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ANOTHER WORLD 153 Intentional and unintentional family reunions



ANOTHER WORLD 153 Intentional and unintentional family reunions

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written and Directed By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, and Beebs

Saleisha Stowersblogentry-14971-0-74824700-1397354437_th appears as K.C. Burrell


Toniblogentry-14971-0-34729500-1397354482_th and KCblogentry-14971-0-74824700-1397354437_th sit at a table.

Toni: How did your visit go?

KC: I absolutely loved it. I’m surprised how great their pre-med program is.

Toni: What about NYU and UCLA?

KC: All I got from them were acknowledgement letters. BCU is actually moving forward. I think I wanna go there.

Toni: But NYU and UCLA are better schools.

KC: BCU has a great program, you’re here, and mom’s not too far away.

Toni: You can’t make a decision based on family. You have to do what’s best for you.

KC: I’m getting the feeling you don’t want me to attend school in Bay City. I wonder why.

Allenblogentry-14971-0-63507700-1397354517_th walks up to them.

Allen: Hey Toni.

Toni: Umm...hey. Uh, you haven’t met K.C.

Allen: Hi K.C. nice to meet you.

KC: Likewise. You’re my sister’s ex-husband right?

Allen: Yep.



Tyrone blogentry-14971-0-81607100-1397354715_th and Marleyblogentry-14971-0-83588900-1397354566_th lie on the couch as Tyrone rubs Marley’s belly.

Tyrone: This little guy’s defying all the odds.

Marley: He sure is. He’s our little warrior.

Tyrone: Wait a second.

Marley: What is it?

Tyrone: Roman.

Marley: Roman?

Tyrone: His name. Our Roman warrior. Roman Montgomery.

Marley: What about his middle name?

Tyrone: Name him...after your dad.

Marley: Michael. Roman...Michael...Montgomery.

Someone rings the doorbell, and Tyrone answers it.

Tyrone: Hey Donna.

Donna: Tyrone nice to see you.

Marley sits up and Donnablogentry-14971-0-76629800-1397354596_th walks in.

Donna: Marley how are you feeling honey?

Marley: I’m okay.

Donna: Don’t shut the door yet Tyrone. I’ve come bearing one big gift.

Marley: What is it? A cake that someone’s gonna pop out of?

Donna: Even better.

Michaelblogentry-14971-0-82692000-1397354618_th walks in.



Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-84901800-1397354644_th and Charlieblogentry-14971-0-88151900-1397354664_th are sitting on the couch as Charlie lies in Kirkland’s arms.

Kirkland: I can’t believe your dad actually gave you his blessing.

Charlie: I checked his temperature to make sure he was okay.

Kirkland: I’m pretty sure he was just fine. You know what that means right?

Charlie: That...uh...we’re gonna get married?

Kirkland: That means we can...set a date.

Charlie: I say...the sooner the better. It means so much that he’ll be giving me away.

Kirkland: I need to thank him personally.

Charlie: I really think that since Christy Carson wasn’t granted parole, dad’s felt good about giving me his endorsement.



Eric:blogentry-14971-0-31620600-1397354786_th I should’ve been at the hearing for you mom.

Christy:blogentry-14971-0-65807800-1397354806_th I’m glad you didn’t come. They would have figured out that you’re my son.

Eric: I probably could have said something to get you out of here.

Christy: Don’t worry about me honey.

Eric: You’ve missed most of my life.

Christy: And we are gonna make that time up. Don’t you fret.

Eric: I know it wasn’t your fault. Douglas and my father left you no choice.

Christy: He put you through boarding school.

Eric: I wonder why my father wanted nothing to do with me.

Christy: Don’t take it personally. He didn’t want much to do with any of his sons. All of his kids were nothing but possessions to him.

Eric: I heard all about him. He wasn’t a very good man. I wonder if I’m like him.

Christy: Don’t you talk like that. You’re NOTHING like him! The apple didn’t fall far where David was concerned. He didn’t know much about Henry, but Paul, ohhh he was the apple of your father’s eye, and it turned out that Paul wanted little to nothing to do with him. Truth be told, James Stenbeck wasn’t much a father to any of you. All he was, was your sperm donor.





