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DAYS #23: Loose Lips Sink Ships




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Abby looks confused at Nick, as they sit next to each other on the bench at the pier.

ABBY: What? Nick, what do you mean by that?

NICK: I just have a feeling, that's all. Abby, you've had so many crappy things go down this past year...it's not fair. You're due for some good news.

ABBY: I would definitely agree with that. You know, Nick. I'm really glad to have someone to talk to. I mean...it's really hard keeping everything to myself sometimes, you know?

NICK: I know exactly what you mean. It's nice to have someone you can turn to. Just remember that. I'm always here for you. You're my family.

Nick takes Abby's hand and squeezes it gently. He gets up from the bench, ready to head off into the night. Abby looks up at him and smiles.

ABBY: Thanks, Nick. Appreciate it.

NICK: I'll see you later?

ABBY: You bet. And thanks. I really appreciate everything you've done.

NICK: Don't mention it.

Nick lets go of Abby's hand and sets off into the night.As he leaves, Abby watches him take off, while behind her, the shadows reveal that EJ's been observing their conversation from behind Abby, out of her line of vision.


At Chez Rouge, Theresa and Brady kiss at their table, only to be interrupted by Jennifer's disapproving voice.

JENNIFER: Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me.

Brady looks over at Jennifer in shock. Theresa responds by smiling smugly.




Theresa smiles her smug smile as she sits back in her seat, looking up at a disapproving Jennifer.

THERESA: Jennifer! What a nice surprise to see you lurking about this evening.

JENNIFER: Can it, Terry.

THERESA: Ugh, can we just stick with 'Theresa', Jenny.

JENNIFER: After you, Terry.

Theresa grimaces at the masculinization of her name, while Jenn looks over to Brady in disbelief.

JENNIFER: Really? I mean, you think this is a step UP from Kristen?

Brady holds up his hand to stop her.

BRADY: Okay, Jennifer, I really didn't want to hear Kristen's name tonight, okay? I just came here, with my date, and we came to have a nice, carefree evening. Now is okay with you?

JENNIFER: Not really!

BRADY: Really? Oh, and why not?

JENNIFER: Because, Brady. This wo...this GIRL tried to destroy my son's life to get back at me because I didn't put up with her nonsense on the job. She's petty, she's spiteful, sh--

THERESA: ...She flies around on a old broom in a pointy hat, etcetra, etcetra, etcetra. Seriously, Jenny, can you just save the tired character assassinations for ONE night and just leave me alone?

Jennifer leans in closely and squares in intensely on Theresa.

JENNIFER: No. I will not. And you wanna know why?

Theresa gives a defiant look back at her.

THERESA: Why's that?

JENNIFER: Because Brady's my friend. And I'm looking out for him. And the last thing I'm going to allow you to do is hurt him any more than he already has--

Brady pulls an escalating, and clearly agitated Jennifer away from Theresa.

BRADY: Woh, woh, woh, woh! Jenn. With all due respect, I am the only person who needs to concern myself with that. And trust me. I will be fine, okay? So let me and Theresa just...enjoy our evening, and you enjoy yours.

Brady gets up from his seat, and takes Theresa's hand, pulling her chair out so they may leave for the bar together.

THERESA: Yes, please. I would think you need to do something to make you feel better after the day you've had. You know how word gets around at the hospital.

Theresa winks at Jenn as Brady helps put Theresa's jacket on.

THERESA: See ya, Jenny!

Jennifer looks on in disbelief, shaking her head as Brady and Theresa head off for the evening.

Sheryl looks over from her table and catches a glimpse of Jordan and Rafe in their corner table.

SHERYL: Oh! Wow! It's Rafe and Jordan. You wouldn't mind if I just...popped over to say 'hi' for a sec, no?

LUCAS: No! In fact, I should probably pop over myself. Rafe owes me a few bucks for that bet we made.

Sheryl laughs as she gets up from the table.

SHERYL: Well, I'll be just a second. Us girls have a couple things to talk about on our own, but I'll be fast. Okay?

LUCAS: Sounds good. I'll be here.

Sheryl heads over to Jordan and Rafe's table. Upon arriving, Jordan looks displeased to see her for a second, spotting a very suspect look in Sheryl's eye that she recognizes immediately. Something's up.

JORDAN: Hey...Sheryl. I didn't realize you were here! How...nice to see you.

SHERYL: You too, both of you!

RAFE: Yeah, it's a nice surprise. You here with Lucas?

SHERYL: I am. He says he wants to pop by to say hi in a moment.

Rafe shuffles in his seat uncomfortably at that comment.

RAFE: I think I know why. (to Jordan) Hide me. He's after my money.

Jordan and Sheryl laugh.

SHERYL: I'll make sure he goes easy on you. Anyway, Jordan. I was hoping you had a minute so we could talk for a sec. I had something to tell you.

JORDAN: Oh! How...great! Okay. I'll be there in a sec--


Sheryl emphasizes through gritted teeth. Jordan furrows her brow and looks up at Sheryl, trying to maintain a cool and calm exterior for Rafe.

JORDAN: Heh. Alright. Rafe, if you'll excuse me.

