

Aiden walks off, leaving Hope making a sour expression. Jennifer looks on with a concerned look.

Adrienne and Justin look on, Adrienne fully in support of the EnerNext plan, and Justin, who has an inside track, less so. Adrienne is clearly kind of annoyed at Justin.

ADRIENNE: You should be up there, you know.

JUSTIN: You know, I just don't think you get why this is such a bad idea, Adrienne.

ADRIENNE: I don't. I see work for people, which means construction projects for the company, and money for your practice.

JUSTIN: Yeah, against my uncle. Because things aren't already strained between us because I didn't support this project. Come on.

ADRIENNE: Well, if you don't make your bonus this year, you know exactly why.

Justin rolls his eyes as the EnerNext spokesperson steps onstage. The lights focus on the stage, and there is a distinct sound of camera shutters and flashes around the square from the press.

TYLER: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am Tyler Houston, and I am CEO of EnerNext. As you are well aware, we have been working toward acquiring a large area of land to the northwest of Salem. And we are excited and honoured to meet with you today to discuss how this will affect your lives, and also to announce a fantastic deal we have just struck that will help to revitalize the area. Now before we get starte--

Nicole is already set to go, hand in the air, interrupting the proceedings with probing questions. Tyler attempts to stop her but is unable to.

NICOLE: About these land acquisitions. Your company has been accused of underhanded tactics in order to coerce residents to give up their homes to them using false appraisals, lowballing and tricking home and landowners into selling their land to you under false pretenses. Sir, are you or your associates aware of these actions and what steps have you taken to avoid these underhanded tactics from continuing as the project continues?

TYLER: I..I...Miss, I will answer your questions after I am finished my presentation.

Percy raises his arm and voice from the crowd.

PERCY: The lady has raised an excellent point that needs an answer!

The crowd stirs, many in agreement, shouting insistently at Tyler to respond to Nicole's question. Brady and Victor are dismayed, but don't immediately recognize the voice as Nicole.

VICTOR: Here come the environmentalist wingnuts!

Back on stage, Tyler attempts to calm the crowd by quietly answering her question.

TYLER: Procedures in the land acquisition was done lawfully and with full disclosure and agreement of the former landowners. To my knowledge, no one was decieved and the documents were clear in their language.

The crowd is displeased by Tyler's answer. Nicole is ready and loaded to fire again.

NICOLE: How about the fact that the site just happens to be a few miles from a predominently poorer, ethnic neighbourhood of Salem, as opposed to the east end of Salem, where scientists have shown the tar sands are richer in crude oil, but is near an affluent neighbourhood?

Tyler stirs, now clearly uncomfortable with the line of questioning. The crowd is quickly whipping up into a frenzy. Brady looks out into the crowd and is horrified by what he sees.

TYLER: I'm sorry, uh...Miss...but we will have to continue with the questions after I make my announce--

NICOLE: Or the simple fact that research from Alberta's tar sands project has shown how utterly devastating such projects are to the local environment and air quality?

TYLER: I'm...um...

The crowd is now out of control, many demanding Tyler speak up. Brady turns to Victor.

BRADY: Someone has to stop her.


BRADY: Nicole, she's...she's the one asking all those questions, she's derailing the entire press conference.

VICTOR: Get Miles over here now. I'm heading out there.

Brady runs over to grab Miles, and Victor steps out onto the stage. Kate and Billie are looking around, desperately trying to see Jordan or Sheryl.

TYLER: If you'll just allow me the opportunity to...

Nicole's questions, like battle calls, continue until she sees Victor appear on the stage. She, along with the rest of the crowd, fall quickly silent.

TYLER: *clears throat* May I announce our acquisition by Titan Industries. Meet our new co-CEO, Victor Kiriakis.

Nicole's jaw drops at the news. Nicole suddenly realizes, Nick duped her.

NICOLE: That miserable son of a bitch.



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Wow what a fast paced, suspenseful, funny, emotional episode.

You give Theresa so much depth by revealing that she was abused, and good use of history also in that.

You've got the characters so down pat. Everybody talks exactly how I'd see them. I really admire your work in that regard.

And Victor is the new CEO of the controversial company EnerNext, and great casting of Jerry VerDorn. I wonder if his character is staying.

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Amazing. Your best show yet. I love how you built everything up to this and it was a great payoff.

I love anytime the whole cast gets together for a big event. You played the dynamics very well for the nay's and yays' It was so good seeing Adreinne and Justing in on the action as well.

I also loved how you showcased Salem in a way that has never been presented before. Nicole's line of questioning was great. Brady's reaction to learing it was her was great. This show made me really vested now in this Enernext story and to see where it goes. I hope this is only the begining. I must admit i wasn't to hot on it at first as it confused me some what but you really pulled it together.

Percy's interjection great.

Theresea well I'm still mad she was so rude at her big momma at the end. Theresea referred to a "her', who is that? I get the other parts of the story but the "her" threw me off. Pls dont get mad at me I'm just trying to understand it.


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Oh my gosh. What did I just read LOL!? Let-s begin.... First Nick is as slimy as ever I believe. I mean he is gettinhg more like that through all these openings that are basically handed to him. Nicole... how you wrote in this show was classic Nicole. The burning and non stop questions were just like her. Wonderful job! The Thereasa and Kim scenes are just getting better and better. Each week and episode you put them in together is real. The emotion and melodramatic dialouge make real and heartfelt scenes. Nice cliffhanger with Victor being the new co CEO. Beebs this was by far the best show you have written yet! It seemed like you were in the zone. AMAZING WORK!

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