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The gala begins….The grand re-opening of the Harbor Club…

The M&M Harbor Club is up and running, newly decorated, and ready to receive its guests. The tuxedo dressed waiters are walking around with their trays of drinks. Soft piano music plays in the background, and Donna greets John and Sharlene at the door.

Donna: John, Sharlene welcome.

Sharlene: This looks great Donna. Congratulations. Michael would have been proud of you.

John flashes back to his conversation with Felicia about the possibility of Michael being alive.

Donna: I know he’s here in spirit. Let me escort you to your table.

As John and Sharlene sit at their table, Mitch and Felicia both notice John and Sharlene being seated.

Sharlene: I’m gonna go to the Ladies’ room.

Meanwhile, Mitch secretly notices Sharlene, and asks Felicia if she wants a club soda from the bar. She says yes, and Mitch gets up. Felicia uses this opportunity to go over to John.

Felicia sits down across from John…

Felicia: Where’s Sharlene?

John: She went to the ladies’ room.

Felicia: Have you told her about Michael?

John: No and I’m not telling anyone until I’m sure that Martin was the one who died in that car crash.

Felicia: That’s a good idea. I’m sure Donna will be thrilled if it turns out that Michael is alive.


Mitch is there and Sharlene bumps into him.

Sharlene: Oh sorry…Mitch hi.

Mitch: Sharlene. How are you?

Sharlene: I’m fine. I’m headed to the ladies’ room.

Mitch: Are you okay?

Sharlene: I’ve been feeling great.

Mitch: No episodes?

Sharlene: No.

Mitch: That’s good, well I’m gonna bring Felicia a club soda.

Sharlene: Great.


Sharlene walks up to the mirror, and sees her own reflection. She looks down to get the makeup out of her purse, looks back up at the mirror, and drops her makeup in the sink as she sees Janice in the mirror.

Janice: Now what did mama teach us about telling lies?


Grant adjusts his bowtie on his tuxedo as his back is to his open front door. He hears someone walk in.

Grant: Paulina. I thought I was supposed to pick YOU up.

It’s not Paulina, but Cindy Brooke.


Cindy: Paulina!

Grant turns around and is shocked…

Grant: Cynthia?! What the hell are you doing sneaking in my house like that?

Cindy: Did my ears just deceive me? Are you really going out with Paulina Carlino to the Harbor Club?


Paulina, dressed in an off-white evening gown with a ruffle on her right shoulder, answers the door. It’s Jack, with jeans, a Polo shirt, and a jacket.

Paulina (smiling): Jack. Come in.

Jack: You look…beautiful.

Paulina: Thank you. Why aren’t you going to the Harbor Club tonight?

Jack: Carly’s at home with our daughter. She’s sick.

Paulina: I’m sorry about that. I wouldn’t leave Dante when he was younger whenever he got sick, so I understand that.

Jack: I’ve got work to catch up on anyway.

Paulina: I hate that you’re not going to the Harbor Club tonight. Practically the whole town is gonna be there celebrating its reopening.

Jack: Well I didn’t want to go by myself.

Paulina: I would have gone with you if I hadn’t already agreed to go with Grant.


Jake and Vicky sit at their table.

Vicky: I’m gonna go find Donna.

Jake: Okay.

Jake notices Stacey at the bar and he approaches her.

Jake: Hey Stacey.

Stacey: Jake.

Jake has a more vivid memory of meeting Stacey at a bar drinking out of a Dodgers shot glass. As Stacey walks away, Jake steps in front of her.

Stacey: Jake what are you doing?

Jake: I’ve…I’ve seen you outside of Bay City before haven’t I?

Stacey: I don’t know what you mean.

Jake: It was in Los Angeles. That’s where I saw you. But why?

Stacey: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never been there.

Jake: You’re lying.

Vicky approaches them.

Vicky: What’s going on here you two?



Grant: Yes, Paulina is my date. Is that such a far fetched notion?

Cindy: Far fetched? Try damn near miraculous. So tell me, how did you get Paulina to go with you to the gala tonight? Let me guess, you’re blackmailing her again. It can’t be about her selling Remy on the black market.

Grant begins to get an idea…

Grant (mumbling): I wonder if Jack knows about that.

