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DAYS #25: The Press Conference (Part 1)




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Kate wakes up in her condo on a bright, sunny morning to a loud banging at her door. She stumbles over to the door, groggy, sleep-deprived, and upset at being awoken.

KATE: I'm coming! Would you calm down? You morning people make me sick.

She opens the door to her condo, ready to lay it on the person on the other side. However, behind the door is Billie...with all her luggage.

BILLIE: Hi, Mom! I'm home!

Kate is surprised to see her daughter so early, and at her condo. She gives a strange, stunned half-smile to her daughter.

KATE: Billie! You're...home?


Marlena is at Town Square, exiting one of the storefronts with a tray of coffees in hand, when Will and Sonny arrive. She sees them approach and waves. Her face lights up as she approaches them, opening his arms to give the boys a hug before setting the coffees down on one of the tables in the square to free up her other hand.

MARLENA: Good morning, boys! I'm so glad to see you!

Will leans over and hugs his grandmother warmly.

WILL: So good to see you, Grandma.

Sonny is next in line for a hug from Marlena. They proceed to sit down at the table Marlena set the coffees down on. Marlena smiles widely as she sees Will and Sonny holding hands.

MARLENA: I took the liberty of getting us all coffee. I know how you like it, Will.

WILL: Well, on the bright side, it isn't the coffee you make at home, and that's good enough for me.

MARLENA: (laughing) Ohh! Hey now! I paid for these, you don't bite the hand that feeds you!

WILL: Alright! Alright! I won't. But...I have a couple things to tell you. WE have a couple things to tell you.

MARLENA: Okay. Shoot.

Will and Sonny look to each other with excitement and love in their eyes.

WILL: You tell her.

SONNY: Okay.

Sonny turns to Marlena, holding back his aching desire to shreik with delight.

SONNY: Will and I are getting married.

Marlena is at a loss for words, she can hardly contain her joy.

MARLENA: You're serious? Oh my...Congratulations! Ohhhh my sweet boys. I'm so thrilled for you!

Marlena jumps up to give the boys a hug and can't help but laugh at the joy of the news.

MARLENA: Oh I'm so thrilled. You've told Sami, obviously?

Will and Sonny's joy is suddenly muddled. They stop suddenly and their smiles become immediately awkward. Marlena sees the sudden change and clues in.

MARLENA: You didn't tell her. What...something happened?

WILL: Well...that's kinda the other thing we need to talk to you about.

Marlena's face drops, filled suddenly with concern for her daughter.




Nicole is working in her office, and by working, truly she's simply daydreaming of the previous night where she and Eric laid under the stars at their evening picnic. Nicole is lost in the thoughts of Eric kissing her gently when someone knocks at her door, rudely awakening her from her blissful dream. Nicole's face sours as she calls out to them.

NICOLE: Come in!

Percy enters the room, smiling widely at Nicole, who smiles a phony, professional smile back.

PRECY: Greetings!

NICOLE: Uh...greetings! Have a seat.

PERCY: Why thank you, my dear. You know, I had such a lovely walk to your office this morning. Such a lovely morning.

NICOLE: Indeed it is. Now, I want to go over some of what I'll be asking at the press conference with you, and see if there's any questions you want to as--

PERCY: Actually, I was going to mention, I've invited someone to join me today.

NICOLE: Uh...who?

PERCY: My associate. He has been instrumental in assisting me in my attempts to retain my property.

NICOLE: Alright, well, if he can help, then send him in!

Nick opens the door and leans in, smiling.

NICK: There's...actually no need. I'm here!

Nicole's face drops upon seeing Nick.

NICOLE: Oh God. It's you.

NICK: I...I'm just here to help a friend out.

NICOLE: How? Are you gonna hold EnerNext hostage at gunpoint?

NICK: Nicole, I've done my time. Okay?

NICOLE: It's Miss Walker to you. And for the record, I don't know how I could possibly spin an ex-con trying to help Mr. Ruggles into a heartwarming David and Goliath story of triumph.

PERCY: In fairness, Miss Walker, Mr. Fallon has been a great help to me, and it would mean so much if you'd indulge me and have him be here today to help us out.

Nicole rolls her eyes, but relents after a moment's thought.

NICOLE: Fine. But I can't guarantee Nick's gonna be a part of the final story that goes to air. We might not get the desired response from the audience with his name attached.

Percy goes to object, but Nick stops him.

NICK: It's okay. I understand. Let's just get down to business, okay?

NICOLE: Alright.

Nicole takes her file out from her bottom drawer of her desk, and plops it down on her desk to pour over with Nick and Percy.

NICOLE: So here's the plan.


Abby is at Club TBD, grabbing a cup of coffee, when she runs into an exhausted Sami.

ABBY: Oh my God. Sami. Hey.

SAMI: Hey, Abigail. Uhh...how are you?

ABBY: I'm fine, you...don't look so hot. You okay?

SAMI: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry.

ABBY: You sure? I...I mean.

