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DAYS #17: Sami/EJ showdown




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Victor mills about the Titan board room, speaking to the other execs and organizing his paperwork. Kate and Lucas enter the board room together, and Victor perks up momentarily, then relaxes, realizing who's arrived. The disappointment painted on his face.

VICTOR: Kate. Lucas. Good to see you.

KATE: Well you could've fooled me. I assume you were expecting your wayward grandson?

VICTOR: Give it a rest, Kate. If you had any moral compass, you'd be concerned and asking me how Brady is doing, instead of mocking his suffering.

KATE: Victor, please. I do care about Brady. But how many favours are you doing him by letting him run Titan into the ground like this?

VICTOR: He's an adult, Kate. I can't shadow him for the rest of his life.

KATE: Maybe you'd better start. Your livelihood might depend on it.

Kate turns and walks over to her seat, head held high. Lucas takes his next to her. Victor waits a few more seconds, before excusing himself to the hallway outside the board room. Pulling out his cell phone, Victor calls Brady. The line goes straight to voice mail.

VICTOR: (into phone) Brady Black, you have five minutes to get into this board room or I'm gonna tie you up from the nearest flagpole. You have an important announcement to make tomorrow. Get with it, already!

Victor hangs up and storms back into the board room. Visibly upset, he begins.

VICTOR: This meeting will come to order. In the absence of our CEO, I will be overseeing the proceedings.

Brady bursts into the room, shirt untucked, breath smelling of alcohol.

BRADY: Goooood afternoon, everybody!

Victor stares down Brady. Brady seems unconcerned by Victor's disappointed glare.




Eric leans over and hugs Nicole, kissing her on the cheek, as Nicole sits in her desk chair, looking with bright eyes at her computer screen.

ERIC: Do you have any idea how proud I am of you?

NICOLE: I think I have a little hint of it?

ERIC: Well....you're about to get a whole lot more of a hint. You hungry?

NICOLE: I am, in fact. All this research got me workin' up an appetite!

ERIC: Okay, well...

Eric gets up and walks over to the chair on the other side of Nicole's desk, where he's placed his messenger bag. He stops, and points to Nicole.

ERIC: Close your eyes.

Nicole squints her eyes and glares at Eric.

ERIC: Do it! Come on now!

Nicole laughs and closes her eyes, while Eric walks back over to her.

NICOLE: You know...I was never good with surprises. Never had many good ones to talk about, really.

ERIC: Well, this one will be a very very good one.

Eric ties a blindfold around Nicole's eyes gently. He gets up from behind her desk, and takes her hand to guide her up from her seat.

NICOLE: Oh God, I'm blind. Ack!

Nicole trips a bit getting out of her seat, but Eric gently guides her over.

NICOLE: (in a whiny voice) Where are you taking me?!

ERIC: You'll see. Just be a patient.

NICOLE: Have we met or something? I am SO impatient.

ERIC: (laughing) Oh I know.

Eric grabs his bag and guides Nicole out of her office.


Jennifer smiles a bit as Aiden provides her a bit of comfort over her breakup with Daniel, as they sit in the town square having coffee. Unbeknownst to either of them, Hope is standing nearby, listening in on their conversation.

JENNIFER: ...So, I dunno, I feel like...I know he was trying to help but...

AIDEN: It's not enough. I know. He kept things from you. Big things. It's....not easy. And I know how painful it is to...

Hope makes a move and emerges from behind Tom & Alice's tree. She approaches cool and casually.

HOPE: Hey Cous! ...Aiden.

Aiden looks up, a little frustrated to see Hope.


Sami returns home from work. She's exasperated by the day's events. EJ sits in the living room, looking over some files at his desk when Sami comes bursting in.

SAMI: Ooooh I swear I could just STRANGLE that woman!

EJ looks up suddenly, a little shocked from Sami's sudden entrance, though a dulled shock, probably from years of enduring this melodrama.

EJ: Which woman? It could be about 16 on this block alone.

