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ANOTHER WORLD 160 Shocks and surprises



ANOTHER WORLD 160 - Shocks and surprises

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, and Beebs


HARBOR CLUB - Donnablogentry-14971-0-57145200-1399087488_th gets out of the car amongst wailing sirens. She runs to go in, but a tall, heavy set uniformed man stops her.

Man: You can’t go in there ma’am.

Donna: What the hell are you talking about? This is MY club!

Man: We managed to put the fire out, but you might wanna call your insurance company. This looks like a total loss.

Donna: How could this have happened? Everything is up to code.

Man: I don’t know exactly what could’ve occurred, but from my experience, this looks like it was deliberate.

Donna swings her hand to clear the smoke from in front of her face.

Donna: So someone set my club on fire?

Man: Very possible.

Allenblogentry-14971-0-30847100-1399087511_th looks around, and walks up to Donna.

Allen: What the?

Donna: It is what it looks like. My club has been burned to ashes, and someone did this.

Allen: I came to get something for Amanda and I see this. Do they have any idea who?

Donna: No, but I bet it’s the same person who sent me the gun, and texted me.

Donna gives Allen a look.

Allen: Wait a minute, you don’t think that…?

Donna: How do I know that? How do I know YOU aren’t the one who did this?


MEETING ROOM - Michaelblogentry-14971-0-03789300-1399087535_th, Mattblogentry-14971-0-59069200-1399087552_th, Paulinablogentry-14971-0-37654900-1399087573_th, and Amandablogentry-14971-0-44938400-1399087591_th are sitting at a rectangular table.

Amanda: The gang’s almost here.

Paulina: Still waiting on our dear old hag of a sister. I went to see her earlier.

Amanda: Are you serious? Why did you do that?

Paulina: I thought I could convince her to do the right thing and go back on her demands.

Amanda: Let me guess...she caved.

Paulina: Like the Rocky Mountains. She didn’t budge.

Matt: Hey Michael are you ready?

Michael: As soon as Iris and Judge Anderson arrive, we’ll get this underway.

Judge Anderson walks in fully robed and sits at the head of the table.

Michael: Hello your honor.

Judge Anderson: Are we ready?

Amanda: We’re just waiting for…

All turn their attention to the door to Iris, who is wearing a big, white hat, and a white power suit. She sashays to her chair, and sits adjacent to Michael, who is sitting at the other head of the table.

Iris: I see everyone’s here, so what are we waiting for?


STACEY’S APARTMENT - Vickyblogentry-14971-0-52930300-1399087684_th confronts Staceyblogentry-14971-0-01144100-1399087728_th

Stacey: What is wrong with you?

Vicky: I know what you told my husband, and you better stay the hell away from him!

Stacey: So Jake told you?

Vicky: He doesn’t keep anything from me.

Stacey: Too bad you don’t return the favor.

Vicky: You don’t worry about my marriage!

Stacey: Someone’s gotta show some concern, because when Jake finds out what you know, it’s gonna be over.

Vicky: I don’t think so!




Allen: Have you lost your mind?

Donna: You are the only one besides Vicky who knows that I shot Reginald, and Vicky wouldn’t do this.

Allen: Of course I didn’t do this. I didn’t send you the gun, and I didn’t burn down the Harbor Club.

Donna: Look I’m sorry. I’m just at a loss as to who could be behind all of this.

Allen: You need to call the police.

Donna: We can’t involve them. They’ll start asking questions.

Allen: Maybe we can use them to find out who’s doing this to you.

MEANWHILE, in a motel room, Joyblogentry-14971-0-29867000-1399087913_th removes her black gloves, and flashes back to splashing gas at the Harbor Club and lighting a match to it. Then she makes a phone call…

Joy: Boss, it’s done.


Judge Anderson: According to Mackenzie Cory’s will, the eldest child, is given control of Cory Publishing, which is now Cory Productions. Michael Hudson, I have documents proving that you are Mackenzie Cory’s eldest child.

Michael: That’s correct your honor.

Judge Anderson: I will make a ruling once you announce your decision and all parties agree.

Michael stands up to address everyone.

Michael: In the spirit of what our father wanted, which is that he wanted all of us to share in the company he built, so among all of his children, I have decided to divide the company equally five ways. Among Amanda, Paulina, Matthew, Sandy, twenty five percent each.

Paulina: Great decision. Nothing for Iris.

Amanda: What about Brava?

Michael: I’m getting to that. I have also decided that Iris, and I, will each own fifty percent of Brava Magazine, print and web, but that Iris will run the entire operation.

Matt: Michael, you don’t want any of Cory Productions?

Michael: No.

Iris suddenly stands up.

Iris: I don’t want it.

Amanda: What do you mean? You’ll be running Brava. I don’t agree with it at all, but I think it’s more than fair.

Iris: I want nothing to do with Brava, and I don’t want any part of Cory Productions.

Paulina: This is a bunch of crap.

Judge Anderson: ORDER! Iris are you sure that this is what you want?

Iris: Yes your honor. It is my decision to pull out of the company completely. Brava belongs to Cory.

Judge Anderson: So I will make it official in accordance with the decision of Mac Cory’s eldest child, so twenty five percent for Matthew, Paulina, Amanda, and Sandy Cory.

The judge bangs his gavel and leaves. Everyone prepares to leave, but Iris stops them.

Iris: Aren’t you all wondering why I just gave up my part of Cory?

Paulina: I knew there was something else to this.

Matt: What is it Iris?

Iris: I don’t need it. I’m tired of fighting for daddy’s company. I want my OWN company. I want to build my OWN empire, and now I have the means to do it.

