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DAYS #11: Roman Hears The Truth




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Abby fidgets awkwardly at her desk, pretending to organize files to distract from her nervousness at Jenn's invasive line of questioning.

ABBY: You don't believe me? I mean, Mom, why would I lie? I'm fine! I swear!

JENNIFER: And so that's why you just moved the same file folder to one side of your desk and back twice?

Abby stops and looks up at her mother with a hint of irritation. She drops the file on her desk and folds her arms.

ABBY: You know, you and JJ have been on my case for awhile now about something being wrong with me. Ever since Chad left for Boston. I am fine.

As Abby rants, Jenn looks toward the closet Abby stood before as Jenn walked in. Sensing something's up, Jenn slowly walks toward the closet. Inside the closet, sensing Jenn's been around for too long, EJ makes a quick decision and calls Abby's phone.

ABBY: And Mom, I really don't appreciate you coming here and lecturing me about something that isn't going wrong in my Mom what are you doing?

Before Jenn can reply, Abby's cell phone rings. Incoming call from EJ. Abby is concerned, but quickly clues in to what he's doing.

ABBY: (into phone) Hello?

EJ doesn't answer, Abby waits a second before responding.

ABBY: (into phone) Oh! Yes, send them in!

Abby hangs up and walks over to Jenn just before she opens the closet door.

ABBY: Mom. I have a very important meeting coming up in a sec. They're heading in now.

JENNIFER: Oh? What's it about?

ABBY: It's the man from the...uh...digitization company. They're teaching me how to properly...digitize the files. That's why I was so nervous. It's a really big deal.

JENNIFER: Oh! Well, that's great, Honey. I'll just...see myself out then.

Jenn gives Abigail a big hug at the door, which Abigail has propped open so Jenn can leave.

JENNIFER: I'll see you at home later tonight. I have a date with Liam.

ABBY: Ooo! Have fun!

JENNIFER: Thanks! See you later!

ABBY: Bye!

Abigail slumps in her chair, as though all the tension in the room just disappeared. EJ hears the door close and peeks his head out from the closet.

EJ: Is it safe?

Abby nods. EJ emerges. He adjusts his tie and heads for the door.

EJ: You and I need to find a better place to have a chat.

EJ closes the door to the records room and checks both ways before making his way down the hallway like nothing ever happened. Abby remains slumped in her chair, taking in the scene that just took place in her new office. Slowly, a smile crosses her face.

ABBY: Well, can't say my Monday morning was dull!




Marlena and Hope are standing outside The Brady Pub, Marlena places her hands on Hope's. She gives Hope some comforting words on her husband Bo.

MARLENA: You know...the way they're talking in the letter, I have a feeling that they may be coming home real soon.

A voice is heard from the alley behind them.

KIM: If ONLY I were as sure as you, Marlena.

Marlena and Hope turn quickly to see who's talking. Kim looks back, and has a look of uncertainty on her face. She slowly approaches as Marlena and Hope's faces light up, seeing their friend again.

MARLENA: Kim! Oh my, it's been so long!

Marlena and Kim hug warmly. Kim is subdued, mostly because in sadness thanks to Shane's absence. Kim then hugs Hope, whom Kim hugs longer, in more of a hug of comfort.

KIM: Ohhhh honey. I am so sorry, Hope. Look. Maybe I...spoke too harshly, but...I really am worried about how long Shane, and Bo, and John will be away. Come on, let's go inside and talk.

Kim takes Marlena and Hope's hands and walk into the pub.


Sonny, Will & Nick are at Horton Town Square. Nick has just made his presence known, startling Will & Sonny. Sonny stands in front of Will, as if to protect him from Nick.

SONNY: Nick. What do you want?

NICK: Nothing. I was just....out....minding my own business.

SONNY: And you decided to just come bother the gays? How thoughtful of you!

NICK: (laughs) Wow! You are way too worried about nothing. Seriously. I just came to say 'hi!'

SONNY: Hi. And Bye, Nick.

WILL: Sonny, Sonny. Come on.

Sonny looks to Will and takes a step back.

WILL: Look, Nick. I know you want to make a change and try to start your life over.

NICK: Thank you, Will for acknowledging that--

WILL: But. You're going to have to remember something. Okay? It's going to take some of us some time to get over what you've done. You can't just...expect people to come to your side right away.

NICK: Look, all I'm asking for is a chance to prove myself to you.

WILL: And we'll give you that. But in the meantime, you have got to give us the space to see for ourselves.

Nick takes a second to ponder it. Will turns to Sonny, and puts his hands on Sonny's shoulders.

WILL: (softly) Remember what we talked about. Keep it cool. Got it.

Sonny nods reluctantly. Will turns back to Nick.

WILL: Look, just...give us some time. I think we can all make this work. Okay?

NICK: Alright, man. And thank you.

SONNY: Don't thank us yet, just...just keep working on that new life. Alright?

Sonny holds out his hand to Nick. Nick shakes Sonny's hand. At the same moment, Sami passes by, witnessing the handshake. She's incredulous.


Percy lets Nicole into his cottage. Nicole is immediately hit with the smell of old pine. She wrinkles her nose a bit, usure what to make of her surroundings. Percy pulls out a chair for her.

PERCY: Have a seat, my dear.

NICOLE: Oh, oh thank you.

Nicole sits down, pulling out the orange envelope containing the files on the story. Percy sits down at the other side of the dining room table.

NICOLE: So...I assume someone contacted you previously about this...story.

PERCY: Indeed. And I am positively chuffed that someone of your stature in the business has chosen to take me up on this story.

NICOLE: Yeah, well. Don't...chuff yourself too much. Not so soon, anyway. I don't know whether or not this story's even worth going ahead with.

Percy is surprised and disappointed.


Roman looks over the file folder Kate's handed him on Jordan and Sheryl. He studies the pictures and the article carefully. He looks up at Kate and nods.

ROMAN: Yeah, I remember these two. Kaylie Matthews and Siobhan McKinnon.

KATE: Bingo. And they're in Salem, masquerading as Jordan Ridgeway and Sheryl Conners, planning God knows what!

ROMAN: Now, Kate--

KATE: The question is, Roman: What are you going to do about it? Are you going to arrest them?

ROMAN: Absolutely not.

Kate is shocked and outraged by Roman's firm refusal.



Recommended Comments

LOL Great ending. I can hear Roman's nasall Absouletly not!LOL

Love the old pine smell thing. Very vivid in my brain and I know exactly how Nicole felt.

And AHH Kim just had to lead the scene back into the pub. OMG it never ends LOL.

I love how protective Sonny is of Will. Will is right though they do need space from Nick.

Good show!

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Oooh what a twist at the end!!! Kate was just so sure she had that in the bag!

Nick and Christy Carson may have attended the same school of trying to convince those you have hurt badly that you've changed..

I am now starting to see the stringing together of your stories.


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