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ANOTHER WORLD 161 The truth is out



ANOTHER WORLD 161 - The truth is out

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, Beebs, and robbwolff


blogentry-14971-0-07954300-1399235808_thAPARTMENT - Jakeblogentry-14971-0-00540400-1399235341_th just learned through DNA evidence that Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-15079500-1399235367_th is his daughter. There is a deafening silence among them, then Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-22954800-1399235385_th breaks it.

Bridget: Is that true dad?

Jake: 99.9% positive. I am Lindsay’s father.

Bridget turns to Lindsay.

Bridget: You knew?

Lindsay: I…

Bridget: You knew that we were sisters, and you didn’t say anything to me, or my dad. I thought...I thought we were becoming friends.

Lindsay: And we’re more than friends. We’re sisters.

Bridget: We’re nothing.

Jake: Bridget wait for me downstairs.

After Bridget leaves, a distraught, confused, and dumbfounded Jake tells a hair-out-of-place Vickyblogentry-14971-0-69242300-1399235483_th to go downstairs and wait with Bridget.

Vicky: Jake we’ve gotta talk about this.

Jake: Oh trust me, we’re gonna get to that. I wanna talk to Stacey.

Vicky: I’m not leaving you here alone with that bitch!

Jake (grunting): Go...downstairs...and wait with Bridget.

Vicky leaves.

Lindsay: I’ll go to my room.

Jake and Stacey are left alone.

Stacey: Why do you wanna talk to me? You should be talking to Vicky.

Jake: How could you do this to me? Lindsay is my daughter and you didn’t bother to TELL ME! And you say you love me? What kind of person are you?


BAY CITY CENTER---Bridget is walking, and sees Cory sitting at a table, and she walks up to him while she blogentry-14971-0-04106900-1399235567_thwipes tears out of her eyes.

Bridget: Hey.

Cory: Hey. You alright?

Bridget: Can I talk to you?

Cory: Sure.

Bridget: I don’t know who else I can talk to.

Cory: Sit. What’s going on?

Bridget: What ISN’T? I just found out that the girl who I thought was my friend is my sister, and my mom lied about it.

Cory: Join the club.

Bridget: Well Elizabeth never pretended to be your sister.

Cory: Not talking about that. I’m talking about the lying mom’s club.

Bridget: Mrs. Hutchins?

Cory: She said my dad was in Springfield, and he’s not.


CAVANAUGH CLINIC - Carlblogentry-14971-0-60880600-1399235593_th confronts Rachelblogentry-14971-0-49040900-1399235623_th

Carl: You took me here?

Rachel: I had no choice Carl.

Carl (shaking his head): And there were no other alternatives.

Rachel: You ingested a neurotoxin, and Bay City General had no medicines to slow its progress. You could only get the treatment you needed here.

Carl: I can’t fault you for it. That’s why I love you so…

Rachel: But you’re afraid.

Carl: Yes. We’re going to be forever indebted. Our family could be in danger, especially Cory and Elizabeth.

Rachel: I don’t think they’ll put the children at risk.

Carl: You DO know what they are capable of.

Rachel: Yes, I’m very well aware, but I had to save your life Carl. I wasn’t going to lose you again.

Meanwhile, outside the room, Marissablogentry-14971-0-45495400-1399235659_th listens and mutters “Cory?”




Bridget: I’m sure it’s not as bad as what my mom did.

Cory: So are you saying your mom knew that Lindsay was Jake’s daughter?

Bridget: Yep, and she didn’t tell anyone.

Cory: Wow that sucks.

Bridget: Big time. I don’t even wanna be in the same house with her.

Cory: I know the feeling.


LOVE MANSION- Donnablogentry-14971-0-34196700-1399235769_th opens the door, and Vicky slowly walks in teary eyed.

Donna: Victoria? You look you’ve been walking through a raging windstorm. What happened? Oh no.

Vicky nods her head and Donna embraces Vicky.

Donna: Oh sweetheart. I’m so sorry.


Stacey: I’m someone who wanted to respect your family.

Jake: Oh lemme guess. You were trying to protect me.

Stacey: Yes!

Jake: That’s a bunch of bull.

Stacey: Jake you have to understand. I didn’t want this to come out the way it did.