SAMI: It's okay. Long night at work. Look, uh...you know. The kids really miss you. I realized I haven't invited you over in such a long time, and Johnny was asking about you the other day. I'd love if you'd come visit. He remembers you coming to babysit before.

ABBY: (laughs) Oh wow, I can't believe he remembers that. That was...so long ago.

SAMI: Yeah, I'm...really amazed how much that boy remembers sometimes.

ABBY: Well, I mean, I'd love to visit...God, I may even need some babysitting jobs soon.

SAMI: What do you mean?

ABBY: Oh, nothing, I...uh...I just...I'm out of work right now.

SAMI: Seriously? What happened? I thought you were so happy at the hospital!

ABBY: Yeah, I was, but...I ran into some...problems with some people at the hospital and...I decided it wasn't working for me.

Sami is shocked by Abby's sudden departure from the hospital.

SAMI: I can't believe you'd quit so quickly. I mean, you loved working there.

ABBY: Yeah, well...some things are just...not meant to be, I guess.

Abby looks away, a bit of sorrow in her eyes.


Marlena sits with Will and Sonny as Will has explained the events of last night. She sighs heavily after Will finishes the story.

WILL: So...mom stayed the night with us. I think she'll be going back to the mansion today though. What...what can I do? Can you...talk to her? I...

MARLENA: Look, Will. I'm glad you came to me, but...I don't know if I can help. Not without Sami's permission, anyway.

WILL: Why not? I mean, she obviously needs someone, why not you?

MARLENA: She has to agree to help first, and I don't think she would agree to me being the one to help her, quite frankly. Now, I can be there for moral support, no problem. But...if Sami needs to speak to a therapist to get all these suppressed memories out, I think I know exactly who can help.


Victor is in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, looking over his papers for the day's press conference, when Maggie enters the room. She walks over to Victor and kisses him gently on the cheek.

MAGGIE: Good morning, Victor.

VICTOR: Maggie! Fine morning, isn't it?

MAGGIE: Well, you could say that, though if those papers you're studying have anything to do with that energy company you're working with, you'd better take a deep breath, and remember what clean air smells like.

Victor puts his papers down on the table in front of him, a bit exasperated.

VICTOR: Oh Maggie, would you stop with that? This is a business opportunity, it'll bring good-paying jobs to the community, and you know better than anyone that it'll benefit all of us greatly.

MAGGIE: At what cost, Victor? Look I want to support you. I know the financial strain you're under right now.

VICTOR: You don't know the half of it.

MAGGIE: Well, I have some small idea. But this project is not the way forward, Victor. There are so many other possible streams of revenue you could tap into. Why this?

VICTOR: Because that's how bad things are, Maggie. When you're in big trouble, you need to take big risks.

Brady enters the living room at that moment, startling Maggie.

BRADY: Grandad's right.

MAGGIE: Brady!

BRADY: Good morning, Maggie. Do you mind if I join my Grandfather so we can go over our big risk?

Maggie is slightly put off by Brady's curt tone, but proceeds to head out.

MAGGIE: Sure. I'll leave you to it. Good to see you, Brady.

Maggie leaves the room, closing the doors behind her. Brady turns to Victor immediately, enthusiastic about the day's events.

BRADY: Now, I know today's a big day, so I really hope we can go over these EnerNext files before the press conference. I can't wait to get started on this project.

VICTOR: Yes, neither can I. I just hope we'll be working on it together at all.

BRADY: Why? What do you mean? Did that owl-watching guy still refuse to sell the land?

VICTOR: Yes. But that's not what I'm talking about. It's you, Brady.


VICTOR: Yes. You're in severe danger of losing your position at Titan.

BRADY: This isn't another lecture, is it? Because if it--

VICTOR: Not a lecture, Brady. A warning. Keep your nose clean, or you'll find yourself in line at the unemployment office.


Theresa opens the door to her apartment, heading to work. When she opens the door, there stands Kim, holding the baggie of cocaine Theresa dropped from her bag the night before.


KIM: You and I need to talk. NOW!



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I think Abigail is starting to be a sneaky bitch. Love how Kim is trying to lay down the law to Thereasa. I think that Victor ultimately is looking out for Brady. I like how u are finally letting Sonny and Will get married in your version. Overall very slow but good show. Keep up the good work.

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Brady needs to grow up....

Oh my...Congratulations! Ohhhh my sweet boys. I'm so thrilled for you! - Vintage Marlena

And of course Abigail had to lie to protect her secret, and I'm wondering what Nick's involvement with EnerNext is going to be..

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O how I just love Niocle. You write her better than the show does. Shes def ur star power.

I like maggie protesting to Victor's plan and I love how you told us about the dire straits of Titan. I finally understnad the Enter next story after this show...

And yes, the only thing Kim was missing in her scene was that wire hangar. Theresita is busted and digusted.

I liked Kate's scene too. I dont know why she was so surprised that it was Billie. Glad to see got her a condo. Can we see the inside please?

Good show Alex, every scene moved. It gets better and better.

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