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Days of our Lives #5: Thelma & Louise?




written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultant: ML Cooks

Theresa is in bed with Brady, reaching frantically for her phone, which Brady is denying her.

THERESA: Seriously, give that back.

BRADY: Only if you promise me you won't even try to take another picture.

THERESA: FINE! Now give it back!

Brady slowly lowers his arm and hands Theresa her phone, which she snatches back brusquely.

THERESA: What the Hell was that for anyway?

BRADY: I'm gonna tell you something about me, okay? I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I run a pretty big conglomerate, okay? So everything I do outside the confines of the workplace, have to stay pretty discreet. That means no texting pictures of me naked in bed to your friends, no tweeting that we're going out or something. None of that. Because if that gets back to Titan?

THERESA:...not so good for you.

BRADY: Exactly. So you're gonna put your phone away. And...I'm gonna pretend you didn't just try to send a pic of me in your bed to your friends in LA or wherever they are.

Theresa rolls her eyes and lies back down, facing the ceiling.

THERESA: (sighing) Fine.

BRADY: Good. [pauses]...you know, I DID have a good time last night. You're pretty damned good in bed, I gotta say.

Theresa tilts her head to face Brady, not sure whether to be seductive or embarrassed.

THERESA: What can I say? I'm gifted.

BRADY: Ain't that the truth.

Brady senses a bit of tension in Theresa and snuggles in a little closer to her.

BRADY: Look, I know we started off...really icy. I was....well, a bit of a jerk--

THERESA: ...HUGE jerk.

BRADY: Huge drunken jerk. But, seriously, I was wrong. And I hope you can forgive me. And maybe we can do this again?

Theresa looks Brady over and slowly but surely, cracks a smile.



Nicole snaps out of her state of shock after dropping her coffee on the office floor. Miles gets up from his seat and checks the floor before checking Nicole.

MILES: You okay?

Nicole picks up her coffee mug. Thankfully the lid has stayed on so only a little spilt.

NICOLE: Yeah. I'm fine. Thankfully, I'm more of a mimosa girl, anyway.

MILES: Well, hold off on one of those for a bit, we need to talk.

NICOLE: Miles, I told you, I'm doing all I can--

MILES: Nicole, listen. I know your relationship with the horny priest bla bla bla, but just...take a look at this, would you?

Nicole reluctantly takes the envelope from Miles' hand and opens it. Inside, a DVD in a jewel case, as well as some documents.

NICOLE: What the hell is this?

MILES: Your new assignment! I'm taking you off the horny priest story--


MILES: Okay! Okay! Jeez.

NICOLE: Actually, I'm kind of relieved.

MILES: Hah! I knew it. You got it bad for that guy, don't you?

Nicole struggles to respond, averting her eyes and giving an awkward smile.




Nicole glares at Miles, feeling like a child in school being mocked by classmates for having a crush.

NICOLE: Does it matter one way or another? It's not like I'm doing the story anymore, now is it?

MILES: So the answer is yes.

NICOLE: Why should I even give you an answer to that. It's none of your business.

Nicole reaches for the envelope and snatches it out of Miles' hand. Opening it up, her eyes widen and her jaw drops.

NICOLE: Oh HELL no! Miles, are you insane??


Hope is heading over towards The Brady Pub to meet with Marlena, Roman, and Eric. As she walks through the town square, she gets a phone call from Bo. She stops to answer.

HOPE: Bo! It's so nice to hear your...Bo, I can hardly hear you, what's going on?...

Hope's face drops as the silence continues, Bo is on the other end, delivering news that disappoints her. Unbeknownst to her, Aiden is overhearing the conversation. He stands behind the tree and listens closely.

HOPE: I just don't understand why you can't take a little bit of time and come home....Shane and John can work this without you, why do...you have no clue do you?

Hope starts to fight back tears, as the strain from trying to care for Ciara on her own starts to finally overwhelm her. Bo's neglect suddenly hits her like a ton of bricks.

HOPE: Fine...yeah. Goodbye.