Jordan gets up from her seat, and Sheryl grabs her by the wrist and pulls her off to the ladies room. Once inside, Sheryl turns Jordan around abruptly to talk to her.

JORDAN: OW! You know you're not good at this whole "subtle" business, eh?

SHERYL: I'm trying. But it's really difficult when I can barely get you to communicate with me.

JORDAN: Look, I'm sorry. I just...I've got a lot of things on my mind. How's...how's things with Lucas.

SHERYL: Good for now. He seems to be fine. I think this afternoon was just him in a bad mood. But we can't take any chances. Especially with that press conference coming up tomorrow. We need to be there and hopfeully we'll figure out what exaclty EnerNext's next move is.

JORDAN: Well, if it involves Titan, then we need to be really careful how we proceed. Especially you, since you're working for the company.

SHERYL: Tell me about it. Look, I think once the press conference happens, we'll be able to figure out what information we need to stop this project dead in its tracks.

JORDAN: Agreed. In the meantime, we just need to wait, and try to keep Kate Roberts from sticking her nose in any further.


Will comforts Sami on the sofa of his apartment. Sami is visibly upset by the recollections of her past with EJ that have come back to haunt her psyche. Sami is held close by Will, who looks to Sonny for guidance, unsure how to deal with the gravity of his mother's breakdown.

WILL: Could you pass me the water, Sonny?

SONNY: Sure.

Gabi looks on from the bedroom, very concerned about Sami's state. She has overheard the conversation, but doesn't understand the context of it. She holds her baby tightly, thinking of how great the bond between mother and child is. A momentary smile crosses her face, before she thinks again of Sami's suffering.

Sami, meanwhile, sips on the glass of water, catching her breath finally after nearing a panic attack earlier. Will pulls her from his side and looks at her.

WILL: Did you want me to make some tea or something?

SAMI: (quietly) That'd be nice.

Will slowly gets up from the couch as Sami is preoccupied with the drink of water. Sami stops momentarily and looks over to Will.

SAMI: Oh, and Will?

Will stops in his tracks and turns around.

WILL: Yeah, Mom?

SAMI: Thanks. I'm glad I can count on you.

A slight smile crosses Will's face.

WILL: Anytime, Mom.

Will steps over to where Sonny is, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the corner.

WILL: Do you know what I can do? I think...I'm pretty sure my mom's in meltdown right now.

SONNY: Just...keep doing what you're doing. Keep her calm, help her relax.

WILL: But, I mean. I can't leave her like this all night. I just wanted to give her the good news and have a nice evening and now...

SONNY: Don't worry. My suggestion? Call your grandma Marlena right away. She's a shrink, she can help us figure out what we can't, and maybe be of some comfort to your mom right now.

WILL: Possibly. I just...I don't want my mom to think that we think she's gone crazy--

SONNY: Will! You have to help her. Why are you even hesitating about this?

Will struggles to find an answer.


EJ approaches Abby, slowly descending down the stairs at the pier.

EJ: Abigail!

Abigail is startled by EJ calling out to her. She turns around quickly to look at him. She's unimpressed by his presence.

ABBY: What the Hell? EJ?

EJ: Abigail, what happened?

ABBY: What are you talking about? How long were you standing there?

EJ: Long enough to know something happened after I left.

ABBY: EJ, nothing happened. I discovered the hospital wasn't the place for me and I quit. I had a disagreement with a supervisor that couldn't be overcome. It's as simple as that.

EJ: Why is it I don't believe that?

ABBY: You can believe whatever you want to believe. That's the truth, now if you'll excuse me...

Abigail grabs her purse and turns to walk away. EJ grabs her arm and turns her back towards him quickly.

EJ: Not so fast.

ABBY: Ow! EJ! You're hurting me.

EJ lets go, but remains intensely focused on Abigail.

EJ: Did somebody find out about you and I?

Abby flashes back to Anne playing the recording of EJ detailing their affair.

ABBY: No. No one found out. And I didn't tell Nick either.

EJ relaxes slightly, but remains intensely focused.

EJ: Good. And most importantly, don't tell anything to Nick Fallon.

ABBY: Why shouldn't I?

EJ: Abigail, he's an incredibly dangerous individual. He has an agenda to hurt a lot of people that you and I are deeply for. I don't want to give him any ammunition.

ABBY: Oh right. So you think I'm going to tell him everything about you and I and that he's instantly going to make a beeline to Sami? Are you completely out of your mind, EJ?




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Great show. I loved how Jenn called Theresea Terry. I LOL!!! O good. I also liked how she was given it to Terry. I hope Brady wake the hell up one day.

I also enjoyed nick and Abby's scene. What I couldnt tell i if Nick was being sincere.

One contant in Sami' life is Will. That will never change. He is alway there for her. I wonder where Sami i going to go from here.

I swear to God Jordan got an excuse for everything!!

Good show

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  • Members

ML is rght Jordan does have an excuse for everything and it is freakin annoying. You blow me away with how descriptive these episodes are and I LOVE that. Also, Nick is getting on my nerves for some reason.

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Enjoyed the dialogue with Theresa and Jennifer.

Sonny seems worried that Sami IS crazy lol

EJ is also very paranoid..And Abby lied to protect ANNE...

Good one....

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