Cindy: What did you say?

Grant: Oh…nothing.

Cindy: So…what do you have over Paulina this time?

Grant: Nothing. Maybe she just likes my company.

Cindy (scoffing): Seriously? I wonder how long that’s going to last.

Grant: It’ll last longer than your clingy friendship with Gary Sinclair.

Cindy: That was a different situation. We were only friends.

Grant: You mean you didn’t want something more with Gary?

Cindy: I’m not the subject of this conversation.

Grant: Right. I bet you’re still that same needy woman.

Cindy: I became an attorney, and I’m not that kinda gal anymore.

Grant: Yeah right, and leopard spots change, too. Listen, I’ve gotta get ready to pick up Paulina. Please show yourself out.

Cindy (hurt): You know, I came here to see how my ex-husband was doing before I left town. You’re still mean and cold.

Grant: Are you done?

Cindy: I was done with you a long time ago, and soon enough, Paulina will be, too.


Jack and Paulina stare at each other.

Jack: So I should get going.

Paulina: Umm…yeah. Grant’s gonna be here any minute.

They continue to stare at each other.

Paulina: Don’t work too hard.

They hug, pull away slowly, look into each other’s eyes, and lean in to kiss. Before they can lock lips, Jack’s cell phone rings.

Jack: That could be Carly, or the station.

Paulina: You should take it.

Jack (looking at the caller ID): Yeah…I’m gonna take it outside.

Paulina: Okay. Have a good night.


Jack (on the phone): You’re on your way to Bay City? I’ll be at the station.


In the ladies’ room, Sharlene faces her Janice in the mirror.

Sharlene: When are you going to go away?

Janice: I can’t. Not until you let me finish my mission.

Sharlene: You can’t have Carl. He is happily married to Rachel.

Janice: That’s not the only thing I have to do. I can help the both of us if you let me out.

Sharlene: I will never let you out.

Janice: We’ll see about that. The stronger one will win, and we both know who that is.

Sharlene: No!

Sharlene frantically grabs her purse, turns around and sees Rachel.

Rachel: Sharlene? Are you alright?

Sharlene (running by Rachel): I’m fine.


Stacey: Jake thinks that he saw me at a bar in Los Angeles before.

Vicky: And what did you tell him?

Stacey: That I have never been there.

Jake: Vicky why am I having these flashbacks?

Vicky: I don’t know Jake. Maybe it was someone from your past before you came to Bay City.

Stacey: I’m gonna go see where my brother is.

After Stacey leaves…

Jake: I’m pretty sure it was Stacey that I saw in L.A.

Vicky: Well it couldn’t have been Stacey because she said she’d never been there before. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you’ve ever been there before.

Jake: These aren’t just some subconscious dreams. These flashes feel real. Could it have been during the time I lost my memory?

Vicky (shaking her head): Probably not. Why don’t you just let it go?

Donna is at the microphone asking for everyone’s attention.

Donna: Good evening. You all look so handsome and lovely. Tonight is the grand re-opening of the Harbor Club. I look forward to making this a staple of Bay City again. I re-opened this for all of you. Thank you all for coming.

Everyone claps, and Donna smiles as she looks around. Her smile quickly turns to a frown when she sees REGINALD, with a sinister smile, clapping at the entrance.



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LOL so why did jack go to Pualinas any way. Love Cindy Brooke. Another great episode.

Jake is not going to let these flashes go. And I wonder how much Rachel saw or will she put two and two together. Or will it be janice that confronts here

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  • Members

Jack is a dull boy...all that work in Bay City and no play in Oakdale LOL...

Jake and Vicky's marriage may be in big trouble once Jake finally remembers...

I wonder when Rachel finds out, that she'll be facing off with Janice again...

Stay tuned...thanks for reading..

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  • Members

Paulina, he's married! Tsk tsk.

Wasn't expecting Jake to start getting his memory back.

Great to see more of Cindy. Grant is still her weak spot. I hate when he's mean to her. You write them so well.

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  • Members

Thanks Carl...

Jake is getting pieces of his memory back, but he will be distracted by a more important issue...

You both are making me consider bringing Cindy back on a permanent basis...we'll see ;)

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