Marley: Dad. I thought...you.

Donna: It was his twin brother who died in that car accident.

Tyrone: Where have you been all this time?

Michael: I’ll explain everything soon enough. I just wanted to see my girls.

Marley: Have you seen Vicky and Bridget?

Donna: I called them. They’re on their way.

Tyrone: I can’t believe this. After all these years. I wonder if Reginald has something to do with it.

Michael: He did. He held me prisoner for years, and he used my brother to take my place.

Marley: Well you’re back now, and you can’t leave this time. Roman is gonna need his granddad.

Michael: Roman huh.

Tyrone: He’s named after you, too.

Michael: Speaking of relatives, Donna tells me that she has a nephew, and he’s your brother.

Tyrone: She’s talking about Allen.


Allen: Toni’s told you all about me huh?

KC: Don’t worry. Nothing bad.

Allen: I sure hope not.

KC: I’m considering attending Bay City U. for pre-med.

Allen: Wow. Sounds real good.

Toni: I think she should wait to hear from NYU and UCLA first.

Allen: Whoa those are some good schools.

Toni: That’s what I’ve been telling her.

Allen: Seems like she’s a smart young lady. If she wants to come to Bay City, then that’s her decision.

KC: Thank you Allen. I like you already. That’s the message I’ve been trying to convey to my sister. I gotta go to the ladies’ room.

After KC leaves...

Toni: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Allen: What? I just offered my two cents.

Toni: Well we didn’t ask for your opinion!

Allen: Where is this coming from?

Toni: If it were up to me, she wouldn’t be coming to school in Bay City.


Kirkland: So I guess we better start getting ready to get married right?

Charlie: You got it.

Someone rings the doorbell and Kirkland answers the door.

Kirkland: Steven?

Steven:blogentry-14971-0-36272600-1397354982_th Hey little bro.

They hug and then he turns to Charlie.

Charlie: Hey cuz.

Steven: Charlieeee.

Charlie: Good to see ya.

Steven: Same here. So when’s the big day?

Charlie (looking at Kirkland): We set a date. Didn’t we?

Kirkland (looking at Charlie): Yeah we did. Next week.

Steven: Whoa. Guess I better get my tux fitted huh?

Kirkland: Yep you better.

Charlie: You know what I’m sure you two wanna catch up, so I’m gonna go to the Center. I’ll catch up with you later babe.

Charlie kisses her fiance and says goodbye to Steven.

Kirkland: Look I know what you’re gonna say, and you can save it.

Steven: I was gonna offer you congratulations.

Kirkland: Charlie doesn’t know about Scott Granger, and you’re not gonna tell her. That part of my life is behind me.



Eric takes out a flash drive, puts it in his laptop, and looks at Kirkland sleeping with a male bartender in a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club.



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Wow What an ending. TRULY did not see that one coming.

I was just going to say I hope Charlie and kirk' wedding goes well but I guess i would be speaking to soon. NOOO!!! Poor Kirk and Charlie. Boy oh boy. Im still trippin. Wow great cliffhanger.!!!

I really fely Marleys reaction was very underwhelming.

Toni hmm I dont know. IS she jealous of KC? Toni seem to be hiding something. And Shame on Toni for bashing on her home town and not supporting her local schools

That Cliffhanger was stunning!!

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  • Members

This is not gonna end well with Charlie and Kirkland. So sad. Really killer ending! We're all kicking into high gear this week. Loving it.

Toni really don't want KC in Bay City. Can't wait to find out why. Really really good episode.

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Lots going on in this chapter, huh?

I'd forgotten that Marley didn't know Michael was alive. I was afraid the shock might harm her pregnancy.

I know the baby won't be named Roman Love, but the thought of it cracks me up.

Wow, wasn't expecting Christy to have ties to James Stenbeck.

Nice to see Toni again.

KC has barely aged in 15 years...

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LOL @KC statement...she actually got younger (remember Mick Dante lol)

Nope, not Roman Love lol...

Marley's mindful of her son...that's why she didn't have a huge to do about Michael's re-emergence..

Thanks Carl

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Oh my god! I love the ending! I have to say one of my FAVORITE scenes from this episode was the one between Christy and Eric. I am really starting to get into this!


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