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DAYS #22: Sami's Startling Realization




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Will walks into the living room of his apartment, putting his jacket on. Sonny, holding the baby, and Gabi, helping to finish dinner, turn, still concerned about Sami's disappearance.

SONNY: You going out to look for your mom?

WILL: Yeah. Still haven't heard back yet. Not even a text. I can't even get ahold of EJ so...yeah, I'm really starting to worry. So, Sonny, if mom comes around while I'm out, let me know, okay?

SONNY: Will do.

Will & Sonny kiss, and Will heads for the door. As he opens it, Sami appears in the doorway, still in a state. She sees Will and throws herself into his arms tearfully. Will is shocked and takes a moment to react before hugging his mother back.


Jordan walks into Chez Rouge alone, and looks around for Rafe. As she looks around, Rafe walks in behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders. He leans in and speaks softly to greet her.

RAFE: Well, good evening, Miss Ridgeway.

A smile grows across Jordan's face, still facing away from Rafe, who's leaned in to kiss her neck delicately.

JORDAN: Hello, Mr. Hernandez. I'm so glad you're here.

Maggie walks in, a little worn down, but still trying to keep her happy face on.

MAGGIE: Rafe! Jordan! Good to see you.

RAFE: Hey, Maggie. We had a table for two reserved.

MAGGIE: Indeed you have. You're not the only ones tonight, though.

JORDAN: Oh? Who's here?

MAGGIE: Oh, well...Lucas is here with his date...Sheryl, I think.

JORDAN: Great! We'll have to say 'hi'

MAGGIE: And Jennifer's here with her date.

Rafe looks confused.

RAFE: Daniel's here with Jenn?

Maggie responds with more than a hint of indignation in her voice.

MAGGIE: Oh no. I'm talking about him. She's here with Liam Frazer. And to boot, Brady's here...with Theresa Donovan.

RAFE: Well, this is an awkward place to be then.

JORDAN: Look, forget about them. Maggie, is there a really private table somewhere you can sit us at so it can just be the two of us? (softly) I think Rafe was...really looking forward to that.

MAGGIE: I think I know somewhere. Come with me.

Maggie winks, and guides them over to a private booth in the back corner of the restaurant.

Brady hesitates to take the baggie of cocaine from Theresa, but as the waiter approaches with their meals, he quickly snatches it and hides it in his pocket. He gives Theresa an intense look, then winks. He thanks the waiter and they dig in. Not long after, Theresa's phone beeps. She has a text message from Anne.

just got abby 2 quit. 1 horton down, 1 2 go. come 2 my office NOW!

Theresa furrows her brow at the message.

THERESA: (under her breath) What has she done now?

BRADY: What has who done?

Theresa realizes she spoke aloud and struggles to cover her slip-up.




Jennifer and Liam sit at their table at Chez Rouge, laughing at a story Liam's telling Jenn.

LIAM: ...And so I knock on the door, and when this poor old lady answered the door, it turned out it was Sycamore EAST, not Sycamore West.

JENNIFER: Oh NO! (laughs)

Liam and Jennifer's hands come together in the middle of the table, and a warm, comfortable smile comes across Jenn's face.

LIAM: You're having a good time, right?

JENNIFER: I am. Today was a tough day, but, I gotta hand it to you, you have done a fantastic job of putting a smile on my face. I needed that tonight most of all. So thank you.

LIAM: My pleasure. You're really a special lady, Jennifer Horton. And I can't wait to spend more time with you.

JENNIFER: I'd like that. I feel this...connection with us, you know? Like I've known you for years. It really puts me at ease, you know?

Liam stirs a bit in his seat as Jenn makes this comment. He stares off into space a bit, and Jenn notices Liam's looking through her instead of at her.

JENNIFER: Liam? Liam, you alright?

Liam snaps out of it suddenly.

LIAM: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just...noticed the girl behind you. I know I've seen her at the hospital before, no?

Jenn turns around, and, upon seeing Theresa at a table behind her with Brady, Jenn's face drops.


Theresa fumbles with her phone, trying to cover up Anne's text from Brady.

THERESA: Oh, nothing. Just...that friend from LA with the tabloid connections. More ridiculous drama I don't have time for.

BRADY: Well, then I would put my phone away.

THERESA: Well, yeah, but what if work calls me?

BRADY: Oh right! Theresa Donovan, concerned about work after hours? Or at all, for that matter.

THERESA: Hey! That's not fair! I only didn't care about my job because I didn't get along well with my boss.