Jake: What? Did you and Lindsay hatch a scheme to worm your way into our lives? Lindsay and Bridget spending all this time together?

Stacey: Don’t blame Lindsay. I told her to keep quiet.

Jake: Why?

Stacey: Because I love you that’s why.

Jake: YOU DON’T LOVE ME! All this was a game. You came to town to get closer to me, and you used your own daughter to do it.

Stacey: That’s ridiculous!

Jake: Is it?

Stacey: You act as though I planned all of this. I didn’t. I didn’t even want to feel the way I feel about you.

Jake: This...was a GAME! And the fact that Lindsay is my biological daughter was your trump card, and you were about to play it. You were on your way to tell me about Lindsay til Vicky stopped you right? You were coming to my house to break up my marriage.

Stacey: Don’t you dare put that on me! Your marriage was on the rocks lonnng before I got here!

Jake: My marriage is none of your concern. I don’t wanna see you, I don’t wanna talk to you. You’re dead to me.

Stacey: Jake please don’t say that. I have your best interests at heart. Vicky lied to you, and I know you still have feelings for me...

Jake: I feel nothing but CONTEMPT for you!

Jake leaves and slams the door and Lindsay walks up to a crying Stacey, sighs, and gives her a tissue.


Bridget: So did you find where your dad is?

Cory: No. Iris took me to Springfield and Ms. Spaulding said that dad wasn’t in Springfield.

Bridget: And you have no idea where your mom might have taken him?

Cory: Nope, none.


Donna: I hate that you’re hurting, but this isn’t the place you should be.

Vicky: Come on mother. I know Jake doesn’t wanna see me.

Donna: You should go home, maybe he’ll have cooled down and you two can talk.

Vicky’s reaching in her purse…

Vicky: This day has been one of the worst ever. You’ll never guess who I ran into earlier.

Donna: Who?

Vicky: Lisa Grady. Where’s my brush?


CAVANAUGH CLINIC LAB - Lisablogentry-14971-0-40460000-1399235860_th has a sample from Vicky’s hairbrush in a clear plastic baggie, as well as a white cup from Marissa’s room.

Lisa: This will give me the answers I’m looking for.

Meanwhile, Karenblogentry-14971-0-37474000-1399235884_th watches Lisa from the door.


Marissa walks into Carl’s room…

Carl: Hello young lady.

Marissa: Hi.

Rachel: Are you okay? This is the second time you’ve been to this room.

Marissa: You know...Cory? I heard you talking about him.

Rachel: Yes that’s our son.

Marissa: Where does he live?

Rachel: I’m sorry, why do you ask about him?

Marissa: I...um...never mind….I’m sorry.

Marissa runs out…and Rachel and Carl are confused.


Lisa prints out the results of her test between Vicky’s hair and Marissa’s cup.

Lisa: Oh my God. This is impossible.


Karen is outside the lab on her cell phone.

Karen: Boss, Dr. McCleary is getting too close. Don’t worry, she won’t get far. I made sure of it.


AT THE MCKINNONS...Jake slowly walks in, turns on the light, and sees Vicky sitting on the couch. She stands up and they face each other.



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The conversational scenes between Stacey and Jake were FLAWLESS! Great cliffhangers in the final three scenes. I thought that this episode repersented classical soap! AMAZING JOB!

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  • Members

That's quite the episode as well. The aftermath of 160's explosive reveals is to me even more compelling. You've done a great job with the emotional climax between Stacey and Jake. And I love the mother-daughter moment between Donna and Vicky.

I cannot wait to see what happens in 162 between Jake & Vicky. EEE!

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Cary you are on fire. it was nice to see Cory and Bridgett bond about their parents.

I love kajes reactions and could see him yelling in my head like only Tom Eplin could.

Enjoyed when Vicky went to Donna. And Donna already knew by the look on her face.


This Marissa and Lisa shady Mcgrady story really puzzles me. Anxious to see where that is headed.

Great job and I cant wait to see Vicky and jake convo. Very good Cary keep it coming

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Lots of things going on here. I like all the character interaction (Cory is very self-absorbed though).

The mystery Lisa's involved in fascinates me. Imagine if we're getting another Love/Hudson.

Poor Stacey. I guess she had this coming.

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