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ANOTHER WORLD 162 Jake and Vicky have it out



162 ANOTHER WORLD Jake and Vicky have it out

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, beebs


THE LOVE MANSION...Donnablogentry-14971-0-36032200-1399777369_th is on her cell phone…

Donna: She came here last night and she was devastated. Yes she’s gonna need us. I told her to go home and work things out with Jake, just like I told you after you found out about Tyrone’s affair, and now you’re gonna have a baby, and to think the doctors told you all those years ago that you couldn’t have children. I should be a marriage counselor.


AT THE MCKINNONS...Jakeblogentry-14971-0-88214100-1399777388_th is at the front door, and Vickyblogentry-14971-0-02102900-1399777404_th is standing next to the couch, and Jake shuts the door behind him. He walks slowly toward her, and sits on the couch, and Vicky sits next to him. He puts his right arm around her, and she leans on his right shoulder.

Jake: Do you remember LJHS?

Vicky: Lassiter Junior High School.

Jake: That day we snuck out of third period.

Vicky: We took a bus to Pittsburgh.

Jake: Bridget gave you your allowance the day before.

Vicky: How soon we forget. It WAS winter. I got paid for shoveling five driveways. You only did four.

Jake: You still won’t let me live that down.

Vicky: I just had to have those designer jeans. No store in Lassiter had them.

Jake: There were only two big department stores in town.

Vicky: But Bridget didn’t understand why we had to go to Pittsburgh.

Jake: And she called my mom and I got grounded for skipping school.

Vicky: Well I didn’t exactly escape unscathed. I got grounded, too...for two months, because I told her I was at cheerleading practice. Bridget Connell HATED when I…

Vicky lifts her head and looks at Jake, realizing why he rehashed this story...

Jake: Go ahead and say it Vicky.

Vicky: You tricked me.

Jake: SAY IT!

Vicky: How dare you!

Jake: How dare YOU...LIE to ME! We were best friends since grade school. You’re my wife, we raised Steven and Kirkland. We had two beautiful twin daughters.

Vicky: And THAT’S why I didn’t say anything about Lindsay.

Jake: WHY Vicky? I’m your husband. What was the matter? You didn’t trust me?

Vicky: Trust had nothing to do with what I did.

Jake: It had everything to do with it Vicky. I had another daughter out there, and you knew about it, and said...nothing.

Vicky: Remember the part you just said about us being best friends, raising the boys, and the girls. It’s our family. THAT’S what I was protecting!

Jake: Is that your excuse?

Vicky: Stacey wants you, and she has this notion that she, you and Lindsay are gonna be a family. I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

Jake: So you decided that I wasn’t strong enough to handle the truth.

Vicky: Can you at least try to see it from my point of view?

Jake: I can’t.

Vicky: You won’t is what you mean? It’s like you’re TRYING to find a reason.

Jake: Reason for what?

Vicky: A reason to quit again! You didn’t even want me to know that Stacey came here and professed her love for you.

Jake: I didn’t want this. This reaction, this tension.

Vicky: We had just gotten things back to normal. I didn’t even know if we would make it after Michelle died...because YOU walked out! Did you think things were gonna be perfect?

Jake: You disowned our daughter in front of everyone!

Vicky: And Bridget and I got past it. YOU didn’t want to fight for our family, but I do!

Her eyes well up…

Vicky: I value what we have, Jake. You made a woman out of me. I was all over the place before we got married. I schemed to get Jamie; married Grant when I was in love with Ryan, then Shane.

Jake: I remember, but YOU forgot. I stuck by you while you vacillated between your feelings for Shane and your feelings for me.

Vicky: You did, and that’s why I kept the truth from you. I don’t want to lose our family.



Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-93189600-1399777429_th is on her cell phone…

Bridget: I’m so happy that you and Charlie are getting married. This family could use some good news. Mom and dad are downstairs arguing. Mom kept a...I don’t even wanna talk about it. Dad’s like really pissed.


Jake: Same lame excuse.

Vicky: After everything we’ve been through, do you think I’m gonna just give you up to Stacey?

Jake: Don’t bring Stacey into this.

Vicky: Why not? She would like nothing more than for you to go running to her.

Jake: Stacey is not the problem. It’s you not trusting me. I’m scared Vick.

Vicky: I DO trust you, it’s HER I don’t trust.

Jake: For God’s sake you’re blaming Stacey for the problems that we are having. It shows that you don’t even see it.

Vicky: You’re saying I don’t trust you. Are you sure you’re not projecting how YOU really feel about our marriage?

Jake: What Stacey said was not something you needed to know about.

Vicky: Ahhh there it is! It takes two, Jake. As much as you say I don’t trust you, it’s YOU who doesn’t trust me.

Jake: I do trust you.

Vicky: No you don’t. You walked out on us once before, and it seems like you wanna do it again because I made a mistake. You aren’t even trying to understand why I didn’t tell you about Lindsay being your daughter. I wanted to protect our family, and YOU didn’t want me to know about Stacey being here. I’m scared, too.

Jake: I didn’t go to great lengths to deceive you. You didn’t even want me to remember what happened in Los Angeles! You lied over and over again.

Bridget comes to the top of the stairs…

Vicky: So let me ask you, what do you want to do? Do you wanna stay and fight with me? Or are you gonna walk out on us again?

Bridget runs downstairs to the living room.

Bridget: Dad tell me you’re not gonna leave us again!

Jake looks back and forth at Vicky and Bridget…



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God how I hate for what Vicky was trying to do by justifying this. I feel soooo sorry for Bridget. Loved Donna's joke about her being a marriage counsler. I loved how you made it short tonight. I feel like you needed a shorter episode to focous on Vicky and Jake and where they and there future are headed. Wonderful job crafting the Vicky and Jake scenes. Keep up the WONDERFUL work!

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Absouletly stunning. Emmy worthy for writing and show. Superp. Cary I loved it bro . You really got into the thick of it all. Their emotions, their feelings, the story. So perfect. You lived up to my high expectations and then some. ive beenw aiting for this moment a long time and it was truly worth it. Esp being a reader from day one and seeing them go through the death of their daughter. Thank you bro.

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Great work. Love all the history mentioned here. I'm so happy you devoted a full chapter to this.

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What a great episode. I actually really don't know whether Jake will stay or go in the next episode. You've done a GREAT job with everything in that episode. Donna is excellent as always.


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