Hope hangs up and tries to pull herself together, but as she turns to walk away, she finds Aiden standing in front of her. She sighs at the probability of another confrontation with her favourite person.


Lucas is in shock from having seen Sheryl and Jordan's mugshots in the newspaper clipping Kate dropped on the table. He studies them closely.

KATE: Yes, that's right. Jordan and Sheryl are actually Thelma & Louise.

LUCAS: You can't be serious! I mean, this has got to be fake.

Kate sits down in her big office chair, playing with a pen in her hand and looking at Lucas with a blasé expression.

KATE: Nope. 100% real. And here's the fun part.

LUCAS: Fun. There's a fun part. Okay mom, lay it on me.

KATE: These aren't just any run-of-the-mill bank robbers. Oh no! These two are wanted under the terrorist act.

Lucas' eyes nearly pop out of his head at this revelation.

LUCAS: Are you serious? What for?

KATE: Well, it seems they were involved in some protests in Canada that got really ugly. Smashed windows, looted stores. Except THESE two went the extra mile. They bombed a bank.

LUCAS: What?

KATE: Mmmhmm.

Lucas is lost for words for a minute. He turns to Kate and struggles to even get a word out for a moment, he's so shocked.

LUCAS: I....did...did you tell Rafe this?

KATE: No, are you insane?? He'd insist I was being jealous. No, no.

LUCAS: Have you at least called Roman about this yet?

KATE: I tried, but he's (Kate makes quotation gestures with her hands) "too busy". Some kind of family emergency. You know, those things that happen every five minutes in that household.

Lucas paces the room, dumfounded by Kate's evidence, he can hardly think clearly or rationally on the situation, being so blindsided by Sheryl's deception.

LUCAS: I can't believe it. I....I have to fire Sheryl right away. I mean she can't be working for us--

KATE: Lucas! Honey, calm down. Calm down.

Kate takes a second to let Lucas sit down and breathe.

KATE: Don't fire anyone, don't call anyone. We will talk to Roman, and they'll be arrested. It's as simple as that!


Marlena and Roman are aghast at Eric's announcement that he is leaving the priesthood. She leans in and gives a concerned look.

MARLENA: Eric, the...the priesthood, it meant everything to you.

ERIC: Well, yes. But I have faith that God has a different path for me.

ROMAN: Eric, now, seriously. Are you sure this is what you really want to do? I mean....what made you come to this decision?

ERIC: Well, my retreat helped. It helped an awful lot. I was able to really understand that my life needs to go in another direction. I need to deal with a lot of the things that Kristen did to me, I need to rebuild my life. My relationships with my family. Especially with Brady.

Marlena reaches out a hand to Eric across the table. Eric takes her hand in his. Roman places his hand over theirs.

ERIC: I could really use your support.

ROMAN: You always have our support, Eric. No matter what you choose to do.

MARLENA: I can't help but be a little disappointed. I mean, you loved your work with the church so much, and I saw how devoted you were.

ERIC: Mom--

MARLENA: I know....I know. But I will always support you. No matter if you decide to leave the church or not.

Sami naturally walks in at this moment, only hearing the last thing Marlena said.

SAMI: You can't be serious! They kicked you out of the priesthood??



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I love your writing bro. Where do I begin? I honestly enjoyed each and every scene. The finale could have been a little bit stronger but I know how it can be at times.

I do hope you actually address the fact Bo is missing and missing out on Ciara's life. Its makes me angry how ken Corday has white washed this.

Also I hope we get around to Brady stop acting like an ass and he realizes kristen really did rape his brother.

it seems Jordan on her way out. I really dont care for her story and honestly dont even care.

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  • Members

I like it!! Every scene I can see them talking and, as I expected, great dialogue...

I like that you have Hope actually talk to Bo rather than communication via messengers and letters...

I wonder what's in that envelope that Nicole has...

I'm starting to see how clever it was for you to pick up where DAYS left off a couple weeks ago...and I DO like the Thelma and Louise story....but I'm wondering if that's a bigger story for you...

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