Michael: Now I’m curious.

Paulina: She’s bluffing.

Iris: This is far from a posture Paulina. I think I’ll call my sister Amanda to confirm it for you all.

Matt: Now I think you’ve lost your mind.

Michael: Amanda's right here.

Iris: I’m not talking about Amanda Cory. I’m talking about Amanda Spaulding.

Amanda: The Spauldings in Springfield?

Paulina: I knew you were full of hot air!

Iris: Looks like you’re the one who’s getting warm sis. Well in fact, now I have two sisters named Amanda.

Michael: What are you saying?

Iris: I...am Brandon Spaulding’s biological daughter.


Stacey: You’re not in control here Vicky!

Vicky: It wasn’t enough for you to move heaven and earth to take Mikey away from my parents twenty five years ago, now you wanna take my husband. You were going around telling people that you came to Bay City to be close to your daughter, when in fact, you came to go after JAKE!

Stacey: I didn’t at first, but I told you about Lindsay. I told you he was her father, and you kept it from him. He deserves so much better than that. He deserves better than YOU!

Vicky: And you’re gonna be there to pick up the pieces if our marriage falls apart. You’re just gonna run to Jake, tell him that Lindsay’s his daughter, and voila, you’re one big happy family. You’re a delusional bitch. You don’t even have any proof.

Stacey: As a matter of fact, Vicky, I do.

Stacey holds up to pieced-together DNA test that she found in Lindsay’s wastebasket, horrifying Vicky.

Vicky: What is that?

Stacey: A DNA test, a 99.9% match between Lindsay and Jake’s DNA.

Vicky: Give me that!

Stacey: No!

Vicky and Stacey begin to tussle for the paper.


They roll on the floor, both fighting for control of the DNA test. They both lose control of the proof, and it floats over toward the door, just as Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-82451300-1399087963_th, Jakeblogentry-14971-0-56509700-1399087984_th, and Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-69362000-1399088008_th walk in, and Jake picks up the paper. Lindsay is shocked as she immediately knows what it is.

Vicky: Jake gimme the paper!

Jake’s mouth is open in shock…

Bridget: Dad what’s going on?

Jake looks back and forth at Vicky, Lindsay, and Stacey, and he shakes his head in disbelief, and then slowly approaches Vicky.

Jake: This can’t be.

Stacey: Yes Jake, it’s true. Isn’t it Vicky?

Jake: Vicky? You knew about this? No...no you didn’t know already that I was Lindsay’s father did you? ANSWER ME!

Vicky (eyes welling up): YES! I knew.



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I cannot believe it! Jake knows now. These scenes in tonights episode were avsolutely stunning. I cannot believe that Iris is actually a Spaulding. Stacey is a complete bitch that was waiting to take Vicky down. I cannot wait for the next one. This episode shocked me at every turn. Joy... I am not liking her at all. I think what shocked me the most was when Jake picked up the DNA results. My heart went out to him. Cary this is soap opera at PERFECTION! You did a stunning job for this once in a lifetime episode!

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Loved this. Huge cliffhangers! That catfight was awesome. And I wasn't expecting that twist with Iris. The part where she said she'd have to call her sister Vicky was just delicious. So Iris.

Brandon Spaulding was a manwhore.

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Well done! I just love the irony of both Alex and Iris having once been played by the incomparable Beverlee McKinsey!

One major issue: it was established on Guiding Light that Victoria Tamberlain, the daughter of Brandon and Sharina, is dead. That character, who appeared in 1984, was also known as Victoria, not Vicky. Her daughter Vicky showed up in 1998 during the cloning storyline.

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I'm talking about two characters. Victoria Tamerlane (not sure of the spelling) was introduced in 1984 during the Barbados story. She was Brandon's daughter by Sharina and, thus, the sister of Alan, Alex, and Amanda. She's seen here in this clip:

The late Kim Hamilton played Victoria.


Vicky Brandon was introduced in 1998 and was Michael Burke's research assistant during the cloning storyline. She was first played by Karen Williams. Victoria Platt then took over the role. Vicky originally had an accent that was dropped after a few months. Vicky was revealed to be Victoria Tamerlane's daughter, making her the niece of Alan, Alex, and Amanda. During Vicky's story, it was established that her mother Victoria was deceased.

Hope this helps!

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FUKK YEA!!! The best episode prodcued by you for AW Each and every scene wa great I was on the edge of my seat. I loved the opening with Donna's fire and her accsuing Allen. I knew Joy was behind it. I wonder if Joy is kin folk to Reginald love????

I also loved the Court Room scene. I loved iris in her full glory. Reminded me of when Joan Collins walked into the courtroom on Dynaty at the end of season one. I agree with the descion with the 25%. I am so glad iris got a new plan and is coming out under from Cory. The scene had me until we got to Brandon. I don't know who the heck that is. I was tripped out when you said Amanda. Im like she's already there.

THEN THE reveal. And it came out in a fanstatic way. I loved it. Vicky was so desperate and aggrrsive. Boy og Boy is she going to pay big time. This is the moment Ive been waiting for. Let it Rock.


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This was absolutely fantastic. So many big reveals here. I loved seeing Stacey and Vicky's struggle for the test result. Vicky's in major trouble.

Donna and the fire at the club? This is gonna be great, especially since Joy's involved.

And the battle for Cory went brilliantly. Iris's paternity coming out was a masterful move. Hopefully it can be worked out. I'm liking the direction it's taking.

You've done a REALLY good job with this one. Great work!

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