SAMI: Don't be cute, EJ. I'm talking about Nicole.

EJ: Oh God. What has she done now?

SAMI: She has coerced my brother out of the priesthood.

EJ is stunned. He pulls his glasses from his face and turns to face Sami.

EJ: Voluntarily? St. Pius X himself stepped down?

SAMI: If that is some kind of sick joke, I'm not laughing.

EJ: Seriously, Samantha. I just can't understand what that man sees in her, but that is entirely up to him. You can't force him back into the priesthood. Even if they'd let him back in, which is doubtful at this rate.

SAMI: You would say that.

EJ: Why, Sami, why? Because of my sister? Is that what you're going to say? For the 100,000th time, I do not know where Kristen is. I do not know.

SAMI: Really, EJ? Because last time I checked, you seem to know a lot more than you let on about a lot of things.

EJ: That is not fair, Samantha. I was in the dark just as much as you about Kristen's plans for Eric. Oh but YOU! You want me to tell you where she is? Betray her, right?

SAMI: It's not about that, EJ. You're loyal to the wrong people. What about my family? Why hasn't it even entered your mind that my family is going to your family once we're married?

EJ: And the same goes for you, Samantha. Whether you want to admit it or not.

Sami approches EJ slowly, almost trying to stare him down into submission.

SAMI: My family is not out to ruin people's lives, EJ. We're loyal to each other because we know we're good people at heart. You'd do well to remember that.

EJ: Fine, Samantha. I think I understand now.

EJ grabs his cell phone from his jacket pocket and begins to dial.

SAMI: What are you doing?

EJ: Calling the police. If I'm being made to throw my sister under the bus, I might as well go down with her!


Sheryl sees Jordan in the hall at the hospital and pulls her aside.

JORDAN: Sheryl! You scared me! What are you doing h--

SHERYL: ...We need to talk, right now.

JORDAN: Ow! You're hurting my arm, Sheryl.

SHERYL: Well, if you and I don't figure out our next move, it might not just be your arm that's hurting, Jordan.


Jordan looks around her, concerned and a bit suspcious. She leans in as she talks to Sheryl.

JORDAN: What do you mean by that?

SHERYL: I think Lucas Horton might be onto me.



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What a fanstatic show on so many levels. I loved the opening scene. Thank you for capturing the buisiness aspect. I so love that. I love corperate drama. Then Brady stanks ass walk in drunken. Fukking Bum. I can't wait to see what happens next on that one!!

Then we get to Eric and Nicole. During this scene it made me realize how sad I am for Nicole kuz her romance is based on a lie. After everything EJ and Sami did to her I think Nicole is well past due for real love based on honesty. She had her moment she really battled over it but in the end she chose to lie. Poor girl. I want to root for her but I know it will come tumbling down. Nicole is a great character though.

Ok Hope Aiden and Jenn. That is still going and I'm liking it. A lot.

I loved how Sami barges in her hoom and Ej's reposne to it. A great job capturing every aspect of them. I tottally had forgotten EJ's role in Kristen's plot.

When I got to Sherly's name I was like oh boy. The episode was so good until I saw that S. LOL I read it and i see where u are going. And I'm glad that scene was there kuz we need her and her glass wearing friend Micheal Jordan gone.

What a great show. It really moved. Each scene had great tags. Great job Alex. Keep it up!!!

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Brady is on a downward spiral, but to what end?

With the mention of Kristen, I would LOOOOOOVE to see if you've got something in store for her...

Eric and Nicole's scenes are very necessary in soaps...Romantic....

Again I love what you have done with Jordan and Sheryl, but Roman said they cannot be arrested, so what is Sheryl scared of?

GOOD episode!! Remember...OWN this soap!!

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Brady is once again just going down the wrong road...

For some reason I loved the last scene between Sheryl and Jordan...

Here is the thing Sami told EJ to remember that her family is loyal and does good... which they do, but she acted like she is apart of the good LMAO.


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