BRADY: Which I still don't get. Jennifer's a really sweet woman, and--

THERESA: ...And I. Do. Not. Care. Drop it. Anne is so much better to work for, anyway. She understands my way of doing...y'know, why are we even talking about work, anyway? Come on, let's enjoy the evening. You want to, maybe, hit up the club after dinner and really get crazy?

Theresa's suddenly seductive tone lures Brady in, and a knowing smile crosses his face.

BRADY: That sounds genius.

THERESA: What can I say? I'm always full of good ideas.

Theresa and Brady lean in for a kiss across the table.


Abigail saunters through the fog at the pier. Alone to think, she looks out at the sky, and through the mist, squints to see the full moon off in the distance. She sighs heavily, as from the fog, she hears footsteps approach, which startle her. A familiar voice rings out.

NICK: Rough night?

Abby relaxes upon realizing it's Nick. She stops short of smiling to greet him.

ABBY: You could definitely say that.

NICK: Mind if I join you?

ABBY: Not at all.

Abigail and Nick both sit down at a bench. They both stare out at the night sky (such as it is). Neither break their gaze to look at each other.

NICK: So what's eating you?

ABBY: Well...no one knows this but...I WAS going to start looking for my own place in town soon.

NICK: Oh yeah? Ready to fly the coop, eh?

ABBY: Yeah, though notice I say "was"?

NICK: Yeah! Did something happen?

Abby finally breaks her gaze to look at Nick, who turns to look back.

ABBY: Well...this has to stay exclusively between you and me, got it?

NICK: Lips: sealed.

ABBY: And if you ever tell anyone, I'll--

NICK: I get it, Abigail. Don't worry.

ABBY: Okay. Well...for lack of a better way of putting it...I got fired tonight. And it was for a really stupid reason too and...it's back to square one.

Nick looks at Abigail, empathy in his eyes. He ponders a moment, then turns to her again.

NICK: Not neccessarily.

ABBY: What do you mean?

NICK: Just...just wait. I have a feeling something's gonna come your way very soon.


Will and Sami separate from their hug, Will still confused as to what has got Sami so stirred up. Sami is still wiping away tears.

WILL: Mom, what's going on?

SAMI: I just...I just had a huge fight with EJ and it...it...I just needed to...oh God.

WILL: Come on, come on, let's set down a minute.

WIll takes Sami over to the sofa, Gabi takes the baby so Sonny can sit on the other side of Sami with Will.

SONNY: Did you want some water?

SAMI: (catching her breath) Got any whiskey?

SONNY: Well, not here, but...

SAMI: It's okay, Sonny. Just a joke. I'd love some water.

Sonny gets up from the couch and grabs a glass for Sami. Handing it to her, he stands back with Gabi and the baby.

SAMI: I...I just....EJ said something to me that took me...completely off-guard. I...hadn't even thought about anything that happened between us like that before. And...

WILL: Well, like what?

SAMI: Well, you remember I told you about when Dad and I were in that snowstorm at the cabin?

Will's eyes bug out a bit, shocked by what came up, he immediately makes the connections and realizes what the fight was about.

WILL: Woah! He didn't bring THAT up, did he?

SAMI: Ugh. Yes. Yes, he did.

WILL: Well, are you okay? I mean, that's pretty...intense.

SAMI: I don't know, Will. I mean...I realized tonight that...I just...I haven't dealt with that night the way I...

Gabi feels increasingly uncomfortable in the room, and heads for her room.

GABI: Um...sorry to interrupt, but I think I need to change the baby.

Sonny points to Gabi, implying he'll be following Gabi. Will nods, mouthing "thank you" to them as they slip out of the room to give Will some privacy with Sami.

WILL: You were saying?

SAMI: Will...I don't think...now that all these memories I've pushed back in my mind, now that they're coming out....I don't know if I can marry EJ.



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Abigail better not say anything to Nick...

I liked that little "funny" moment between Jennifer and Liam

And I understand if Sami doesn't wanna marry EJ..

Your Brady dialogue is vintage Brady...

Good episode

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It really seem you are going some where with the white washing of EJ' raping Sami. I am so happy to see that.

It was nice to see more scenes in this ep. And I just keep waiting for Theresea to get hers.

I wonder what Abby's next move is going to be or what Jenn is going to do about Abby being fired.

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I like that u extended the episode and I could actually picture these scences on TV. Also, I feel like a climax is coming.

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