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ANOTHER WORLD 136 Donna warns Vicky



ANOTHER WORLD 136 Donna warns Vicky



Donnablogentry-14971-0-47160800-1390258222_th opens the door and Vickyblogentry-14971-0-79445100-1390258242_th walks in.

Donna: Victoria it’s so good to see you.

Vicky doesn’t respond.

Donna: Okay what’s wrong.

Vicky: Stacey and Lindsay Winthrop.



Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-05910900-1390258265_thblogentry-14971-0-06296300-1390258287_th is pouring herself a cup of coffee when Bridget approaches her.

Bridget: Hi Lindsay. I’m sorry to interrupt you.

Lindsay: Oh it’s no problem at all. Where’s Jake?

Bridget: He’s waiting for me downstairs.

Lindsay: Okay. What can I do for you?

Bridget: I had to come back and say thank you for helping my dad.

Lindsay: It really is no problem. A labor of love.

Bridget: I almost felt responsible. My dad hurt his knee moving my bedroom around.

Lindsay: Don’t blame yourself. Jake was just being a good dad. He didn’t want you to do all that heavy lifting kiddo.

Bridget: Wow my dad calls me that. He’s always been on my side, especially after my sister died.

Lindsay: What happened?

Bridget: My mom turned against me.



The police and paramedics have all arrived. They have Carlblogentry-14971-0-86508300-1390258325_th on a gurney and hooked up to an IV. Toniblogentry-14971-0-69790800-1390258355_th approaches Rachelblogentry-14971-0-12665800-1390258397_th.

Toni: What happened here?

Rachel: I will give my statement, right now I’m terribly worried about my husband.

Jackblogentry-14971-0-64525800-1390258432_th walks in, looks at the glass on the coffee table, and the liquor bottle at the bar. He tells the forensics guy to have the liquor tested for poison. Rachel approaches Jack.

Rachel: Where are the others?

Jack: Everyone’s been taken to the hospital.

Rachel runs over to Carl, who looks up at her, but is unable to speak.

Rachel: I’m gonna be right here honey. I’m not going anywhere.






Donna: Stacey Winthrop. How could I forget her after what she did to us? She fought so hard to stop Michael and me from adopting Mikey.

Vicky: And she’s at it again. This time it’s her daughter Lindsay.

Donna: How?

Vicky: Remember when Jake got in that accident. We all thought he was dead.

Donna: He came back and had no memory of who he was.

Vicky: Right. During the time he was gone, he ended up in Los Angeles and had an affair with Stacey.

Donna: Oh wow. Do you think that Stacey came back to Bay City to get Jake? And what does Lindsay have to do with it?

Vicky gives Donna a look and Donna figures it out.

Donna: My God, does Jake know? If he doesn’t then you have to tell him.

Vicky: No.


Bridget: You probably heard that my sister was hit by a car.

Lindsay: I know that Gregory was driving the car, but it was just a terrible accident.

Bridget: You don’t know the things I did to Michele. We got in a fight at the prom. She slipped and fell into the path of Gregory’s car.

Lindsay: That still wasn’t your fault. What kind of mother turns against her own daughter?

Bridget: She blamed me for killing her. She thought that I didn’t feel bad about it.

Lindsay: Of course you did. She was your sister. Jake must have been devastated.

Bridget: He was. We all were. It really tore our family apart.

Lindsay: Well you all seem close now.

Bridget: We’ve all gotten through it. As close as my dad and I are, I can still see that he misses Michele.

Lindsay: It seems like you miss her, too.

Bridget: All the time. So you don’t...look at me any differently?

Lindsay: Absolutely not. Jake told me about it, but I appreciate you coming to me.

Bridget: Lock my number in your phone.

Lindsay: Sure, and don’t ever hesitate to call or text me if you need anything.


Vicky: Even Stacey agrees that Jake shouldn’t know, but Lindsay is hell bent on telling him the truth.

Donna: Honey you should be the one who tells Jake that Lindsay is his daughter before he finds out from someone else.

Vicky: Come on mother! After everything that’s happened, we just got our family back together, but this could tear us asunder all over again.

Donna: If you don’t say anything, then your marriage will certainly be destroyed.



Toni is with Rachel.

Toni: Thank you for your statement. I’ll make sure this gets to the station.

Rachel: I’m terribly worried about Carl...and whoever else that was hurt.

Jack walks in.

Jack: I just got a call from the lab. The poison that Carl ingested was the same poison we found in the vial in your sweater. It was the poison used to kill Reginald.

Rachel: I didn’t kill him.

Toni: I believe her Jack.

Rachel: That vial was planted.

Jack: We’re gonna question Sharlene once she wakes up.

Rachel: I’m worried about her, too. Sharlene is my friend. She would never do anything like that.

Jack: Well we saw everything in your living room.

Toni pulls Jack off to the side.

Toni: Sharlene suffers from Disassociative Identity Disorder.

Jack: So are you saying that Sharlene is some type of fugue state when she tried to kill Rachel? An ex-colleague of mine, Margo Hughes, went through something like that.

Toni: No this is different. Sharlene may have had a relapse, and this other personality tried to kill Rachel.

Jack: We’ll have to talk to her when she wakes up.

Toni: The question is, will she be able to tell us anything?

Jack: What are you saying?

Toni: When Sharlene wakes up, it’s possible that she may have no recollection of what happened.



John and Gregory are at her bedside as she hasn’t awakened yet.

Gregory: I don’t know why that officer is standing outside. It’s not like mom did anything.

John: There’s a lot that you don’t know Gregory. I’m just glad that she’s okay.

Gregory: Mom could not possibly be responsible for stabbing Mitch, knocking out Frankie, and trying to kill Rachel and Carl.

John: I’m afraid you might be right.

John straddles Sharlene’s hair as he looks at her.

John: Sharlene could never be responsible for all of that.

Gregory: You think she split again?

John: Yes.

Gregory: If she did, it’s all your fault.

John: This is not the time for this. All I’ve tried to do is protect your mother from something like this.

She wakes up and looks at John.

Sharlene: Where am I?

John: You’re in the hospital, and you’re safe.

Gregory: Mom! Mom are you okay?

Sharlene: She’s fine. Have any of you seen my glasses?

Gregory: Mom, since when did you start wearing bifocals?

John: Right honey, you don’t…who are you?

Gregory: Dad, of course it’s mom.

Sharlene: I’m not your mom, although you can rest assured that she’s safe.

John: Then who are you?

Sharlene: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emma.



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Great twist at the end! Poor Sharlene.

Vicky will be furious at Lindsay becoming close to Bridget. It's really building up now.

When Donna of all people advises to tell the truth, Vicky should listen.

Great use of ATWT history.

Catchy video too.

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Love the Atwt turns ref. I think greg is casted perfectly I can imagine speaking his dialog in my head..

My fav story right now is Vickys secret and the people it involves

Momma always know best. Another good one!!

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